Meanwhile, a recap on Jon and Sansa's 'unadulterated platonic relationship'
  • S05E07
  • Sansa, after being raped and abused: ...but you are a bastard
  • Ramsay: (this girl never learn does she?) well you know who else is a bastard? Jon Snow
  • Sansa: Jon Snow who?
  • Ramsay: this dumb bitch... Your half-brother!! Remember? He's Lord Commander now. Another bastard rising. Bastards for the win!
  • --
  • S06E04
  • After 84 years... (The first Stark reunion, i sure TF am crying)
  • Jonsa: (intently stares at each other for 30 seconds and the hug™)
  • -
  • Sansa: *reminisce childhood memories*
  • Sansa: im sorry im an ass to you and havent really treated you as my brother until now
  • Jon: nah. It's not your fault
  • Sansa: i was awful, just admit it
  • Jon: (snorts) well what you gonna do. I was always been a brooder
  • Sansa: can you forgive me?
  • Jon: theres nothing to forgive
  • Sansa; forgive meee : (
  • Jon: okay. :)
  • Sansa: :)
  • Sansa: *tries to be cool by drinking ale, but fails miserably)
  • Jon: (oh shes so cute, my cute little sister)
  • Sansa: okay but real talk where will you go?
  • Jon: me? There's no more 'me'. There's only you and I.
  • Sansa: fine. Where will WE go?
  • Jon: we can't stay here
  • Sansa: Home™. We have to go home.
  • Jon: you crazy?? Boltons are there and i'm tired of fighting.
  • Sansa: that is the wrong attitude, Jon!! We are going home and winning Winterfell, even if it's the last thing I do!!
  • -
  • Jon: *reads 'you traitor bastard', 'rickon is here', 'sansa is my wife'* okay im done
  • Sansa: no go on. *reads basically ramsay being the psychopath that he is* you see my point now?
  • Jon: we have no army to fight
  • Sansa: *the hand hold™* you are father's son. We need to take back what is ours.
  • Jon: okay
  • -
  • S06E05
  • Sansa: the North remembers and they remember the Starks
  • Ser Davos: ok. But Jon is not a Stark.
  • Sansa: but I am. And idc, he IS my father's son.
  • -
  • Brienne: im your sworn shield. Im not gonna leave you here alone w these untrustworthy dudes
  • Sansa: im here w Jon
  • Brienne: jon is ok. He's too dark, but okay. Others, not too much. Esp the bearded-guy. He's so obsessed w me.
  • Sansa: (snorts) but Jon is not others. Jon is my bro. 'Jon is Jon'™. He'll keep me safe. I trust him
  • Brienne: then why the fuck you lyin' to him?
  • -
  • Jon: new dress?
  • Sansa: i made it myself. Did you like it?
  • Jon: i LOVE it!! I mean, the wolf?? The details are so intricate. Such a talented hand!
  • Sansa: awww. Well, good cause i made one for you too. *hands the cloak™* since you're gonna be Ned 2.0, you should dress the part.
  • Jon: thank you, Sansa.
  • Sansa: You're welcome :)
  • Jon: *grins like an idiot* (wtf just happened)
  • -
  • S06E07
  • Lyanna: Bear islands knows no King but the king in the North whose name is Stark. I see no Stark. You're a Snow. And your sister is a Bolton, or a Lannister. Who knows anymore
  • Sansa: hun, the fact that I'm here in one piece and still sane after the idiot mad king Joffrey, and the psychopath sicko Ramsey should speak for myself.
  • Ser Davos: *gives motivational speech*
  • Lyanna: ok. I'll give you 62 o our men
  • Later, Sansa: did we just stand there and get dragged for 62 men?
  • -
  • S06E09
  • Jon: you dont have to be here
  • Sansa: yes, i do.
  • Ramsay: aww. My beloved wife. Ive missed you terribly. Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now bend the knee.
  • Jon: i think TF not. One on one, you and me.
  • Ramsay: you kidding me? You're the best swordsman in the North, no one is dumb enough to fight you one on one. Whats the point of having an army, if you wont use it?
  • Jon: will your army fight for you if you wont fight for them?
  • Ramsay: oh wow Sansa. You got yourself a fine young man right here. Jon snow, your pride will be the death of your little bro
  • Sansa: how do we know you have him?
  • Ramsay: *throws Shaggydog head*
  • Sansa: oh now you've crossed the line, consider yourself dead tom. *dramatic exit*
  • Ramsay: she's a fine woman, your sister. I look forward to having her back in my bed. ofc you guys are fine too. My dogs are starving for you.
  • -
  • Men talks military strategies.
  • Jon: i want him angry. I want him making a mistake.
  • Sansa: youve met him for 6 seconds and you think you know him. Ive lived w him. I know him. Did it ever occur to you to ask my opinion?!
  • Jon: okay. You're right.
  • Sansa: *rants about Ramsay being manipulative* he's been doing it all his life
  • Jon: hun, i've defended the Wall from Giants and barbaric cannibals with what? 100 people? I think i can handle Ramsay Bolton just fine
  • Sansa: you dont know him
  • Jon: okay. Then tell me. Whats YOUR plan?
  • Sansa: idk!! Dont ask me!! Just dont be stupid
  • Jon: ????
  • Sansa: *continues to tell jon they need more men BUT not telling him they can have the knights of the Vale*
  • Sansa: if Ramsay wins, im not going back there alive
  • Jon: i wont ever let him touch you again. I'll protect you, i promise.
  • Sansa: i'd like to see you try.
  • -
  • Jon: if i die, dont bring me back
  • Red woman: im not your servant
  • Jon: you're in my camp. Im your Commander
  • -
  • Jon: *probably forgets his plan and that he's the Commander, so he stupidly marches front and center to the Boltons*
  • Ser Davos: *waited until Jon Snow is halfway through the battlefield* Go! go!! Follow your stupid commander!!
  • -
  • Ramsay: oh well, since my army is gone. How about i take you up w your offer? One on one?
  • Jon: bitch... *finally beats the crap out of Ramsay but stops when he sees Sansa*
  • -
  • Sansa: Jon. Where is he?
  • --
  • S06E10
  • Jon: im having the Lord's chamber prepared for you.
  • Sansa: you should take it.
  • Jon: no you take it.
  • Sansa: no you!!
  • Jon: 'I'm not a Stark'™
  • Sansa: You are to me.
  • Jon: You're the Lady of Winterfell. You're the reason why we're standing here. You. The knights of the Vale rode for you. Speaking of, you wanna tell me why you never mentioned you have a battalion in your pocket?
  • Sansa: oops. Sorry?
  • Jon: (comes closer) we need to trust each other. *forehead kiss™ that lasted a little longer*
  • -
  • *Sansa sits at the left side of Jon, looking proud as the North names him King in the North*
  • --
  • S07E01
  • Jon: you are my sis but i'm king now. You cant undermine me.
  • Sansa: i cant tell you when youre being an idiot? Bec joffrey--
  • Jon: *shookt* you think i'm like joffrey??
  • Sansa: (softens) no
  • Jon: thank you
  • Sansa: you're good at this
  • Jon: psh. No.
  • Sansa: you areee. They respect you but--
  • Jon: (laughs) everything before the word 'but' is horse shit.
  • Sansa: ok. Whatever. Stop babying me
  • Jon: i'll stop if you stop undermining me.
  • Sansa: i would never!! *grabs hand*
  • Jon: (this girl cant keep her hand to herself)
  • Sansa: i love dad and Robb but they are idiots. And you know what happens to idiots? They die. So dont be an idiot
  • Jon: And how should i be smarter? By listening to you?
  • Sansa: that would definitely be a first.
  • *insert ned/cat parallel here*
  • -
  • Sansa: youre so obsessed w the Night king, you forgot about the Incest queen in the South.
  • Jon: im obsessed w him bec i saw the fantasy shit he has beyond the wall
  • Sansa: hun, the South has their own fuckery. Father underestimated Cersei, that obvs didnt turn out so well
  • Jon: ok but--
  • Sansa: Jon, you've read the Art of War by Ned Stark. I've read the one by Cersei.
  • Jon: Did she sign your copy?
  • Sansa: Yes. I'm her number one stan.
  • -
  • S07E02
  • Jon: *after Sam tells him there is dragonglass in dragonstone which lol Ser Davos DID NOT even mention) i should go to dragonstone.
  • Sansa: Jon 'reckless, stubborn, you know nothing' Snow! What did we talk about being an idiot? Have you forgotten why father fought the mad king in the first place? That girl is dangerous!!
  • Everyone: we need the King in the North in the North!!
  • Jon: North is my home. And i will never stop fighting for it. But we need allies
  • Sansa: you're abandoning me!! You're abandoning our home!! (Stay)
  • Jon: You'll be safe here. I'll leave Ghost to you. And you'll keep everyone safe. Until I return, the North is yours. (This is me trusting you)
  • Sansa: okay.
  • -
  • LF: *blah blah blah*
  • Jon: (oh god. When will he ever stop talking? Is it too much to ask for a moment of silence around here? I just wanna be emo w my homies)
  • Littlefinger: i love Sansa--
  • Jon: (snaps and chokes LF) istg you touch her and i'll kill you myself
  • -
  • LF: so that was a little intense. Oh Cat 2.0!! There you are!! Hellooo!!
  • Jon: *looks back and waves at Sansa before leaving - ala Brienne & Jaime style*
  • LF: damn. At Ned 2.0? Story of my life, huh?
  • --
  • S07E03
  • Tyrion: And Sansa. Does she miss me terribly?
  • Jon: (i'd be careful of what you say next)
  • Tyrion: well i've never touched her and i was really nice to her
  • Jon: oh good. I mean idc. But that's really great. I'd hate to almost kill you myself. Not that i care.
  • -
  • Jon: *looks like fine snack at the mountain top* i miss home.
  • Tyrion: *subtly ships Jonaerys*
  • Jon: (rolls eyes) you know what's real? The White Walkers.
  • -
  • Bran: *comes back to WF but is cryptic AF*
  • Sansa: i wish Jon were here
  • Bran: and you were so beautiful, in your white wedding dress--
  • Sansa: (kim kardashian voice) if you know how i feel why would u say that like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation like u know im not happy i know im trying to see if it will work out here and i know that its not--
  • --
  • S07E04
  • Arya: jon left you in charge?
  • Sansa: he did. I hope he comes back soon. I remember how stoked he was to see me. We're buddy-buddies now. His heart will probs stop if sees you.
  • -
  • Ser Davos: so you and the Pretty dragon lady.*nudge, nudge* jonaerys is real. I ship it. Bec i saw you look at her direction for .1 second and i know foh shure you are secretly in love w her. I have the receipts.
  • Jon: you're delusional™
  • Theon: Sansa--
  • Jon: (loses his shit) you think i'll be tired of going all batshit crazy over someone mentioning her name?? Your traitorous coward useless ass can choke
  • Ser Davos: (this damn bastard cant keep it together ffs)
  • -
  • S07E05
  • Northerns lords: *kiss ass to Sansa*
  • Sansa: ok thats nice but Jon is our king. Im a loyal ho, you fake ass lords cant relate.
  • -
  • Sansa, probably: Jon I wish you can come back v soon. I miss you. Obviously Ghost does too, remember him? The Northern lords Are bipolar fuckers who are as loyal as fake fans are. Arya and Bran are back but they've gone cray cray. PS. Bran says the undeadz are heading towards the Eastwatch. He has visions now.
  • --
  • S07E06
  • Arya: *hypocritical speech about something that happened 6 seasons ago*
  • Sansa: sis i love u but stfu. Even tho Jon is an idiot, he gives me credit that i deserve. We won Winterfell back because of ME--
  • Arya: 'Sis', idk about you and Jon and but 'I' single-handedly avenged the Red Wedding by wiping the Freys out. But go awf i guess.
  • -
  • Sansa: their loyalty is to Jon. Which is debatable btw. Jon had left me on seenzone for weeks.
  • LF: doesnt matter. He left you in charge. The North likes you
  • Sansa: those lords probably doesnt even know what 'loyalty' is. If they found out about the letter I wrote 6 seasons ago when my character hasnt developed yet, by the time Jon comes back, he'll have no army left
  • LF: ok but Arya is your sister. She wouldn betray you
  • Sansa: she would if she thinks i'm going to betray Jon. Which is never gonna happen.
  • --
  • Meanwhile,
  • Jon: i serve the North
  • Also, Jon: i'd bend the knee but...

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Can I request a fluffy mini scenario of the captains + Tendou and Asahi with their gf on their period? I don't know if you've done ones like this before, but I thought that I could at least ask. Love you guys! Keep up the great work! ( ・∇・)

Hehe, this is super cute and A+++ character spread. This was fun to write
~Admins Emma and Alyx w/ Helper Quinn

Daichi: He is 100% On It™ and is ready at the drop of a hat for anything you need. He wouldn’t be caught dead saying stuff like “it can’t be that bad” or anything of the sort–he knows he can’t (and shouldn’t) relate. He has your favorite snacks, a heating pad and other supplies, a favorite movie and comfy clothes on stand-by. He does give amazing tummy rubs and back rubs, plus he is a top-tier cuddle partner. Couldn’t ask for much better, to be honest.

Oikawa: Junk food. All of the junk food. You name it, he’s bought it for you. He makes damn sure you won’t want for anything. Honestly, though, you hardly need all the sugar with how sweet he’s being! He also has some top-tier shitty movies queued up on Netflix for the two of you to watch while you cuddle and binge on sweets (he bought them for you, but his sweet tooth is insatiable, so he definitely ‘helps’).

Kuroo: Not only is he prepared with everything you need but he’s ready sometimes days before you even realize it. Math is a beautiful thing after all and our crafty guy has kept track of those days when you were feeling the worst of it. He knows when that time is coming and he’s got all the essentials. Once you’ve been provided with your snacks and pain killers, his lap is where you end up next. Where you’ll be curled up and held until you forget what pain even is.

Bokuto: Who knows what to do for you? Bokuto knows! It took a little time but he took a page out of Kuroo’s book and actually read up on this sort of thing. He’s outraged knowing that you have to deal with this every single month. What sort of madness is this? Nevertheless he’s there when you need him and will happily spoon feed you ice cream after wrapping you up like a burrito. Just make sure when you’re feeling better you tell him how great he was, he likes knowing he’s done a good job.

Ushijima: Poor child, he tries, but he’s so confused. Do you need medical attention? Are you OK? You aren’t going to hit him, are you? He does have some supplies on hand (or he’s more than willing to go get some at the store, he doesn’t care) and will make sure you’re hydrated and fed and taken care of. In the end, all he can do is hold you and try his best, but really, his snuggles are pretty rad, and he’s more than willing to do anything you ask of him, so it’s pretty alright, all things considered.

Asahi: Sweet angel hates seeing you in pain at all. He gets mountains of snacks and supplies (he gets a bit flustered with the looks he gets when he’s in the feminine hygiene section, but he pulls through just fine) and settles in for a movie marathon. He likes to hold you anyway, and if you seem to relax a bit more when he cuddles you, then even better. He wishes he could do more for you, but he knows it’s temporary, and with monthly practice, he sort of becomes a pro at making you feel better.

Tendou: They say laughter is the best medicine, right? So maybe that logic doesn’t 100% hold true with cramps, but Tendou’s absurd anime marathon he’s prepared for you definitely gets points for distracting you from the pain (honestly, where does he even find this stuff?). He’s also super attentive, and once he’s been with you for a while he often knows what you need before you can even tell him. Heating pad? Check. Chocolate? Check. You name it, he has it covered.

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ok but consider this; Michael and Jeremy getting high at a drive-in movie theater and they're giggly as heck and that's how their first kiss happens because the mood is perfect and they're out of their minds,, -slushie

i can roll w this okay

the drive in is doing a special feature for the first week of summer. the squip stuff is over, everyone is recovering and things have taken on a sense of normalcy.

it’s michael who suggests they go because they’re showing shitty 90s horror movies, of course we’re going, are you kidding me, he rolls up to jeremy’s in his shitty car with tons of snacks, a ton of mountain dew red (because even after all this time, it’s better safe than sorry, right?) and a joint to split.

they pull into the drive thru; and theyve gotten there a little late so they’re off to the side a bit but its okay because its summer, and everything is good, and they’re gonna spend the next couple hours with their favorite person in the world and its good.

the movie starts, and wordlessly michael lights the joint as the tinny opening music begins playing through their speaker. for a while they pass it back and forth, until about halfway through the movie when the joint gets too short to finish off.

there’s a lull in the action, and it’s beginning to get dark outside. jeremy leans (a bit awkwardly) over the console to rest his head on michael’s shoulder. he’s still wearing that hoodie, even though its june and he’s probably sweating his ass off.

they exchange a few meaningless words, about how they’re going to spend their summer and how they heard that jake dillinger Finally asked out rich, and how jeremy wishes he could have something like that, but after christine and he broke up nobody felt worth pursuing.

or at least, nothing worth pursuing that would lead anywhere.

michael asks what he means, except it comes out slow and languid and they both end up giggling before he can finish his thought, because even after smoking so much, he can never really get past the sluggishness of his high, can he?

jeremy says he likes him like this. likes how he’s open and always smiling and fumbles on his words some because it makes jeremy feel better.

makes you feel better about what? michael asks, trying to push through the hazy feeling to get his point across. jeremy’s head is still on his shoulder.

jeremy’s answer is vague and punctuated by hot red flushing cheeks, and michael presses further, eventually wrapping an arm around jeremy’s shoulders to keep him from leanibg away and changing the subject and then. and then jeremy just kisses him, a hand brought to rest on his cheek, and it tastes like stale smoke and popcorn and michaelmichaelmichael and.

it’s michael who pulls away — but God does he not want to — and hes the most overwhelmed he’s felt in his damn life because. did he really just kiss jeremy? and he isnt even sober?

he goes in to kiss jeremy again, chasing the rush that jeremy gave the blood in his veins, and before they know it the movie is over and there’s an attendant — first uncomfortably, then excitedly, and was that jenna rolan? — tapping on the window telling them they need to leave.

neither of them is anywhere near sober (but it’s hardly the pot that has them intoxicated at this point) and they end up having to call jake, who mysteriously ends up bringing rich along despite the late hour.

both sets of boys choose to ignore the intertwined hands of the other two.

michael never gets an answer to his question, but the warm reminder of jeremy on his lips and the heavy hand resting in his serves as enough, at least for now.

Creepypasta #1122: My Bird Dog And I Went Hunting In The Desert Of Eastern Oregon - A Desert That Doesn't Like Intruders

Length: Super long

About six weeks ago, I went into the wilderness of Eastern Oregon with my 2 year old hunting dog (a golden retriever named Reggie) to hunt for pheasant, partridge, quail, and flyfish for steelhead. I was camping along the John Day River, which is in the high desert and carves a deep valley through the sage brush coated hills and black-rock cliffs. Something happened in that canyon that has changed everything I know (or thought I knew) about the world we live in. I’ll start with a bit of backstory before I get into the events.

I did this same camping trip with two buddies last November during my dog’s first bird season, and we were all psyched to have round two. Unfortunately, one of the dudes bailed because of work pressure, and the other because he needed time to prep for an interview.

So I decided to go alone. I’ve done plenty of solo camping and hunting before, and this time I had my bird dog so I felt even better going alone. There’s obviously no cell service out there, so I gave my girlfriend and some buddies my route and camping locations, and set out before sunrise on a Friday with plans to return late on Sunday. It’s about a three hour drive to the stretch of the John Day River basin where I was heading, and got there around 9:30. 

It was around 40 degrees when I got out at the BLM parking area to stretch and started to get ready to set out. My dog was really stoked (he knows we’re hunting when I put on my bird pouch and bust out the shotgun), and I was as happy as a pig in the mud. Sun was shining, and it had snowed a few days earlier so the red, tan, black, and green sagebrush-coated valley we started hiking down into was shimmering.

I had my big backpacking pack loaded to the brim with camping gear, winter gear, hunting and fishing gear, and dog stuff. I had my shotgun in hand (a double barrel 12g side-by-side), a field knife, and my Ruger .357 on my belt. I don’t always carry a sidearm, but with three days and two nights alone in an area infested with packs of coyotes (who don’t scare me but would love a golden retriever snack) and mountain lions (which definitely scare me), I figured why the hell not.

We (my dog and I) rucked about 6 miles into a more open part of the valley where I wanted to spend the first night. It was around 50 degrees at this point and absolutely beautiful, although quite muddy with the snow melting. I set up the tent on a little grassy plateau above the old trail, and put the dog in the tent with some water to chill for a bit to get his paws warmed up. 

I ate lunch and dumped most of my gear to set out with just my camelback, bird pouch, gun, and dog down further into the valley to start hunting (about as happy as a dude can be). It was slow hunting at first but eventually we flushed some quails and a few hen pheasants. After about 4 hours it was starting to get dark. We had bagged 3 quails and were working our way back to camp. This is when things got somewhat strange.

Keep reading

Unspoken rule

A little late to the party but here I am!

A million thanks to @bathtimefunduck for beta reading this.

You don’t mess with Lex Luthor’s group. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows that.

Everyone knows that they rule the school. They are powerful, smart, and liked by the teachers. Since most of them were in seventh year and had to study for their NEWTs, that meant a lot of students kept away from the library in fear of getting on their bad side. But that fear of Lex’s reputation didn’t seem to extend to his own family.

“Hey Lex, isn’t that your little sister?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey yeah, what is she doing with those freaks?” frowned Rick

Lex turned to look at the table they were pointing at and saw Lena sitting with five other kids of all houses.

That in itself wasn’t so unusual. The Luthor family believed in extending their reach as far as they could, and that was reflected in Lex’s own group of followers. After all, Max was in Ravenclaw, Rick in Hufflepuff, Leslie Willis and Siobhan Smythe were both on Gryffindor, and finally, Lex himself was in Slytherin, just like every Luthor had ever been, Lena included.

What was weird about Lena’s apparent group was that the kids seemed to be from different years, not just different houses, and the range seemed wide. Lex’s only follower who wasn’t in seventh year was Rick, who was in sixth, so Lena’s companions tickled his curiosity.

“Any idea who they are ladies?” he asked.

He knew that Gryffindor’s top bitches, and more importantly, ruthless gossips, Leslie and Siobhan would probably be able to tell him something about them. He wasn’t wrong; the two girls quickly started trying to one-up each other to see who could give him more information.

“That Ravenclaw boy is Winn Schott, he’s a pureblood but his father is in Azkaban for being a blood purist and attacking mudbloods. He’s also the only other second year there other than Lena,” Leslie said.

“The two older girls are in fourth year. The Hufflepuff is Maggie Sawyer, she’s a mudblood, and she’s dating the other Slytherin girl. Alex Danvers is a pureblood, her father was an Unspeakable for the Ministry, and her mother is a famous Potions Master. Alex herself is the most promising Slytherin since you, and she has the best marks in her year, although she’s closely followed by Sawyer,” added Siobhan.

“The two Gryffindors are firsties. Kara Danvers is a mudblood that was adopted by the Danvers recently. No one knows where she came from. I don’t know who the other kid is.”

“That kid is Adrian Rodriguez, mudblood too, and he knew Sawyer before Hogwarts. Something happened at the beginning of the year when he tried to follow Danvers Jr. up to the girls’ dorm rooms and the tower wouldn’t let him up, but I don’t really know the details. I do know he looks up to Sawyer and she considers him sort of a brother,” finished Leslie.

“Okay, anything else ladies? No? …what is it Rick?”

Rick suddenly looked excited, and he gave the two Gryffindors a smug look. “I know something you don’t!”

The girls glared at him, but Lex urged him to continue.

“Okay so, I used to live in the same town as the Danvers, and I was there when the little one showed up. And rumor has it, she’s related to Clark! You remember him right Lex? That older Gryffindor who was always getting in your way for everything till he graduated two years ago?”

“Yes, I remember him,” Lex said angrily, thinking back to his old rival. He turned back to his sister’s table and saw that the two fourth year girls seemed to be leaving in a rush. He turned his attention back to the little blonde girl. “So you’re saying she’s related to Kent? How so?”

“She’s his cousin, apparently.”

“Really now? How do you guys feel about going over there and introducing ourselves to my sister’s friends huh?”

They shared knowing looks and headed for the table with the four remaining kids.

Alex and Maggie hadn’t meant to be gone for long. In fact, they hadn’t even been gone for more than 20 minutes. They had seen Professor J’onzz leave the library and ran out to ask him to let them pair up for next week’s DADA teamwork exercise (“we don’t do well with partners, but I think we make a pretty good team”). On their way back to the library they had gotten a little sidetracked staring at each other, and that had led to some making out in an empty classroom. Eventually though, they started heading back to help their little siblings and their new friends with a transfiguration exercise that Kara and Adrian were having trouble with, and a charms essay that was baffling the second years.

Maggie opened the door to the library and nearly ran into Rick Malvern.

He shoved her aside and laughed “watch where you’re going mudblood! Hey there, Alex, if you’re ever in the mood for some better company than these freaks, you know where to find me.”

“Move Rick,” said Leslie.

Alex and Maggie shuffled to the side and watched Lex’s whole group leave the library.

“Bye ladies,” Max said, giving them a wink as he left.

Lex and the girls did not bother to look at them.

Once they were gone, Alex and Maggie let out the breaths they had been holding and were turning back towards the library when Maggie suddenly stopped short.

“Wait. Why did Rick say ‘freaks’ as in plural?”

The girls exchanged wide-eyed glances and turned as one to run inside. They went straight for their siblings’ table, but they stopped in their tracks when they saw that every single one of the kids was crying. Even Lena, who was trying to hide her tears to comfort Kara while Winn and Adrian hugged each other next to them. Maggie and Alex both started talking at the same time.

“Are you guys okay?”

“What happened?!”

“Was it Lex?”

“Are you hurt?”


A loud sniff cut them off, and they noticed that Winn was shrinking away from their loud voices. They exchanged another look and sat down.

Maggie hugged both Adrian and Winn and asked softly, “Are any of you hurt?”

They waited until all four of them shook their heads before Alex spoke from where she was wrapped around Kara and Lena. “Can you tell us what happened?”

The younger kids exchanged nervous looks, before Lena took a shaky breath and started explaining. “Lex and his friends, they, they came over and started asking questions. They said they just wanted to get to know my friends better but then they got really rude. They made fun of Winn, and they called Adrian names, and then Lex, he… he…”

“He what?” asked Maggie, trying to hold back her fury and indignation.

This time it was Kara’s small voice that answered, “He told me that I better stay out of his way if I know what’s good for me. And then he started insulting Clark, and then…”

“Kara, Kara calm down,” Alex said, stopping her sister before she could work herself and the others into even more of a panic.

Maggie nodded and said, “We get the picture. Come on, get up. We’re all going to the kitchens for a snack and then you can rest in my common room. You’ll be safe there, the rest of the ‘Puffs won’t let Rick near you, and none of the others ever goes there anyways. That all right with you?”

She received nods from Kara, Adrian and Winn, but Lena looked hesitant.

Alex, sitting right next to her, noticed and asked, “what is it Lena?”

Lena looked up at her with wide, scared eyes and whispered, “But it was my fault…”

Kara practically jumped up at that and said, “No it wasn’t! Lex came for me! If anything it’s my fault for bringing attention to the rest of you guys!”

“This was no one’s fault but Lex’s,” Alex interrupted firmly. “It was Lex and Max and Leslie and all of them, they are the problem.”

Maggie quickly nodded her agreement, but instead of commenting further, she got up and helped the boys stand.

“Come on, you’ll feel better after some hot chocolate. All of you will,” she said, looking warmly at Lena.

The group went to the kitchens, where the house elves loaded them with a mountain of snacks and a silver tray with never ending cups and hot chocolate. After that they headed for the Hufflepuff common room, where they went straight for the warmest, coziest corner, and settled on the couches. A few other ‘Puffs gave them curious looks, but a firm glare from Alex kept them away.

All of them except for James Olsen, a fifth year who was good friends with Maggie, and who approached the fourth years looking concerned. “What happened?”

“Lex and his gang happened,” answered Maggie.

“What did those idiots do this time?” asked a new voice behind James.

The three of them turned around and saw Lucy Lane, James’ sixth year Gryffindor girlfriend.

“Are they seriously picking on first and second years now? How low can they get?”

“Way too low apparently” Alex said darkly. She looked up and locked eyes with Maggie. She subtly pointed at James and Lucy with her head, and Maggie nodded slightly. Then she turned towards the older couple and asked “Hey guys, do you mind staying with the kids for a bit? We need to go back to the library for a minute. With everything that happened, Maggie and I didn’t have time to check out a book we need for our potions essay and we don’t want to leave them alone.”

“A book? Really?” asked James with an arched brow.

“Yup, a book. We really need it or Slughorn is gonna fail us,” Maggie jumped in to say.

“Seriously Sawyer? Danvers here is the kid of a potions master,” said Lucy, unconvinced.

“Ugh, don’t remind me. That only means that the teachers have higher expectations of me than they have of the rest of the class. If we do anything other than perfect he’s gonna fail us, or worse, my mom will find out!”

“You need to sort out your priorities.”

“You clearly don’t know my mom.”

“OKAY, let’s get back on track. Guys, we’re really just getting a book. Can you watch the kids or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Go. We won’t let anything else happen to them. You are really just getting a book right?” asked James, still unconvinced.


“Of course.”

“Fine. Don’t take too long!”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thanks guys.”

Alex and Maggie left. Upon exiting the room, they turned to share a look.

“We are not going to get a book are we?”

“Of course not.”

“I just want to point out that they’re five seventh years and we’re just two fourth years.”

“Technically, Rick is a sixth year”

“You know what I mean”

“You don’t have to come with me you know?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re ride or die, Danvers.”

Finding Lex’s gang hadn’t been hard. Back when she was a first year, muggleborn Maggie had been captivated by everything at Hogwarts. She had always been polite and nice to the portraits, the ghosts, the suits of armor, the owls, and anything else that seemed even remotely sentient. (“They may seem different from us, but who am I to say that they’re too different? Is there even such a thing as too different?”) Because of that, she had a lot of unusual friends in the castle. Alex privately thought that the castle itself liked her (and how could it not? She was smart, tough, and so, so beautiful). It only took a few minutes of asking around to find out that Lex and his friends were in an empty classroom in the third floor. Luckily there was a portrait in the room that agreed to tell the girls where every older student was, and what they were doing. With that, the two girls made a plan and got ready to bust in and take as many of them out as they could.

“Last chance to back down Danvers. Are you sure?”

“Let’s do this. I’m okay if you are”

“Nobody touches my family”

“My thoughts exactly”

“On three?”

“One, two…”

At that exact moment, Mr. Filch was walking down another corridor in the same floor. When he heard a loud explosion, he brandished his broom like a weapon and ran towards the noise that was steadily growing louder. He saw smoke coming from a door at the end of the corridor, and in anticipation to catch a few students red-handed, he charged right in. what he saw in there was pure chaos. Spells and debris were flying everywhere, two girls were crouched down behind an upturned desk, shooting spells and hexes at two older boys and a girl that had taken cover on the other side of the room. Two more older students were sprawled on the floor not moving. As he watched, one of the young girls, a Hufflepuff based on her tie, started trading spells with the two other boys and turned her back on the older girl. The Gryffindor immediately sent a spell at her back.

However, just as Filch was starting to shake his broom and yell for them to “STOP THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY…” the other young girl deflected the spell coming at her friend’s back and unintentionally redirected it at Filch.

The last thing he saw was a flash of red light before everything went black.

It didn’t take long for the story to make its way around Hogwarts rumor mill. By the next day, poor Kara was absolutely frantic, and she ran to find James hoping to get some answers.

“Madam Pomfrey won’t let me see Alex!”

“Kara, what are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you heard? Two fourth years attacked four seventh years and a sixth year, and all seven students plus Mr. Filch ended up on the hospital wing. Nearly-headless Nick says a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were the most injured, and they’re still in the hospital!”

“Okay Kara, calm down…”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I need to see my sister!”


“She was such a dummy! Why would she do something like that!”


“And Maggie too, they could have gotten seriously hurt! They probably did get seriously hurt! and…”

“Geez little Danvers, nice to know you have such faith in our abilities”

“Not now Maggie. What if they had to be sent to St. Mungo’s and… hold on, MAGGIE?!”

Kara turned around to see both Alex and Maggie walk up to her. Covered in bandages and limping a little, but with huge smiles in their faces.

“What… how… but Nick said…”

“That a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were still in the hospital wing? Yeah, we may or may not have gone a little hard on Rick and Lex.”

“But… they’re seventh years…”

“Yeah kid, but they messed with our family,” Maggie said.

The story spread like a fire. The fight was something everyone was talking about for days. The rumors kept getting crazier and crazier with every retelling. But one thing was clear:

You don’t mess with Alex and Maggie’s family. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows it.

Singing Her To Sleep ft. Weird Commas

Singing Her To Sleep ft. Weird Commas

Whatever, I decided to submit it because I want to. Hope you enjoy.

The balloon inside her chest inflated further, pushing against her lungs, pushing against her heart, and all she wanted was to run away. To run away from the pressure, and from the waves of panic that slammed into her like a freight train at top speed. Most of all though… she wanted to run away from Heather Chandler. Beautiful Heather. Smart Heather. Controlling and comforting Heather. Heather, who was currently holding her close, not allowing her to pull away like she usually tried to. She knew Heather hated it when she pulled away when she got like this. 

She hated knowing that Veronica was in pain and was pulling away. Hated knowing that Veronica wasn’t allowing her to help her through her panic. She wanted to, of course, but it was just all so embarrassing. She despised knowing that Heather could see her in her most terribly vulnerable state, in the time when she cried and gasped for air. She knew, of course that Chandler wasn’t judging her. She would never. All she did was worry when Veronica had a panic attack. That’s what her girlfriends told her, at least. Chandler just always claimed she “didn’t like” seeing her panic, and that was all. But Mac and Duke made sure to let her know that the red clad girl was constantly worrying about Veronica, trying to make sure she was alright, and trying to keep her calm and safe. It was hard for her when any of her girlfriends cried or panicked. Still, Veronica hated knowing that she was displaying herself at her weakest moments. The thought made her chest tighten, and she unconsciously tried to pull back slightly. Chandler quickly grasped the back of her neck as she shook, gently guiding Veronica back to her shoulder. Her grip was just strong enough to keep Veronica grounded, and hold her still, but it wasn’t suffocating. She desperately wanted to calm down, and at the same time wanted her girlfriend to keep holding her forever. 

As she reached a shaky hand up to tangle in her girlfriend’s hair, she suddenly froze as she heard Chandler murmuring something to her. Wait- no, not murmuring, singing. Heather Chandler was singing to her. Veronica froze in place, completely shocked. She hadn’t expected that. She listened to the words Chandler was softly muttering into her ear. “Deep in the meadow… under the willow… a bed of green grass… a soft green pillow….” it was a song she’d never heard before, but she couldn’t help but feel her heart slow, and her breathing even out slightly in response. As Chandler continued singing quietly into her ear, Veronica felt herself calm down, melting into her girlfriend as she finally relaxed. Chandler slowly finished the song as she pulled Veronica into a gentle embrace, squeezing her tight, before laying them both down on the bed, her arms still wrapped around her. They both relaxed, listening to each other’s hearts beating, and the sound of their own soft breaths. Veronica let her head loll against Chandler as she fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

Mac and Duke cheerfully chatted in the hallway on the way the see their girlfriends, an animated chat about the latest superhero movies. Their arms were filled with mountains of snacks, ready to spend time with the two girls they loved the most. As they turned the doorknob, however, their hope was squished slightly. The sight they were greeted to was Heather Chandler and Veronica Sawyer, both asleep, clinging to each other like their lives depended on it. Veronica had most of her face hidden in Chandler’s shoulder, but from Mac and Duke could see, there were tear tracks on her face. Both of them had peaceful looks on their faces, and they were curled up next to each other. Even with how relaxed they both looked, their girlfriends knew that, most likely, the reason they were curled up like that was because Veronica had had a panic attack. 

Mac knew it was inevitable, after all, Veronica had been worrying about final exams for months, and she’d already had four panic attacks. This would be five. All three of them wanted to relieve her pain, and help her relax, but there wasn’t much they could do other than be there, hold her, and let her know it was going to be okay. Duke slowly moved to put the pretzels down and walked over to the two on the bed. She laid down on the bed, putting her arms around Veronica and burying her head into the sleeping girl’s shoulder. Mac followed suit, curling up between Chandler and Veronica and nuzzling into Chandler’s neck. The four girls held each other, Duke and Mac knowing they could help the most when their girlfriends woke up, but that it wouldn’t help to wake them up now. And as they hep each other, for the first time in a long time, it was peaceful.

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OMG DUDE!!!! OMG!!! ITS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE IT!!! next time u maybe want to break the paragraphs up a little more, but its!!! its really good!!!

creativeclary  asked:

clizzy + snacks

•shadowhunters are buff af and they’re constantly training so they probably grow up eating like granola bars and chex mix. and then izzy met clary and clary introduced her to the wonderful world of doughnuts and brownies and junk food in general
•sometimes really late at night alec will hear laughing coming from izzy’s room and he’ll pop his head in and see clary and izzy watching tv and laughing hysterically with a mountain of snack cakes on the bed
•i know izzy is canonically bad at cooking, but there are some recipes that are too simple to mess up. she’d learn how to make rice krispy treats and she’d be so excited to have made something that people actually like
•sometimes when one of them trains the other will watch from the sidelines eating popcorn
•theyve perfected the ability to toss snacks into each others mouths. like most people can do it from a few feet, but they can do it from yards away or from the second floor to the first. it makes jace so nervous bc he’s scared they’ll choke
•part of the reason they’re so in love is bc they have the same taste for nasty food. like simon is shocked that clary managed to find someone who also likes anchovies and extra sauce on their pizza and eats mayonnaise on pringles

A Girl’s Life

Sam x Reader (Fluff)

Warnings: Language 

Imagine being on your period and out of supplies, but then Sam swoops in to save the day and takes care of you.

A/N: This is the revisited or revamped version of my original fic for this request from like two years ago, as a part of my Redo Rally. 

Originally posted by gurl

Ugh. you roll over and look at the clock. morning already? sure enough. you could hear Sam and Dean Shuffling around and talking about possible cases. just when you went to get out of bed, that’s when you felt it. Oh no, no no no, not yet, it can be starting yet you thought. as you carefully shuffle your way to the bathroom you start mentally tracking how long its been.

you finally make it to the bathroom, and sure enough you had started. you grumble in annoyance as you reach for your supplies. you very quickly realize that you are running low but you never thought that you would only have one left. “SHIT” you holler , a little too loud because right on cue, there were footsteps you recognized as none other than the moose of a man that was Sam Winchester. Great, now you have to explain yourself.

‘Y/N, are you alright? I heard you yell “ you could hear the sound of concern in his voice and it made your heart flutter. the fact that someone could be so caring yet so intimidating at the same time was beyond you.

“ugh yes Sam im fine I just realized that I need to get some things from the store.” you sigh. the cramps had officially set in. great. now you really don’t feel like going to the store. you. washed your hands and got dressed. the moment that you walked into the kitchen you greeted by two pairs of inquisitive eyes. “what?! do I have something on my face?”

‘Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine this morning” came with that sarcastic tone that was signature Dean Winchester.

“Well excuse me if I don’t feel freaking amazing right now. I will be bleeding for 3-5 days all while my uterus decides to go for the world record in cramps” you all but yelled at the green eyed hunter who was now just staring in shock and disgust. you looked at Sam who just gave you that puppy dog look like he knew exactly how you felt even though he never could.

After you ate breakfast, stated that you were running to the store, that is until a giant hand covered yours when you reached for the keys. “UhUh You stay. I’ll go. Just relax” Sam whispered.

Not very long after, Sam came walking triumphantly into the bunker with several bags. “What the heck did you buy?” you laugh as he starts unpacking the bags.

He hands you your supplies and once you come back he has a big grin on his face and tells you to close your eyes and hold out your hand. You do as your told “Here, I got you this” he says and your hands are met by a cold object. As you open your eyes , you realize its your favorite ice cream.

“ Thank you Sam!” you almost  tackle him when you hug him.

Sam just smile and says “that’s not all” and shows you the mountain of snacks on the counter along with your favorite movies.

Once you had gotten the movie started, you curled up on the couch with your ice cream, and instantly snuggle closer to Sam. In a matter of minutes you weren’t even watching the movie  because you were so preoccupied by the way Sam was rubbing circles on your back. Eventually you loose yourself to sleep but just before you do you mumble “I love this life, even if its a girl’s life. Thank you Sam.”

“You’re welcome Y/N. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you”

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Normal Life AU [Others]

[Dazai and Oda’s interactions with the agency and others while outside of the main action in the story.]


-While not the first ADA member they’ve met, Atsushi is one of the few members they have grown to know personally, as they are part of the reason he ended up in the ADA, even though it was mostly dumb luck this time. [Dazai had informed Ranpo about his thoughts regarding the tiger he mentioned, and they set up the rendezvous location (which was still the warehouse).]

-Dazai and Oda both say “hello” to Atsushi when they see him, and occasionally join him for lunch when all three of them are available. [Beyond these interactions, they don’t do much together as all three of them have busy schedules.]

-Oda tends to avoid the ADA, as he recognizes Ranpo from that day, and doesn’t know how well Fukuzawa would remember him, and doesn’t want to get into any sort of altercation or confrontation as a result.

-Dazai has met Kunikida once after stopping a minor ability user who was pick-pocketing people, and just being a general nuisance. After this, Dazai ran off, because he had to get to work, and didn’t want to risk being late.

-Dazai knows Ranpo, because he comes into the convenience store he works at to buy snacks, and often drags out Dazai’s shift by coming in the last fifteen minutes of it and buying a mountain of snacks. [He also talk to Dazai the whole time, which initially annoyed Dazai, but, over time he got used to it.]

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The Venison snack sticks are all smoked up (apple wood), and I have them all packaged as well..! I think they came out nicely. I did some with Cheese, but I seemed to have lost track of which was what… I could blame the excitement, but it might have been the beers… 😬

This was just a small tester batch to see where we were. I like the idea of the cheese, but I think I’ll have to buy some of the high temp cheese made for sausage, and I asked Santa for a better stuffer and a scale to dial in the seasoning amounts. Other than that it seems like the kits are pretty straight forward.

BTS reaction to you finding out your S/O cheated on you.

A/N: I know that there are quite a few Kpop reactions to y/n finding out their S/o was cheating whilst still in a relationship, but I haven’t seen any in which Y/N finds out that their S/O had cheated after the relationship has already ended. So, I decided to write one, because the way I see it, it doesn’t matter if you’re still in a relationship or if the relationship ended months ago, finding out that someone you cared about and trusted betrayed you still sucks. I’m not sure anything I just wrote makes sense.

-Requests are open-

Jin- As soon as you told him, Jin would turn up at your door with a big Tupperware of food. He would sit you down at your table, put the food between you both, and listen as you explained how you’d found out your ex had been cheating on you whilst you were together. “It’s not that I still care about them,” You’d explain, “I just feel betrayed… it’s like I was worthless to them all along.” Frowning, Jin would shake his head, mouth full of food. But you can bet your ass that as soon as he’d finished chewing, you’d get a lecture about how valuable a person you are. Once he’s satisfied you have eaten and that you are no longer doubting yourself, the mood would change.

“You know, Y/N, if you want me to, I could put a dog turn in their air con?” he would say, laughing at himself.
You would look at him moodily, but not before showing him a faint smile. “That’s better! None of this sadness, you’ll make everyone miserable if you carry on pouting.” Jin would use a seemingly endless supply of jokes to keep you smiling.

Yoongi- Yoongi would rock up at your apartment to find you spread across the sofa, hidden under your duvet and a (impressive) mountain of snacks. Internally, he would be beyond pissed at your ex, cursing them repeatedly in his mind, but instead of slagging them off, he would stand and listen to everything you had to say (Although, you may occasionally catch him uttering insults after you speak your ex-S/O’s name). He would watch as you cried, feeling a little powerless in regard to offering a solution, but hoping that letting all your emotions out might help you feel a little better. He would try to sooth you, but avoid empty and cliché phrases, all the while plotting horrible ways in which your ex could “disappear.”

“Move your ass over” he would gently push your legs off the sofa and sit himself firmly next to you before concluding your conversation. “People are idiots” he’d finally say and you’d smile slightly.

J-Hope- You would be sat together on the sofa, lazily scrolling through your phones and sharing videos that came up on your social media. In an instant your expression would drop, and noticing this, Hoseok’s smile would falter as he asked you if you were alright.

“What happened Y/N? Wait, no, don’t cry”

You would show him the message you had just received and he would be straight by your side, rubbing your back soothingly and willing your tears away with a gentle smile. He would want to make sure you didn’t feel at all responsible for your ex-S/o’s actions, saying that the problem led with you ex, not with you, and that if they were weak enough to betray you in such away then they clearly weren’t the kind of person who deserved someone as valuable as you.

Rap monster- “That dirty little-”

Honestly, the thought of giving your ex-S/O a pair of black eyes and a bloody nose to match would flash across Namjoon’s mind, but he would tell himself to rise above it. After all, you were handling the situation with such collectiveness that it’d only make things worse for you if he was to do something reckless. Still he would be keen to help you move beyond this, and you would probably end up writing a list of gorgeous celebrities who you could move onto, and noting down positive traits these celebrities had that your ex lacked (he might even sneak his name onto this list.) Essentially, he would want to prove to you that you don’t need your ex, or anyone for that matter, and that even though you’re hurting now, he doesn’t doubt for a second that your strong enough to carry on.

Jimin- You and Jimin would be sat waiting for a taxi to take you home from your day out, when you received a text from one of your friends explaining that your ex-S/O had cheated on you. He would clench his fists at his sides, hating the look of hurt that flashed across your features before you hastily covered it up with a fake smile. He would be unbelievably annoyed with your ex, wanting to go straight round to your ex’s house, but instead he would try to hide his feelings, prioritising your emotional state. Sliding across the bench where the two of you were sat, Jimin would wrap his arms around you as if he could shield his best friend from all the hurt their ex-S/O had caused.

“Jimin, I’m okay, it’s really not a big deal” You would say, both of you fully aware you were not at all okay.

“I know,” Jimin would pretend for your sake not to notice the tears in your eyes, “But it’s cold. Let me keep you warm for a while.”

Taehyung- Tae would see that you were being brave. You were still laughing whenever he did something funny, and you hadn’t even mentioned your ex-S/O’s name, but there was a clear sadness in your eyes and he could tell that you were still thinking about what had happened. The breakup between you and your ex had been a messy one, but finding out he had been cheating on you all along still felt like a huge kick in the teeth, Tae didn’t want you to ever feel the way you’d felt when it’d ended. He would make it his mission to make you happy. Ice cream, shopping, watching movies and then more ice cream would be the top check boxes on his battle plan list. He would take you to do everything you loved. And if you wanted to stay at home, that’d be fine, he’d just bring the ice cream to you.

Jungkook- You would text Jungkook, simply directing him to your social media page on which your charming ex-S/O had been arrogantly bragging about how they had been seeing someone else whilst the pair of you were still dating. You felt sick, scrolling through the torrent of comments left right there in the open where all your friends and family could view them. Jungkook would phone you in an instant, “Want me to go beat them up?” he would ask jokingly (“but like seriously Y/N, do you want me to beat them up?”) You would both bitch about your ex, “They are such a scum bag” and “You don’t need them” would be just a few of the words that he would say through the phone, and when your tears finally came, Jungkook would get his ass on over to you so that he could take proper care of you… or at least he’d try. The rest of the night would consist of snacking followed by round two of bitching.

Normal Life AU

[Some general information about the normal life au with Dazai and Oda.]


-Oda survived the fight with Gide, but was still badly injured and needed to spend a long time in the hospital. Dazai, wanting to help Oda, and to better himself as a person, still left the mafia, but took Oda along with him, and the two went into hiding for some time.

-Ango helped both Dazai and Oda erase most of their pasts, however, Oda didn’t want to throw away everything, and so he still has a criminal record, but only for things like accidental property damage and theft charges from when he was an assassin. Dazai, however, has no records at all.

-Oda has more or less forgiven Ango for his involvement in the Mimic encounter, but not entirely. Dazai still holds obvious resentment towards Ango, but his overall animosity towards him is smaller than in canon.

-Dazai and Oda both share a one room apartment in Yokohama, which they started living in shortly after resurfacing.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Tittle: Practice Makes Perfect

Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader

Requested: Yes

Warning: Smut

Rating: M for Mature

   “Okay so we have chips, popcorn, soda and chocolate do we need anything else?” I called out to Robbie, moving carefully to the living room in order to save the mountain of snacks piled in my arms.

   “No, but uh I was wondering if I could ask you something.” Robbie said slowly, his voice softer then usual. To anyone else his nerves would have gone unnoticed but I have been his best friend for as long as I can remember so I know that tone meant he was nervous.

  “Of course, you can tell me anything.” I answered as I dumped the pile of snacks on the coffee table. As I arranged them I glanced at Robbie, taking in his nervous expression and frowned. “What’s on your mind that has you so nervous?”

   “It’s an awkward question.”

   “Rob I told you when I first had sex, there is no such thing as awkward between us.” I giggled, standing up and moving to the couch. Before I sat down I leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek, smiling widely at him as flopped down beside him. “You can tell me anything.”

   “Look this is really awkward for me so I’m just going to say it.” He said, his eyes closing as he took a deep breath. “CanIeatyouout?”

   “You are going to have to repeat that Rob, I couldn’t understand the question.”

  “I want to know if I can eat you out, because apparently I’m not good at it and I need practice and that’s why Ali broke up with me.” He said in one breath, his bottom lip catching between his teeth as he looked at me. As his questions registered with me, I let out a breath and blinked at him.

  “You umm want to eat me out?” I said slowly, needing to confirm the question. He nodded at me, a blush on his face as he frowned at me.

   “I just want to you know, do it with someone I trust to uh tell me what I need to do.”

   “Okay.” I said after a moment, standing up and removing the pink and blue cotton shorts off and pulling my panties down with them. The whole time Robbie watched me with wide eyes, his gaze wondering over my now naked bottom half.

   “Okay so your okay with this?”

   “Yeah. Rob your my best friend and I trust you with my everything and if this is what you want then how can I not help?” I said softly, smiling kindly at him as I layed down on the couch. Robbie shifted around, moving so he could face my core.

  “Okay so what do I do?” He asked slowly, his gaze flickering towards my center to me.

   “Tease me. Kiss the inside of my thighs, let your mouth ghost over my center. You need make sure she’s ready.” I explained, leaning up on my elbows as I watched Robbie follow my instructions. The moment his lips touched the inside of my thigh I let out a gasp. His lips were warm and soft, his finger tips ghosting along my legs and he trailed kisses up towards my center. He locked eyes with me as he pressed a kiss to my clit, before moving to my other leg.

   “Now start with my core.” I breathed out, my breath coming out in pants. He hummed against the skin of my thigh before leaning down to my core, his tongue peaking out and flicking my clit. Instantly I let out a moan, my eyes fluttering shut as he repeated the motion. “Suck on it a little too. That’s.. oh fuck Rob just like that.” I moaned. At my instructions he began sucking and licking at my clit, moving quickly between the two. “Oh fuck yes Robbie.” I moaned, my hips bucking up to meet his mouth. He chuckled against me and held me down. He paused just long enough to send me a smirk before he started going faster, his fingers sliding into me as he began curl them against me.

   “Oh god Robbie, yes.” I moaned, my fingers digging into his hair as he pushed me towards my high. “Fuck I’m close.” I breathed out, a scream of pleasure leaving me as Robbie once again moved faster, another finger joining the first two. My back ach arched in pure pleasure as he pushed me over the edge, his name leaving my lips in a scream. He kept going until I was finished, then pulled back, a pleased smirk on his face.

    “So I guess I did okay.”

   “Fuck Robbie, you did so much better than okay. That was fucking amazing. How Ali thought you sucked is beyond me. The girl doesn’t know what she’s missing. Fuck.”

   “Well you know, I am still going to need to practice.” Robbie said slowly, smiling at me as he slipped my underwear and shorts on before sitting down beside me again, and pulled me against his side.

   “Sign me up. Practice on me whenever you want.” I breathed out, the pair of us bursting into giggles. Robbie chuckled and pressed a kiss to my temple. I sighed as I pressed play on the movie, cuddling closer into his side.

   Though I didn’t know it yet, this was the start of a whole new relationship with Robbie and I, one that would end up with him waiting for me at the end of an isle and me dressed in white.

panic! at the disco songs for the signs from each album

in the order of: a fever you can’t sweat out // pretty. odd. // vices & virtues // too weird to live too rare to die!

aries: camisado // pas de cheval // let’s kill tonight //  far too young to die

taurus: i write sins not tragedies // northern downpour // kaleidoscope eyes // girls/girls/boys

gemini: nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks // from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // sarah smiles // collar full

cancer: introduction/intermission // when the day met the night // always // the end of all things

leo: time to dance // i have friends in holy spaces // hurricane // miss jackson

virgo: london beckened songs about money written by machines // folkin’ around // the calendar // this is gospel

libra: the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage // that green gentleman // ready to go // all the boys

scorpio: lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off // do you know what i’m seeing? // trade mistakes // nicotine

sagittarius: but it’s better if you do // she had the world // memories // casual affair

capricorn: there’s a good reason why the tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // mad as rabbits // the ballad of mona lisa // vegas lights

aquarius: i constantly thank god for esteban // the piano knows something i don’t know // i wanna be free // can’t fight against the youth

pisces: build god then we’ll talk // nine in the afternoon // nearly witches // girl that you love

tinyjunkerimagines  asked:

Also I saw that your ask box is empty? Well could I request a scenario with Junkrat and reader who's new on the overwatch base and accidentally blurts out that they find him attractive/are crushing on him? Bonus points if they're kinda crude about their word choice too, like "Damn I'd climb him like a tree" or something like that~ Thank lovelies

Ayyy! I love scenarios like this and also I love you too so bonus points there! Posting on mobile so hopefully it doesn’t format weird on desktop. Hope you enjoy! ~ Mod Lottie

Hana, Tracer, and Lucio. Three close friends. Three people who kept egging you on to gush over the Junker you’ve been crushing on since the first time you’ve gotten here, which was not too long ago. Your new friends graciously took you under their wing and got you to warm up to them very quickly. They were as intuitive as they were reactive, catching you gaze at the one and only Jamison Fawkes and instantly hounding you about it. Of course, holding a bit of pride and also being embarrassed, you quickly denied your feelings to them. If only you could do the same to your heart.

A whole week of teasing passed and you and ‘the gang’ all got the day off. Hana suggested a slumber party in her quarters, a girls night in was what she called it, despite the fact she invited everyone regardless of gender. Unfortunately, Lucio couldn’t make it, he apparently promised to help Zenyatta with something, so that was a solid no from him.

Lucio or no Lucio, you were going to have a great time with the rest of your friends. Once it was time to go to Hana’s quarters, you packed up a bunch of your favourite snacks and headed for her room. A lot of Overwatch members were here, even former Talon agents Amelie and Sombra. Hana really knew how to gather up a group.

And what a group it was. The list of attendees goes as follows; Hana, Tracer, Mercy, Roadhog, Genji, Sombra, Amelie, Pharah, Symmetra, Mei, and surprisingly enough, Torbjorn. A pretty big group in Hana’s huge quarters, it was probably three times the size of yours.

“(Y/n) you’re here! Ooh! And you brought snacks! This is why you’re gonna be my best friend, I just know it!” She squeezed you as she gently took a bag of chips off of your snack mountain currently in your hands. Roadhog came up to you and took some candy as well, muttering a genuine ‘Thanks’ as he made his way back to where he was sitting. If Roadhog was here, shouldn’t Junkrat be here too? Your eyes scanned the room but to no avail. You were a bit disappointed but a bit relieved at the same time. You couldn’t help but blush when he was around.

“Everyone get in a circle!” Hana yells out as she hands two cans of soda to Torbjorn and Mei. Following suit, everyone forms a circle and awaits further instructions from the Starcraft champion. “Hmm, what am I feeling today…” She taps her finger on her chin lightly as she looks up in thought. “Oh! Since it’s secretive pants’ first time here we should play a game that’s fitting for them. Truth or Dare!” She says as she throws a cheshire-esque smile your way. You roll your eyes as everyone starts to talk amongst themselves.

“May I go first?” Mei asks.

“Of course!” Hana replied.

“Angela! Truth or Dare?” Mei asks excitedly.

“Ahh, truth?” Mercy responds hesitantly.

“Is it true that Ana caught you and Genji kissing under the mistletoe at our last Christmas party. Everyone started chucking as Mercy blushed.

“Yeah I guess…” Mercy mumbled, “Anyway, Torbjorn, truth or dare?”

“Dare!” He exclaims as he raises his can of soda triumphantly.

“Dance for us.” She smiles sweetly. Torbjorn gets up and starts doing a jig, laughing along with everyone else.

It was all so fun, everyone was having a blast and you couldn’t think of a single place in the entire world you’d rather be. Well, that was the case until…

“(Y/n)! Truth or Dare?” Hana grins mischievously at you. That’s when you realized it was all just a trap.

“Uh, Dare?” You say questioningly. Truth would be her asking about Junkrat, you thought.

“We all know you’ve got it bad for Junkrat, so spill your heart out in front of everyone right now!” Hana says. You didn’t notice but Hana looked over to Sombra as if to assure something. Sombra nods and Hana turns her attention back to your flustered form.

“Well… I guess there’s no hiding it anymore.” You say as you begin to stutter through all the things you liked about him and how cute you thought he was. His smile, his laugh, the way he looks at you sometimes, everything about him that made you swoon spouted out. All this time keeping these feelings to yourself brought upon a euphoric feeling when you got to spill out all your feelings, so much so you might’ve gotten carried away.

“Oh, and have I mentioned how sexy he is? God, I just want to climb him like a tree! Sometimes I just imagine what it’d be like if he just slammed me against a wall and just banged me until I couldn’t walk anymore. He can start a fire in my hole any day if you know what I mean.” You go on. Everyone was gasping and giggling, Hana looked completely shocked like she had no clue what she was in for. Sombra smirks as she stands up and waves her hand in front of what seemed to be nothing, revealing Junkrat himself, who looked completely awestruck.

“Sometimes I just want to jump on him and-” You stop as your eyes met his. Your face turned completely red and you were so shocked you stayed absolutely still. He gives some sort of hardware back to Sombra before making his way over to you.

“Now love, if that’s what'cha wanted to do, all ya had to do was ask~”

Everything He Wants

Summary: Dan invites Phil over while his parents are out and Phil has some explaining to do.

Genre: Fluff, slight angst?, high school au, asexual!phil

Word Count: roughly 2.6k

Warnings: pre-smut, mentions to porn, brief acephobia?, sad phil (because no one wants to see that)

Author’s Note: This was kind of personal and awkward for me to write, but i wanted to do it because I feel like there’s not enough asexual representation. 
Reminder that asexuality is a very wide spectrum and this only covers a little bit of it. 

Keep reading