eren u fcking instigator i know u started this


Mirror Image

“So, what do you see?” Levi asked, resting his forehead on the back of Eren’s shoulder and nudging gently with his chin. 

Eren let out a huff of air. “This is stupid.”

“No it’s not,” Levi responded.  He ran his hands up Eren’s bare sides, soft and slow.  “You’re not looking.”

“There isn’t anything to see,” Eren said, and Levi could feel his body tense beneath his fingertips. “Nothing has changed.  Nothing will ever change.”

Levi studied Eren’s form in the mirror.  He was tall, growing taller each day, and Levi feared he’d be Erwin’s height before summer’s end.  He looked on the scrawny side with lanky limbs that hung around his body at awkward angles.  

But strength, raw and a little frightening, radiated from just beneath his perfect skin, and though no scars marred his body, Levi knew the shape and weight of the wounds Eren carried.  

“That’s not true,” Levi murmured near Eren’s ear.  “Now look.”    

Levi coaxed Eren’s face up with his fingers, so that his eyes met Eren’s in the mirror. If Eren’s body betrayed none of his battles, then his eyes held no secrets, two jade stones that could burn a hole through anything.    

Levi continued to cup Eren’s face, his thumb drifting lightly over the skin of his cheek.  “Look.”

When Eren did, when his eyes traced the lines of his body through the mirror, his fists clenched at his sides.  “Monster.”

It hurt, the way Eren’s voice sounded so resigned and hopeless. Levi placed a kiss on his shoulder, just a brush of skin against skin.  

“So?” Levi asked. “You’re a monster.  So what?”

“What?” Eren was frowning and biting his lip. 

“We’re all monsters in this world.”  Levi moved his hand up his stomach until his spread palm was resting on Eren’s chest. “The people out there, the Titans, everyone. Even me.”  

“No,” Eren whispered, twining his fingers with Levi’s, so that both of their hands were resting over his heart.  “Not you.”

Their gazes lingered for a long while, grey and green, watching the way their hands fit together over the slow rise and fall of Eren’s chest.


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“One day, I’m going to marry you,” Erwin said while he sucked a particularly nice, purple hickey into Levi’s hip. Levi jerked upwards, shocked at how out-of-the-blue Erwin’s words were.

It was such a big statement to be said so suddenly, and Levi wondered whether Erwin had eaten or drunk something weird to make him a bit loopy. You don’t just say shit like that with no warning.

But when Erwin’s head lifted and their eyes met, Levi knew that Erwin was serious. His eyes were firm, but his smile was soft; the same look he had when he first told Levi he loved him. This clearly wasn’t a game or a joke. 

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