“Until Spring Comes Again“


So here’s the deal. Rainbow Dash is not my favorite character. While she can be entertaining, and her gung-ho attitude endearing, her bull headed neature and egomania can be too annoying. That said, I loved this episode. It was still her being stubborn and kind of selfish, but for reasons much more relatable than other RD episodes. And oh Faust, the love she showed towards Tank was heart melting. There was a lot of great non-verbal dialogue and moments of them just… I don’t know, caring about each other. It was fantastic. I’ve said before that Rainbow is probably the most immature of the 6, and it really showed here, particularly in the second to last scene. But it wasn’t annoying, it wasn’t over the top. It was someone venting pain and frustration that they didn’t know how else to deal with. It’s real. And that’s a large part of what makes this show great.

Also RD and Tank booties. So damn cute.

As a closing thought, I would really like a flashback episode detailing Fluttershy and Rainbow as kids. Flutters in particular seems to have a good understanding of how Rainbow works, and some time exploring how two strong opposites came to be so close and understanding would be a fascinating story.