Thinking about rewatching “The Falcon and the Snowman,” one of my favorite 80’s movies. As Roger Ebert said in 1985, “It’s just the meticulously observant record of how naiveté, inexperience, misplaced idealism and greed led to one of the most peculiar cases of treason in American history.” Plus Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton.

The sun faded behind the mountains and soon it was late. Snowy the Snowman sat in all her glory, a stoney grin on her face with her crooked carrot nose. Madison - pink cheeked and shivering - stood carefully and turned away from the snowman, knees weak and cold. “She looks great, Scout.”

I know! I love her, she’s gunna be around all winter, right Mada?

“Yes, honey. Let’s go inside, I’m cold.” Scout nodded at her mom, looking back once at Snowy before following her mother.

I finally did it! Praise the weather for giving me snow I could work with! Now these two happy cinnamonrolls are sitting side by side like they should be! (Ford lost his leg – snow plows in my neighborhood are vicious creatures! - but he’s a survivor and now fixed)

The dusk always manages to crept upon me… And because of the backlight, all the details won’t show up in the photos. 

…I just realize I’m going to have a heartbreak when weather turns warmer….