Waterpark Here We Come!

After we almost decided not to go because we couldn’t find a babysitter for Lincoln, Makayla text us yesterday and said that her plans got cancelled and she could watch him for us. 🙌🏾

The twins were up bright and early (just like they always are) today and in a pretty good mood so hopefully it stays that way. Besides fighting me while trying to do their hair, (again, like they always do lol) getting them dressed was pretty easy.

Mekhi got Kayson ready and packed up the car but we couldn’t leave before I snapped a shot of the girls lol. Worked a miracle with their hair today and they loved it lol. We’ll see how long this style lasts once it gets wet. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Off to New Jersey we go! ✌🏾 🔫 ⛱

Sweet Creature

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It was one of those days.

Harry adored his job. He really did. His work was his first love, he always said. But there were certainly days where it all got to be a little too much.

He woke up at six in the morning to be greeted by a rainy and foggy sky outside. He spent a good ten minutes gazing at the great love of his life, her hair splayed in all different directions from having forgotten to tie it up in a ponytail like she usually did. Her lips were slightly parted, and her eyes were still puffy from the night before. He exhaled a sigh at the memory of it—it was the first time they’d really fought in a little while, but it’d been a doozy. Exhaustion took it’s toll on the both of them, but they were both too stubborn to admit it. It had been over something petty that he wasn’t even angry about anymore, even though at the moment in all seemed so important. And even though they tried to never go to bed angry, their tired eyes beat out the need to make up.

He exhaled a soft sigh as he watched his love, and he could see the tension built up in her features still from last night. He didn’t want to wake her just yet, because he knew that she would not love being woken up at six in the morning if she didn’t need to get up. The two of them rarely ever got a good night’s sleep anymore, and he didn’t want to take away her rest.

He got himself out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, going about his morning routine as quietly as possible as to not wake his girls. Within half an hour he was dressed up in a pair of black jeans and one of his button-ups. Usually he wouldn’t get so dolled up to go out this early, but he had a few morning radio shows he was making a live guest appearance on and impressions mattered to him. Having decided to get breakfast on the way to work, he quickly slipped out of the house without making a sound.

The rest of the day didn’t get any better.

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It’s easy to feel like you’re failing at life when the only snap shots you get of other people are positive ones. But it’s so important to remember that you’re only seeing a small piece of the entire picture of a person’s life - pieces that are often filtered or embellished, or sometimes completely falsified, to paint the appearance that everything is okay. But these people you’re comparing yourself to who seem to have their life together, who are living enviable lives and have smiling photos and celebratory status updates and blog posts showcasing their adventures - their lives are not as easy or perfect as they might seem. Yes, there may be moments of happiness and laughter and accomplishment, but there are also moments of heartbreak and loss and loneliness. There are days when they feel painfully inadequate or invisible or defeated. Days when they’re drowning in shame or self-doubt or fear. They aren’t the paragons of success and happiness that you’ve built them up to be.

Because the truth is that NO ONE has everything figured out. No one’s life is easy and without struggle. It’s human and it’s normal. And it’s OKAY. It’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to feel lost and unsure and overwhelmed. It’s okay to not have it together every minute of every day. It’s okay to be exactly where you are and feel all the things you feel. You don’t have to have all the answers or do things perfectly. You just have to show up and try. You have to trust that you can struggle and lose your way and still end up where you need and want to be. That you can not have it together and still live a meaningful and accomplished life.
snap shots

i haven’t put up a fic today and my blog is looking distinctly not snowbaz-y rn so that needed to change

(bad) snap shots of their daily life, basically (ft baz’s insecurities, simon stacking cups at three in the morning, and fluff sprinkled lightly throughout)

they’re just gentle kisses on the forehead and cheeks right now, because baz is fragile.

he is. he’s been pushed too hard his whole life, and held himself together with magic and willpower, and now he’s cracking apart. so simon just grips his hand tight and cuddles into him on the couch and they have disney movie marathons because baz has never seen a single one, which makes something inside simon ache.

he deserves the world, and simon’s going to give it to him.

they sit up on the counter-top, leaning into each other and giggling softly. there’s flour and powdered sugar everywhere, and baz would usually be panicking, at least slightly (baz hates a mess), but right now he’s more relaxed than he’s been in a long time. he finds simon’s hand in the sugar and squeezes it.

“i love you,” says simon, and baz smiles. he doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of hearing that.

“i love you too,” he murmurs, twisting his head to connect their lips.

simon tastes of chocolate.

simon has snow in his hair and a light in his eye and he’s gorgeous.

baz sometimes has trouble believing he really is his, he really loves him back, he’s not just some wonderful dream that he’s going to wake up from one day. that’s his worst fear, really, that he’s made it all up and one day he’s going to open his eyes and see simon looking back at him with hatred in his eyes and his sword in his hand-


he refocuses and simon’s right in front of him, looking worried. “you okay, love?”

baz nods, and it sent a tear down his cheek. he puts a hand to it, surprised, and simon tilts his head sympathetically.

“okay, we’re building a snow fort. come on.”

“simon-” baz tries to protest, but he shuts him up by kissing him. 

“i’m here to stay, okay?” he pecks baz on the cheek. “now come help me build my snow fort.”

he wakes up to a dark room and an empty bed, and the first thing he thinks is that simon’s (finally) abandoned him. it takes nearly five minutes of deep, slow breathing to convince himself that that isn’t true, and five minutes more to believe it enough to get up and go looking for him.

he finds simon sitting on the kitchen, stacking cups over and over and over. they clink against each other, a steady rythm- click, clack, clack, pause, click, clack, clack, pause- and-

simon’s crying.

“darling?” says baz softly, so as not to startle him. he does anyways- jumps so hard the cups scatter, then rights them frantically and starts stacking them faster and faster. baz crouches in front of him, takes both his hands. simon tries to jerk them away, still staring resolutely at the floor. “simon, love- hey. come on, sweetheart, lets go to bed.”

“baz,” simon whispers, voice breaking. “i can’t- i’ve got to, i can’t-”

baz tilts his chin up, meets his flooded eyes. it hurts. “oh, simon… it’s fine, darling, it’s alright. it’s time for bed now, okay?”

“okay,” he says, sounding dazed and empty. baz’s heart breaks for him.

“baz, wake up!”

baz groans, and hisses as simon throws the windows open wide. they snap back closed abruptly.

“shit, sorry-”

“how do you still manage to do that?” grumbles baz, sitting up sleepily. “we’ve been dating for years, roommates since we were eleven-”

“married,” says simon smugly, “since last night. yeah. i know.” he kisses him, lazily. “rise and shine, sleepyhead.”

you do not get to say that to me,” says baz, voice lacking it’s usual bite.

“excuse me, i get up at six nearly every morning.”

nearly- merlin knows why- you know this is our honeymoon, yeah? we get to sleep in. hell, we’re supposed to sleep in.”

“it’s ten thirty,” says simon in wounded tones. baz kisses him again.

“alright, fine. thank you.” he glances at the strips of light coming in through the closed window, and sighs. “why did we choose to go somewhere sunny?”

“to see if you sparkle?” suggests simon innocently, and baz snorts.

“i don’t sparkle.”

“that,” says simon, crossing his arms and sticking his nose up in the air, “sounds like the words of a man who sparkles.”

“no, actually, that sounds like a man who doesn’t sparkle. and are you trying to imitate me?”

“yeah,” says simon smugly.

“i hate you,” baz grumbles.

“you love me.”

baz pauses, and sighs. “you’re right. i do. why?”

“because i’m simon snow,” he says cheekily. “i’m the chosen one.”

“simon snow-pitch,” baz corrects, and they both grin.

“you’re right. simon snow pitch.”


Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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Snap Shot (2.27.17)

NHL News
: MORE TRADES! Love it. …Also more mumps. Love that less. Vancouver’s only had one confirmed case (Troy Stecher), but seven other people within the organization were reportedly showing symptoms. Zach Parise and Jason Pominville of the Minnesota Wild were confirmed today, and two additional members of that organization are symptomatic. Oy.

Today’s trades:

  • Teemu Pulkkinen (MIN) → ARI for unspecified future considerations
  • Brian Boyle (TBL) → TOR for Byron Froese & Toronto’s highest 2017 second-rounder (of three possible picks)
  • Jordie Benn (DAL) → MTL for Greg Pateryn and a 2017 fourth round pick
  • Alex Burrows (VAN) → OTT for Jonathan Dahlen, straight up…. Ottawa is also extending Burrows and getting early access to the mumps. Thinkpiece: Are They Overpaying?
  • Kevin Shattenkirk and G Pheonix Copley (STL) → WSH for Zach Sanford, Brad Malone, a 2017 first, and a conditional 2019 2nd (rumor has it that was a 2018 pick, but Washington doesn’t actually have one of those right now). You know what, just check out Isabelle Khurshudyan’s working-birthday tweets for all the complicated conditions of this one. If you’re into that sort of thing. THERE ARE SO MANY DETAILS NO WONDER THIS TRADE TOOK FOREVER TO ANNOUNCE. And a very happy birthday to Izzy, one of our favorite beat reporters! Fun fact: The Capitals had traded Copley to the Blues back in 2015 as part of the Oshie/Brouwer deal, and now here we are. I’m thinking the Caps come out on top, ultimately…

Night at a glance:

  • Injury: Jacob Josefson (NJD, upper body)
  • Hat trick: Nikita Kucherov (TBL)
  • Milestones: 300 points for Kyle Turris (OTT), Max Pacioretty (MTL) becomes the 5th Habs player to record 4 consecutive 30-goal seasons

Only three games tonight…which is kind of nice because the trades are getting crazy ~

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merlin--loves--arthur  asked:

Do you have any tips on writing short stories? I have to write one for school but am having a ton of trouble condensing it down to 3,000 to 5,000 words.

Hi! So I was in the same boat you’re in for years. Every story I started ended up being a prologue to a trilogy that I never finished because I got caught up in world-building and dialogue and Big Plot!

Here are some suggestions on how to bring all that in to make a nice 3k to 5k story!

1) Skip the exposition. Take out the “Once upon a time” or history lesson or scene showing the main character doing a mundane task in an Unexpected Way. It’s going to take up a good 500 words of your story (at least) and has the nasty tendency of slowing down your pace! Instead, try feeding necessary information into the story when you need it and only then!  If you don’t need details to explain the actions happening in the story, leave them out! They’re background worldbuilding details and best saved for longer works.


Once upon a time there was a Kingdom named Kingdom. It had once been a peaceful and beautiful place, filled with open markets and friendly people, but the war had changed all of that. Now the markets were barren, trade routes disrupted by spilled blood, and the people stood anxiously watching the sun as they waited for family members to come home.

Sylvia hoped to be the one to save them from their eternal vigil.

She had in her bag a message from Country, the kingdom to the north that would change everything. Or, perhaps, restore it. Country was offering to reestablish trade with Kingdom.

She adjusted the straps of her bag and continued on, looking neither left or right as she passed by a town on the main road.

Instead, try:

Sylvia adjusted the straps of her pack and looked neither left nor right as she passed through yet another war-torn village. Her clothing, torn as it was, was better than that she saw on the villagers, but the message in her pack would change that.

…then later in the story introduce the trade idea as it’s presented to the King. Hope that makes sense!

2) Don’t condense–magnify! Your plot might be a Big Book idea and that’s okay! Short stories don’t have to span years or even days. They could span just one hour! A lot of short stories are just snap shots of main characters lives! They have rich histories and big futures, but for that one moment they’re slowed down enough for the reader!

So maybe Sylvia is from Kingdom, but moved to Country just before the war began. The conflict prevented her from coming back and she was forced to go years without contact with her parents. As a displaced child, she was put in an orphanage where she met the Prince of Country and became good friends with him. Then, when he became King, he decided he wanted to end this war and entrusted her, a Kingdom citizen and his friend, to carry this trade agreement to Kingdom.

So instead of starting there with her whole history, we start the story with her just coming into view of the Kingdom Capital and the story is how she sneaks in to get an audience with Kingdom’s King!

3) Resolve a smaller issue in the story: Part of what makes a story interesting is its layers. The Big Plot doesn’t have to be the only plot! Resolving a smaller issue–a character’s insecurity, collecting a necessary asset, etc– can make a really great short story!

Sylvia could, in a short story:

  • Go to meet her parents, see that they have another kid, and resolve to come back once the war is ended.
  • Find a Kingdom knight and convince him to take her to the King. Because how else is she going to get an audience with the King??
  • Find out that the Country’s King (her childhood BFF) is tailing her, yell at him, and march him back to the border before continuing on her way.

Hope this helps a bit! These are only a few ideas, there’s no right or wrong answer here :)  If anyone else has any advice, feel free to comment!

Boyf riends Unsolved

Premise: Jeremy and Michael (two dumb boys pining after each other) decide to go on a ghost hunt in one of the most haunted places in New Jersey. 

Word Count: 2704

Warnings: swearing, scary haunted shit

a/n: i’m…. i don’t really have an explanation for this. just…. have some boyf riends fluff

also a huge thank you to the love of my life @limpblotter for beta-ing <3

“… but whether or not it is definitively haunted will remain… unsolved.” Ryan Bergara’s voice dropped dramatically as the ‘unsolved’ stamp painted itself across the darkening image of him walking down the balcony of the Dauphine Orleans Hotel.

Michael laid back on his beanbag chair, smiling lightly. Jeremy was sitting ramrod straight, eyes wide.

“That’s not fucking unsolved!” he cried indignantly. “It’s haunted as shit! The… fucking footsteps? And the other guy heard them too?”

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Love Game

Summary: You’re participating in a high stakes tennis tournament for your college team and Peter, being the supportive boyfriend he is, attends it to cheer you on in his own little way.

Warnings: Peter Parker x Reader, light smut, admiration and appreciation of tennis, fluff 

A/N: I feel a little weird writing underage characters so I’m going to make Peter of age (18+) for this.

“You really don’t have to come, Peter.” You flung your dresser drawers open and searched for your tennis attire. “I promise, tournaments really aren’t that fun to sit through unless you’re a die-hard tennis fan.”

“I’m a die-hard you fan, (Y/N).” Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his forehead on the back of your head. “Besides, I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate watching you kicking ass in your tennis clothes. I’m a big fan of the skirts.”

“Skort.” You reached a hand up and tangled your fingers in his hair. “It’s not a skirt, it’s a skort.”

“Ah, skorts.” Peter chuckled and kissed your cheek. “You should wear the black one, it’s cute and pleated.” 

“Anything for you, Mr. Photographer.” You dropped your hand back into the drawer. “I just have to find it first.”

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