Samsung White may go down as the best team in the history of League of Legends. While DanDy and Mata were rightfully given a ton of credit for the team’s dominant, and near flawless, run through the 2014 World Championship, the team was filled with superstars at every position.

Looper proved to be one of the most versatile top laners, playing 9 champions throughout the tournament. Pawn proved that he was the best mid laner at Worlds, destroying those thought to be his betters, including both Bjergsen and Dade. And Imp played his aggressive and roaming style of ADC, which led to snowballing his bot-lane advantage to his teammates.

But through their trials and tribulations, each player managed to break through on a signature champion that Riot Games has chosen to honor with their own skin. Their greatness at Worlds 2014 will live on.

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