Lance getting captured and the paladins try to save him but like…he’s not really captured?

Like he’s been captured and put in prison yeah but he’s just taking it all in stride.

  • Did that whole begging gig and swiped the key card from the guard.
  • Pretty much left his cell like it was nothing (They underestimate him so no guards were posted)
  • Snuck past any sentries posted, timed it accordingly so he pretty much flows through without getting caught.
  • Spent a lot of time getting Pidge out of the air vents so he’s able to get through those with no problem.
  • Knew he’d need a guard’s hand to get through some doors so he took care of one (a droid ppl), hid the body, and got the hand.
  • Used it to get into one the rooms holding his bayard, got said bayard.
  • Found his lion and got outta that bitch quick with only minor scratches (they only found out he escaped after they saw the lion leaving.)

Makes it to the castle in one piece and kinda just walks in and fixes himself something to eat. Everyone else is just standing there like wtf because they were just about to go and save him and they ask him how he even got out of there.

“I’ve snuck out of a military grade institution so many times than I can count and I’ve snuck out of my house a total of two times during my life, a galra prison was nothing.“


SARCIA - Devlog 35

Hey everyone! As promised here is some news of the last few weeks since the last devlog!

Recently I’ve been doing a ton of new card illustrations in order to clear every placeholder art I still have in the game for the first version, so I’ve attached some of the last few illustrations I did for the resources card of the ingredients required to craft the Kasi!

Lastly, here is also a small sneek peak into my first iteration of the “Deck Menu” I wanted to clearly represent the card aspect of your character, so every aspect of your life as a Kaisu within Sarcia, the Storm of All, is represented by a Deck.

-The Resources deck contains all your ingredient that you will gather on your Journey

-The Wansha Deck contains all your available recipes to create new cards. It basically is the Crafting System.

-The Character Deck contains your character’s equipment and traits

-The Objectives Deck contains all your “Quosha” or Objectives card, basically the quests of your character are all there. Upon reaching the requirement of a Quosha, it will unlock and offer rewards, it is kind of like a booster pack from any TCG game haha, really fun feeling to open one I find!

-The Combat Deck contains all your “Vaisha” or “Combat cards” in order to review what your arsenal is before engaging an enemy.

-The Journey Deck contains all your “Vagasha” or “Travelling Cards” to review which destinations are available to you the next time you enter a portal to a new place within Sarcia.

-Finally, the Lore Deck contains all the “Mihrsha” or “Knowledge Cards” that you will gather during your journey, but be careful, those only tell the story from the side of the author that wrote it.

That’s about it for this week! See you soon for more!


ATN - DuckTales (2017): Sneek Peek

Smarter than the Smartys. Tougher than the Toughys.


From the creators of Regular Show comes Close Enough.

Potential reasons why the new SVTFOE trailer was a flashback.

1. Star looks incredibly young(er).

-Her hair is up in two buns. I don’t know about you guys but for me, that hairstyle just makes star appear a little younger.

2.She isn’t wearing her usual dresses from the past season.

-I know this may not be a concret reason but just like her new (or old) hairstyle, it just makes her look a bit younger.
We know star was 14 when season 1 started, she may have even turned 15 by now. But The new/old hairstyle, combined with her different clothing, makes her look like she’s between 12-14.

3.Tom didn’t seem to like star at the beginning of their dance.

-Come on guys, we all know tom. If he currently had an opprotunity like this, he would definitly use it since he still seems to hang on star.

4. River seemed to approve of Tom.

-Okay so this was the part when i noticed that something was off. River adores Marco and already assumed that he was stars boyfriend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still thought so. Plus, in Battle for Mewni, he and Marco basicly teamed up like mission impossible.


- If this is a flashback, this could explain why marco isn’t there. Marco got to know tom when tomstar wasn’t a thing anymore.