Snow Lily

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I think it's about time Kuro and Mahiru took those kids to the park! Wait sorry-- that those kids and Mahiru took Kuro to the park haha

this ask has been sitting in here way too long but….

HAhahahah this was fun no doubt. I would do more moments but ahhhhh I was taking forever to finish just these TwT HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED!!! ❤❤❤


Hello everyone! Look what I am presenting to you ^_^ I’ve been working on this for a couple of days and it was my first time doing subtitles! I tried my best to cover up the Chinese ones, ending up with YouTube-style captions.
Please note that it’s not very accurate and some parts I had to rely on context, because I just couldn’t comprehend what they were saying at certain points (if only I had the first SLS comics…)
For now, I hope you enjoy it as it is and  I will make a post that’s gonna be full of notes and all the things I had to do while translating, hoping to give you a better understanding (such as why I used certain meanings for example).

Without further ado, please enjoy it!
Also, I wrote in the beginning of the video that I would like for the video to not be uploaded on other sites. It’s OK if you want to post the link on other social media so that others can watch it here. Thank you!