Signs she's likely a Lesbian/Bisexual

1. She’s often wearing a snapback (she purchased herself that is not her boyfriends)

2. She has more than one facial piercing (if it’s an eyebrow, tongue, or lip the chances increase dramatically)

3. She’s tatted (and it’s not a infinite sign or anything smaller than a nickel)

4. She mentions or has seen The L Word, Orange is the New Black, Blue is the Warmest Color, or seasons 3 or 4 of Skins (UK version)

5. She knows what “Camren” is (shout out to my Brazilian gays)

6. She likes to shop in the men’s department (not necessarily butch but likes simple plain well made clothes)

7. She doesn’t talk about or share her tumblr in fear of people finding it and seeing all her reblogs of beautiful naked women

8. She wears a t shirt that says “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian”

9. She knows of Rose and Rosie, Shannon and Cammie (had mourned over their break up), Jelly and Day, Ally Hills, or watches any other lesbian Youtubers

10. She’s been to a Tegan and Sara concert

•Girls in dress shirts
•Girls in bow ties
•Girls in boxers
•Girls in suspenders
•Girls in snapbacks
•Girls in cargo shorts
•Girls in dresses
•Girls in sweatpants
•Girls with tattoos
•Girls with piercings
•Girls with colored hair
•Girls with short hair
•Girls with long hair
•Girls with glasses
•Girls in general

~To gay to function~