• Veronica on the outside: I approve of Jughead
  • Veronica on the inside: What the frick frack diddily dack patty wack snick snack crack pack slack mack quarterback crackerjack biofeedback backtrack thumbtack sidetrack tic-tac slapback nickelback does he think he is doing?

Taina - Maritza answer Machine (pure 90’s comedy)  lol 


Throwback Thursweek

It’s been a nostalgia filled week so far. Chase finally (sort of) found out what Zoey said in the time capsule we forgot about, Kenan and Kel revisited Good Burger last night on The Tonight Show, and Kimberly J. Brown is returning to irl Halloweentown as Marnie Piper to light the Jack-O-Lantern at the annual Spirit of Halloweentown festival!