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Cameron Argon also known as Big Chocolate, will be playing the first day of SnowGlobe! He recently dropped The Red EP and announced that he will be making a run on this summer’s Warped Tour. See what he had to say about SnowGlobe and his winter Holidays!

First off, Happy Holidays! Do anything fun?

BC: Happy holidays! Yes! So far I’ve just hung out with my family and chilled hard as ever. 

Did you hang out with your dog, Susan?

BC: She is currently sitting on the couch next to me. Being a lazy ham. 

This weekend you’re playing SnowGlobe, any artists you are looking forward to seeing?

BC: Chromeo. Baaur. Floss.

What can our viewers expect from your set?

BC: A WINTER ROLLER COASTER RIDE. Going to be playing a lot of new stuff as well :)  

Since it’s going to snow, will you partake in any snow activities?

BC: Hot cocoa. Throwing snow balls at my sisters. Rolling around in it till I catch hypothermia. 

If you created a snow globe, what would be in it?

BC: Rotating cats (you’ll have to wined them up) around a good Xmas tree. 

Name one reason why you are a BAMF.

BC: My mustache has surpassed “Burt Reynolds” status. Nuff said.  


Catch Big Chocolate’s set at the Stage at 5:45!


I can’t believe I was there only a few days ago. It was 3 days I will never forget. Here was a recap of day 3 or NYE day.


Day 2 of Snowglobe featured many artists like Deadmau5, Madeon, MiMOSA, and many more! BAMF Media was able to catch Deadmau5 and Madeon’s set that night. Madeon took stage and blew the crowd away with his hit, The City. Deadmau5 was the final artists to go on and closed the night with new songs from his new album, >album title goes here<. 

Check out the video recap of Day two brought to you by CINESTHETICS!