The Smurf I showed you earlier, it’s for the Gag Me With a Toon show going on at Meltdown Comics later tonight.  You might recall me going off about nostalgia and optimus primes and such recently, and here I am painting a fucking Smurf, right?

Well, to keep myself relatively alright with things, to be fair, the Smurf IS being harvested for his smurfberries, so I figured the piece would be about as ugly as the hideous trend of mining people’s childhoods for shit to distract them with things based solely on recognition value.

Those are actual, huge nails I hammered into the lil’ guy’s skin flaps!

If you’re in or around LA or are just insane and can hop onto a plane the way some people catch taxis then head over to the show tonight and mill about like you’re some kind of art jerk!


Smurfberry Donuts?

Yes, Smurfberries are back, thanks for Dunkin Donuts Korea…

Baked in the shape of Smurf hats, no less!

Gargamel is not pleased…

DDK also molded the white plastic tops of their cups into Smurf hats as part of the promotion…

Not sure what a “Blue Cube” is supposed to be though…

Blended Smurf?

I went with a Smurfette lemonade cooler…

But shouldn’t the “blonde” frozen lemonade be on top, under her hat?

Available at Dunkin Donuts around Korea now.

3/14/15 = 3.1415… Happy Pi Day!


My Smurfy Visual Development Team is always asked to create new, imaginative props and images for this all-new Smurfs movie reboot, and what would any Smurf movie be without ample use of Smurfberries - the food of choice for Smurfs.

Here’s a nice, plump Smurfberry Pie. We added some tasty coarse sugar and a big Smurfberry on top to complete the picture.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Mine is!

- KA