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It almost seems like they tried to make it so low level characters could also do the Iron Banner, i.e. "everyone" can do it at once and no one has to wait for the event to return. Which is pretty dumb in itself, it's clearly designed for end game leveled characters, not someone just starting the game, seriously Bungie, it's pretty dumb and I find it hard to believe they were just like "WHOOPS MISSED THAT SORRY GUISE"

I seriously enjoy Destiny even though it wasn’t what I was completing expecting. But some of the things that Bungie, who is responsible for completely changing the FPS genre and online play for consoles and making games that are just FUN, are questionable and confusing. Bungie claims to have full control over this game. Either Microsoft was responsible for shaping Halo to what it was or activision is controlling Bungie more than they’re telling their community.

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“But it doesn’t hurt the artists it hurts the big corporations!!” Ahaha, no.

lol i know right, like, who do you think is PAYING for all those artists (and not just the flagship creators/showrunners, but all the unappreciated animation grunts who do like 20 million inbetweens a day and can risk losing their jobs any time, should the company loses even a little bit of money)

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It seems like the Gundam fandom has gotten bigger since Unicorn started, back in like 2008ish it seemed like no one (I knew) heard of it. But now it seems a lot bigger. If it got too popular it would probably just be ruined by the mainstream anyway.

Yeah, it definitely seems to be getting bigger. I have to admit,I don’t really want to it to become too mainstream here, either. Some people might think I’m an elitist-hipster-douchebag for saying this, but I’d honestly hate it if Gundam got Attack On Titan levels of popularity. And let’s face it, if Gundam did become mainstream, you’d get a bunch of kids bitching about how “dated” the animation in something like 0079 or Zeta is, and we don’t need more of that.