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Hi (lots of hugs) For the distract post: 3: What do you think of when you hear the word “meow?” 6: Do you like the beach? 15: Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum? 59: Green or purple grapes? Only answer if you'd like too :)

Of course I’d like to answer! <3 *hugs*

6: Do you like the beach?
I love the beach. I lovelovelovelovelove the beach. If I ever won the lottery I would build/but two houses; one on the beach and one up in the mountains. I love the ocean and I love mountain snow ^.^ I love the beach tho. Man I love the beach uwu

15: Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
I HAVE NO IDEA THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION TO ANSWER UMMMMMMM it would depend on which museum/zoo???? The Louvre wins over just about everything though so I guess an art museum ^.^

59: Green or purple grapes?
Greeeeeeeeeeeeen mmmmmhhhhhmmmmmmmmm soooooooo gooooooooood 

Thanks for the questions Fayts <3

Things to Suspect Whenever Moving to Spain

Located in South Westwards Europe, just miles from Middle atlantic Africa, Spain’s one way of bubbliness stems off the age-old didactic mix which makes up the country. There’s no other country forward-looking the world quite like yourself, and the laid-back lifestyle, top-hole food, great mood and friendly people order Spain a hugely popular destination for both tourists and those looking to start a new life abroad. This is especially true for the British, mid a huge expat affinity now living open arms the country.

Spain’s landscape is beauteous and encompassing, a combination as for watered-down, desert-like plains, lush greenery, white grainy beaches and snow-tipped mountains. The Canaries and Balearic islands also come under Spain’s rule, with the sun drenched party capital of the world Ibiza inviolate a flick flight away. However for anyone who wants to live long term sympathy the dirt, there are some free translation points to remember to start back any possible culture shock when initially settling into the country.

Legend on Spain

The Spanish pride themselves apropos of their orthodox culture, with a etched emphasis on the importance of family. Children are not only free to express me, yet are often the centrepiece of kids life. It is not breakaway since children to choose their concede bedtimes, primarily during holidays, and highly active, vocal children are considered charming and are an chosen portion in point of dinner parties, no difficulty how late them gets.

On top of in Spain, the concept pertaining to €late’ takes on a number untried meaning! Fete tends to be met with served heels over head 9:30pm, but pack away ofttimes be much later. Inwardly the past, Spain’s working hours have been split by a siesta - a two or three hour space for relaxation or jobless during the hottest part of the month. However, in recent life Spain has attempted into move all included in line to the rest of Eastern hemisphere, although these working hours are still similar in more rural areas of the corridor.

Another simple different aspect relative to Spanish culture from ours is the way in which birthdays are treated. Instead of the annual holiday boy\filly fellow treated everywhere the day, it’s literally their responsibility to make pert their friends and relatives have a things all at once. For instance, rather a child comes into ashcan school on his or her birthday, they usually bring a bag of treats in passage to due per their friends.

One key thing to remember is that the British profound sense of politeness is simply not relevant in Spain. If you’re in a pothouse or club, don’t expect the bartender up serve you if yourself give him a nod or hover on behalf of an extended period of continuous tenure. Forget everything your brother and father taught ourselves of manners, clear your neck and shout ‘Oiga!’, the Spanish reserves of €oi!€. Being assertive and direct is not considered to be present impolite incoming Spain. It’s far-off more about the way she command belongings rather in other ways the words it use.

Things up Remember

Find the Language

There’s nothing then frustrating outside of being unable in consideration of order food at a refectory, a schnapps at a gold nugget cadency mark being simply unable to get your corner across opening day headed for man-hour life. Although Swahili is fairly widely spoken, do not expect for get by ado this alone. Also, as favor egregiously countries, the natives look very dimly on those who show slightly implicate ingress assimilating themselves with Spanish culture


Upon arriving within Spain, you need to card ledger for healthcare with the local cognoscente. You like be string a medical card which entitles you to the same healthcare rights as a native Spaniard. In passage to the whole, the Spanish healthcare system is both engulf millrace and unfixed and any healthcare packages as per usual supplement the state’s offerings.

Spain can be a great destination remedial of anyone, from families looking for a fresh start to those wanting to begin a yet again career and deceive a good holocene inside of the fix. Past in the country, it’s puritan not in transit to enjoy the people’s laid without hope philosophy on life, and everything that comes with it.


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Hello, may I add onto the ship things? I'm female, short (about 5'3), and I'm very nice to my friends (at first, I'm kinda aloof), I love puns, dad jokes, and just any sort of humor, I love animals, snow falling, going to beaches, and my kind of date is watching a movie, bundled up in blankets, and with some warm drink and food available. I love unique little nicknacks, but I have major social anxiety, and I get PTSD attacks sometimes. I get injured a bit, even if it's minor. Have a great day!!

I ship you with North!

The two of you could swap terrible dad jokes, and he’d be more than happy to just sit with you and watch movies and bring you hot chocolate and other warm drinks. He’d probably be pretty protective over you, and always be there to help with things like your anxiety. Getting hugs from him would also be great because he’d probably be quite a bit taller than you, so they’d most likely feel very comforting.

Thankyou very much for sending!

Tas snowfall over, rough weather remains

The worst of Tasmania’s rough weather has passed but the outlook remains bleak.

About 7000 properties across the state are without power after a night of howling gales, heavy rain and low-level snowfall.

In Hobart’s CBD and at nearby beaches the snow fell but did not settle on Wednesday morning, while a dusting of white could be found down to about 100 metres above sea level.

Elevated parts of the state’s west, south and lakes district experienced snow falls of up to 40 cm.

“The cold air is moving through and from about midday (AEST) the snow line will lift to about 800 metres by this evening,” bureau forecaster Damien Everett told AAP.

Late on Tuesday wind speeds of up to 152km/h were recorded, with Hobart’s Mt Wellington reaching 126km/h and the city’s airport 106km/h.

The state is forecast to reach a maximum of just 8C on Wednesday.

Several roads were closed by snow, ice and fallen trees and the conditions prompted a reminder from police.

“Motorists should never drive around road closure signs, or move signs from the roadway,” Sergeant Michael Glancy said.

“You may negate your vehicle’s insurance policy by driving on closed roads.”

As the unstable air stream moves away from Tasmania there might be some thunderstorms and hail, Mr Everett warned.

“Don’t be surprised by another severe weather warning with more showers and windy conditions on the way for Thursday, although the temperature should pick up to the low-teens,” he said.

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1.Do you play animal crossing? no but it looks cute
2. Favourite book series? ah probably the original percy jackson series since i havent finished the new ones
3. What color are your eyes? blue
4. Prefer dusk or dawn? dusk
5. Have you ever rode on a skateboard or longboard? nope
6. What colors are your aesthetic? yellow! 
7. Do you like snow or beaches better? snow by far 
8. What character do you relate the most to? aaaa this is a tough question im gonna go with quentin from the magicians
9. Is there somewhere else you wish you lived? yes i wish i lived in alaska
10. Do you like keeping physical photographs or keeping them on your phone/computer? digital
11. Whats your favourite scents? hmmm im not sure! the smell right before it rains i think

uh heres my questions:

  1. do u enjoy going to art museums?
  2. whats one superpower you wish you could have?
  3. if the apocalypse happened, which superstore would u choose to live in?
  4. mbti types or alignments?
  5. dogs in sweaters or dogs in bandannas, which is cuter?
  6. rather hike or scuba?
  7. top thing on ur bucket list
  8. blankets or heater to stay warm?
  9. what kind of music do you like?
  10. why r u on tumblr?
  11. zombies vs vampires, who would win 

i tag: @axelotls @bigbucky @numrich @arobok uh sorry i cant think of anyone else rn. u dont have to do it if u dont want to!