`Cause Eren is tol and Levi is smol

Eren creeping up behind Levi while he`s trying to dust the high shelves and Eren surprises him by grabbing him and lifting him on his shoulders so he can reach.

When people don`t take Levi seriously because of his height he just gets Eren to stand beside him the whole time so they`re intimidated.

Levi drowning in Eren`s shirt, but it`s the only thing he can wear because it`s laundry day.

Someone switching out Levi and Eren`s boots as a prank and watching Eren wince in too small shoes and Levi trip in way too big ones.

When Levi is cold Eren literally drapes himself over him like a blanket and covers most of him up because he`s so tiny.

Levi trying to kiss Eren`s lips and being too short, Eren`s about to lean down but Levi`s like “No, stay right there.” Then goes and gets a chair to stand on just so he can kiss Eren by himself.

A Thought I Just Had

In the previous chapters when Reiner says “wait” and gets all worried when the SC start using thunder spears on him and almost blow him up/kill him, I originally thought it was his soldier personality coming out or he was just having regrets or whatever. 

But now, I think he was just worried about Ymir’s letter. If he dies, especially by being blown up, the letter goes with him. When he’s getting removed from his titan, instead of fighting, the first, and only action he takes is getting out the box with Ymir’s letter in it to make sure the SC get it. Now him going “wait” before they detonate the spears on him makes so much more sense. 

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