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It seems like the Gundam fandom has gotten bigger since Unicorn started, back in like 2008ish it seemed like no one (I knew) heard of it. But now it seems a lot bigger. If it got too popular it would probably just be ruined by the mainstream anyway.

Yeah, it definitely seems to be getting bigger. I have to admit,I don’t really want to it to become too mainstream here, either. Some people might think I’m an elitist-hipster-douchebag for saying this, but I’d honestly hate it if Gundam got Attack On Titan levels of popularity. And let’s face it, if Gundam did become mainstream, you’d get a bunch of kids bitching about how “dated” the animation in something like 0079 or Zeta is, and we don’t need more of that.

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6, 9, and 17!

6. Favorite Band
I wish I was joking but at this point it’s honestly Neutral Milk Hotel. I only started listening to them recently, but they have honestly changed my taste in music quite a bit. Since them I’ve been way more open about different bands and the type of music I’m willing to listen to. I also like rap music a bit. Groups like Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest, and people like MF DOOM, Deltron, and of course my greatest guilty pleasure Kanye West.

9. Tattoos I Want
I can never decide on this because I don’t know if there is anything I would want on my body forever. I mean a tattoo to me is a huge commitment. If anything I would want a tattoo that is a huge and ostentatious, like an entire sleeve that is this colorful gorgeous work of art. If you are going to put something on your body forever, make sure it is just as beautiful as you are.

17. A fact about my life
I can’t drive. I’m 25 and I’ve never learned how to drive a car. I’m like Char in that regard…maybe. Did we ever really decide if Char can drive or not?

Since I’ve found a short URL I like and I’ve been at 300+ for a few weeks, here’s a list of you all that are cool and I’m glad to know (in alphabetical order):

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