Olympic snowborders that are not Shaun White.  

The best thing about the Olympics is discovering talented athletes in a sport you have no prior knowledge about.  In the case of Olympic snowboard slopestyle and Halfpipe, I was amazed by the awesome talents of these fellow snowboarders that were able to dominate in their sport even with the constant limelight that NBC chose to shine on Shaun White.   

Max Parrot, Sebastien Toutant, and Mark McMorris represented Cananda in men’s snowboard slopestyle with McMorris taking home the bronze metal.  

Sage Kostenberg won the first gold medal for USA at Sochi and also the first gold for the inaugural men’s snowboard slopestyle event.  Rounding out the USA snowboard slopestyle team was Chas Guldemond and Ryan Stassel.  

Stale Sandbech of Norway won the silver medal for men’s snowboard slopestyle.

Russian born Iouri Podladtchikov of Switzerland beat out two time gold medalist, Shaun White to snag gold in men’s snowboard halfpipe.

Danny Davis missed out on representing the US in Vancouver but finally made it to Sochi with fellow teammates Shaun White, Gregory Bretz and Taylor Gold.  


Iouri Podladtchikov and Markus Keller Come Up at Arctic Challenge

Terje Haakonsen’s Arctic Challenge in Olso, Norway is one of the premiere events in snowboarding, and 2014 kept the tradition of innovation and originality alive. The standard halfpipe format was switched up with an open jam session and several skate style features on the deck for the riders to incorporate into their runs. Last year’s winner Iouri Podladtchikov was joined by fellow Vans team riders Arthur Longo and Markus Keller to ride the unique course. IPod killed it as usual and ended up in second place, while Markus stomped a tricky hand plant over the mail box to win Best Trick.

Photos: Bruno Rivoire

OH MY  GOD YOU GUYS i played mario & sonic 2014 sochi winter olympics with my brother and mom and when we were selecting characters she was like “ohhh whos that black kitty?!” and she slected shadow and was like “shadow….yes” and when the snowboarding event opened and shadow does his “hmph….fine” my mom was like AWW CUTE!!! and he was doing tricks and saying “ultimate power” and my mom was like YES, THIS IS THE ONE!!! I LOVE HIS VOICE!! and she  kept saying how cute he is. my mom loves shadow the hedgehog

anonymous asked:

Could you please talk about how Japan handles the LGBTQ Community, and what the LGBTQ community is like there? Where do you think it is headed toward in the future? How do you think Japan will be with the LGBTQ community by 2018?

Once again, I’m afraid this is not a question I’m qualified to answer. I’ve only been in Japan a year, I’ve hardly been involved in the LGBTQ community AT ALL (I went to pride in Osaka, and then went to a couple of snowboarding themed lgbtq events, but that’s it.)

Keep in mind - this is a difficult question to answer. Why, specifically, are you asking about the year 2018? What parts of the lgbtqa community are you asking about? Same-gender marriage is different than trans rights, is different than visibility. There’s lots of different angles to this.

However, I’m gonna ask cygnusnokodomo to take this one again. Ya volunteered, friend. 

Team USA: Sochi 2014

Get to know Mike Shea, the RL athlete who will represent Team USA in the first ever Paralympic snowboarding event                                   

Name/Nickname: Michael Shea (Mike Shea)

Sport/Event: Para-Snowboard

Date of Birth: May 31, 1983

Height: 5’7”

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current Residence & Training Location: Winter Park, CO

High School and University/College: Valencia High School

Family Information: Michael Shea Sr. (father), Cynthia Shea (mother), Jason Shea (brother)


I’m like thinking about the soul eater Winter Olympics crew like.

Maka would be a snowboarder in as many events as she could get her hands on, like she would be all over what she could handle doing.

Soul and Star (like fab said) hockey players. Totally. USA and Canada respectively.

Tsubaki would be a figure skater. And she would just be long and graceful and wonderful and everyone would love her.

Liz and Kid would be in partner skate, and it’s just really really fun.

He Takes You To Your Favourite Olympic Event || 4/4 Preference ||
  • Ashton: He would take you to the snowboarding event. He knows how much you, yourself love snowboarding. He would pretend to understand all the snowboarding nonsense that you throw at him, but he would be thinking ‘what the hell is a nose grab’ things like that, and if your favourite person lost he would let you rant to him all you want and if they won he would throw a party for your excitement.

  • Luke: He would take you to figure skating, you’ve always loved figure skating ever since you were little, to see all those guys and girls in their amazing outfits and all the grace you wish you could muster up yourself.

  • Calum: He would take you to ski jumping, mainly because it was the only event you two could agree on. You were both amazed how any one had the balls to that, to jump off a platform type thing and just fly? How could any one do that!?

  • Mikey: He would take you to ice hockey and you both would get so into it, yelling at what team what you want to win and what team you want to lose, and you know that you would want the opposite team to win so you would make bets and just scream when your team got a goal and when you left it was like the event never happened

Au Revoir!

- Anna x

Stratton 24 Hour Race

Hello everyone! I’m mixing it up this week with my own label to kick off my fundraising page for the 2nd annual 24 Hours of Stratton event (a ski/snowboard race event in Vermont). Last year the event raised over $175,000 for the Stratton Foundation. The organization provides critical necessities such as nutrition, housing, heat, and school supplies to Vermont children. Our team, the Eddie Troopers, hopes to raise $12,000. My personal goal is to raise $3,000 of that amount. If each Tumblr follower donated just $1 I’d reach my goal by 8x! (And that makes for a lot of happy kids)

Special thanks to everyone who donated to my fundraiser for The Stratton Foundation!