Uh-oh, here comes the closeup!

I can feel it… and you just know whenever it zooms in on him, the background is gonna change, and a bunch of people will inevitably disappear.

Welp, here goes. I’m gonna close my eyes, I can’t watch….

GAH, it’s even worse than I imagined! 

Dozens of spectators, flat-out gone! The entire surrounding location, terraformed in an instant! Will Discount Pink Panther’s background-changing powers never cease?!

…oh yeah, and his microphone gains a cord, too, so there’s also that.

So, originally, I just had a simple error to point out.

The background is all abstract and empty in the closeup on ol’ Snagglepuss, but in the wide shot…

…he has a crowd behind him, and Mildew next to him.

But then, little brother Oliver pointed out that it’s pretty weird how Snagglepuss doesn’t wear any pants.

And you know what? You’re right, Oliver. That’s a much, much bigger mistake.
Newly discovered oddball hippo-sized marine mammal had a toothy vacuum mouth
The identification of a new species belonging to the marine mammal group Desmostylia has intensified the rare animal's brief mysterious journey through prehistoric time, finds a new study.

Ounalashkastylus belongs to the only extinct group of marine mammals called desmostylians. Its odd tusk-teeth add more mystery to an ancient collection of weirdo water-lovers.