So I smushed my foot into my shoe after taking my sock out. Was confused because it felt like there was another sock stuck in there. I grabbed it and threw it out of my shoe only to have this smol poor sneek thrown on my rug 😂
I believe it’s a North American brown snake and he was as chill as can be.
Didn’t bite me when I shoved my foot in, or when I threw him out of my shoe !
He was fine when we picked him up and put him back outside but boy did I scream.

You and Your Stupid Fucking Rope [Teaser]

“Ooh!!” You cry out loudly, closing your eyes and arching further up into Murphy, who stares at your face as you are being pleasured, taking notes, to make sure he would do you justice. Suddenly, his hands around your lower back pull on you, pulling your body forward. Your eyes snap open and over to Murphy’s suddenly and you allow him to pull your body and lips back to his. He stared into you harshly and moves his right hand up and around the back of your head, pulling your lips back to his, dominantly. His tongue shoves itself inside your mouth and roughly expands it as he tries to show you who’s boss.

You sigh lovingly and melt into his kiss, your body relaxing fully as his other hand propped you up. You stared into Murphy’s eyes as he took control of you, loving every second, this is what you had wanted since the minute you had met him. You feel Connor’s hands come up your stomach, under your shirt, and boldly make contact with your breasts, shoving his hands under your bra.

“Fuck!!” You cry out in delight as his hands take your tits on an amazing ride, your eyes snap shut and your lips detach as you lean your head and body back toward Connor, resting it on his shoulder and smiling up at his action.

You reached your hands behind Connor’s ass and pulled him into yours, as you ground into Murphy, staring up at Connor’s harsh eyes, and grinding him into you and Murphy deeply, so intoxicated by the feeling of the pressure and of their love on you, forgetting any sobering reality at the moment.

You moan to yourself as you begin to ride up into Murphy and back into Connor, him hitting deeply back into you, you continue this rhythm, almost forgetting you had an audience. It felt so fucking good! Before you knew it you three were riding each other simultaneously in perfect rhythm with one another.

Suddenly, Murphy hit into you extra harshly, causing you to squeal in delight, and in return Connor punched back, through your body. You moaned in happiness, but opened your eyes, curious as to why the change in pace. You looked up from Connor’s shoulder as they hit at you from each angle and noticed Murphy’s dark, competitive eyes as he tried to hit harder at you than his brother.

You licked your lips and smiled at the sight as he tried to beat Connor, so damn cute… As if anything could beat the man who stood in front of you. You then turned and looked up into Connor’s eyes, which stared down into your eyes with playful lust, as if a kid in a candy store, sampling the goods, as he hit into you playfully.

You noticed as Connor looked quickly back to his brother and laughed a little as he continued to press into you, just enjoying teasing his brother. Murphy noticed the look in his brother’s eyes and relaxed, knowing he was not really going to fight for Y/N… true to his word.

Murphy smiled after realizing this, he raises his eyebrow to his brother and stops his hips. He looks over at you, who whimpers, as Connor also backs off, following his brother’s cue. Your eyes snap open and drill into Murphy’s as your body pushes itself back onto his and your arms wrap around his shoulders.

You stare deeply into those deep blue eyes, which stare back at you with daggers, and you suddenly wonder if you are in a dream or reality. You feel Connor’s hands retreat softly down to your sides, where he holds them, awaiting further instruction.

Murphy stares back into you so harshly one might think he was emanating hate, but it was something else, something so much better. He slapped his brother’s hands of your hips and swiftly grabbed them for his own and swirled your bodies back around so you were back against the wall and his body was pressing yours harshly into it. He used his left hand to wave his brother goodbye for a moment and stared darkly into your eyes before staring at your lips and plunging his tongue back into them.

Your arms instantly wrap back around his shoulders and your right leg wraps his body swiftly into yours, as you dart your tongue around his with your own intent. He presses his core to yours and pins you to the wall, detaching his tongue and leaning back as he stared at himself pressing into you.

You stared at his face as you moaned yet again for him, curious as to what he had planned.

He looked like an animal ready to attack, but you weren’t sure which one; he was so unpredictable.

“I don’t know… What do ya say, brother?… Let’s give this lass a night she will remember.” Murphy said wiggling his eyebrow, not taking his eyes off of you, nodding his head backwards toward his brother as he swirls you back around.

You again, remember you two are not alone and your eyes and head snap over to see Connor sitting a few tables back enjoying a drink and a smoke in his own world as he listens to the music from the jukebox. 

His eyes snap forward at Murphy’s voice and they turn dead serious as they stare into yours, he licks his lips and nods up to his brother, never taking his eyes off of yours, “Aye, brother! This lass is in need for some good lovin’… I’ll be obliged to be of service.”

You groan a little as Connor gets up and walks back over to you both and defiantly grabs your ass before slapping it a little, never lingering closer than he knew Murphy would mind.

Your body leans back toward his instinctually as Murphy grabs hold of your waist again, holding you as you fell, while arching into him.

Murphy was torn between needing you to himself and giving you all a sweet, dirty girl like you needed. He stared at the nape of your neck as you leaned back onto his brother’s shoulder, in pure delight. He felt you riding back up into him and he groaned and whimpers, needing to be inside you immediately due to your actions.

Suddenly, his hands were on your hips and he forced you back into Connor who protectively wrapped your waist and body into his, as you both stared at Murphy’s wild eyes which stared into yours as if  he was ready to fight, as he breathed heavily in and out, puffing his chest.

His eyes flew to Connor’s and he nudged his head backward, “The bed in the back.”



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