My asylum, my asylum is in your arms
When the world gives heavy burdens
I can bear a thousand tons
On your shoulder, on your shoulder
I can reach an endless sky
Feels like paradise

Uncover - Zara Larsson

@etta-makara and I had the same idea and I wanted to share it with y’all nerds. Some random Voltron Crossover with Altean Prince!Eren and Galra Commander!Levi :^)

Yes, they have a secret relationship cuz they’re enemies and supposed to hate each other guts but nope. The song gives you the perfect view about their angsty relationship so u better listen to it. And then just cry.

Eren's Secret

Eren: You can’t tell a soul, not even Erwin. Please Hanji.

Hanji: Got it!……could you repeat that again?

Eren: *facepalm* It’s better if you forget anyways.

In the Meeting Room

Levi: Quit looking like you’re taking a shit.

Hanji: I just can’t remember what Eren told me. He said it was important but apparently I forgot.

Mike: I would love to know this.

Hanji: That’s it! Love! Eren was in love with Corporal Levi and he told me not to tell a soul, even Erwin! Now I remember.



Erwin: This has nothing to do with Titans.

Eren: Stick a fucking fork in me.

anonymous asked:

just wondering if u could rec me some old school, chill, like not angst, and not porn, fluffy, humour-y ereri goodness? i feel like all i've been reading is angst and like my heart is too fragile for this. (of course ignore this if u can't be stuffed my fine fbeautyful friedn)

Well how can I refuse when you ask like that? Here are a couple feel-good faves of mine that I thought were relatively mild and perfect curl-up-with-a-mug-of-coco material. I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of fantastic ones I’ll be face-palming about in hindsight, but I whipped these up quickly and they ought to keep you occupied! A lot of them, I’m sure, are rather obvious classics, but they’re foolproof nonetheless. Enjoy!! xx

My faves by @mongoose-bite​ who is, incidentally, also a fave:
These Weren’t Memories
A Sound Like Breaking Glass
Flight (When None Pursueth)
Magic Does Not Make a Garden

By @zhedang​, who is very good at doing things to my heart:
Stay, Always
A Cloud of Starlings
Show You
lay with me, stay with me

By @inkshaming​, who was the first to make me cry in public and I will hate them always:
Love Like Lightning
When You’re Near
Peach Fuzz & Other Stories

By PresquePommes
Copper Sound
No-Smoke, No-Gamble
Woke Up Dead

By @perksofbeingawaifu, who is in my top faves of all time until death do us part:
Moon River
The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress in Layers”
And They Shall Beat Their Swords Into Ploughshares
Joy to the World

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is and The Wolf and the Mountain by @bfketh

The 6th Ward by @coldmackerel
To have and to possibly-maybe hold by @glenflower

Hope there are some unfamiliar gems in there for you <3

AU in which Erwin and Levi planned Erwin’s “death” because Erwin is super bummed and wants to retire. 

Thus, NEET! Erwin is born.

{I saw Isayama’s NEET! Erwin art  and I thought, maybe Erwin is still alive and Levi brings him manga and chips and they both frick frack in the basement/their secret home lololol I’m delusional again.}

gym au

okay but imagine jean and eren trying to impress mikasa at the gym. it’s their first day so they have no idea who she is, only that she’s the hottest girl they’ve ever seen, so obviously they try to one-up the other for her attention. at one point eren tries to bench press something supremely heavy and just. fails. and jean freaks out because he can’t lift the damn thing and eren’s turning an alarming shade of purple and then bam, mikasa steps in and lifts the barbell off of eren like it weighs nothing.

and that’s how eren and jean’s shallow attraction becomes a full-fledged crush.