Speaking of Disney, I have a question…

Why do we have to make Snow White all manly and tough and give her a bow and arrow and let people know that she could kill everyone she sees just to make her more of a feminist character?

What was wrong with Snow White from the iconic Disney movie?

That movie was amazing! It changed cinematic history! And for the very first Disney Princess, Snow was actually a pretty good character!

She was physically beautiful though her real beauty was inner beauty as it was apparent that she was always kind and sweet. She was wishful and optimistic, though she did allow herself to openly cry when she was afraid. She was patient and responsible and nurturing. Her ‘negative’ character traits were that she was naive and too trusting but that’s what made her a rounded character. 

Is she the greatest female character in Disney? Not really. There are much more interesting, detailed, female characters. But for what we got (considering that the movie came out in the late 30s) Snow is pretty impressive.

Which brings me back to…

Why do we have to remove all of those characteristics in order for her to be seen as a feminist character? Why do we have to make her a warrior? Why can’t she just be her feminine self? Actually, that’s what this entire post comes down to:

Why can’t female characters be feminine and still be considered feminist role-models? 

I got really mad that i got sick and had to cancel a super hero event so i used scrap wool i had in my house and made a snow white costume just so i could rip up the bottom…and feel slightly productive with a fever! Thanks to scraps around my house this costume is 100% real wool making it the most expensive thing I’ve intentionally ruined #snowwhite #disney #cosplayhoarder

February 23, 1939 - Walt Disney receives a special Oscar for his classic 83-minute animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, at the 11th Academy Awards. Eleven-year-old child star Shirley Temple presents Walt with one statuette and seven miniature statuettes for “a significant screen innovation which has charmed millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field for the motion picture cartoon”.