New paths

Just a little post TFP drabble i wrote. And as my eyes are drooping, any mistake is mine and am sorry for that.

The winds were strong but surprisingly not very cold. The clouds were supposed to bring a dip in the temperature but other than split the sun’s rays in various shades of grey, they did little else. The salt in the air made her feel fresh. It wasn’t every day that she managed to get away from the confines of the hospital and London and get away to the coast.

But she did. And it seemed to be an excellent decision, no matter the pressing reason behind it. Mild clouds, fresh air and green all around did wonders for her spirits.

She wondered why she hadn’t done this earlier.

But then she hadn’t felt such a mixture of emotions before. There had been anger, pain, frustration, sorrow…relief. The smorgasbord of feelings had made London seem claustrophobic. So she had left at first light, catching the first train out of town, not even sure of her destination.

She had always loved the sea, always loved the sound of waves as they crashed on the shore. There was something calming, something tremendously soothing about the repetitiveness of that action. Something that gave her a faint glimpse that things would be alright, that she would survive. She’d always had and she always would.

She was stronger than they gave her credit for.

She looked at the now tepid tea in her hand, placing the cup down and leaning on the table as she gave the scene in front her whole undivided attention. The season meant that there were hardly any crowds; she had the terrace to herself and no one to disturb her reverie.

After the last few days…especially that evening, all she wanted was to be left alone, to be undisturbed.

She’d jumped a little when the waiter interrupted her thoughts to ask her order.

“I am going for a walk, maybe I’ll have something a bit late,” she replied.

The walk by the cliffs felt exhilarating, her hair getting blown this way and that, the breeze almost uncomfortably strong at some spots. She persisted, walking till she couldn’t see her hotel. The steep drop to the beach below would’ve terrified her at other times, but all she could think right then was how high above the water she was, and how she intended to remain so.

She stopped at an area that had a sturdy railing, looking back at the path she had taken. It seemed tough, with dips and rises and gaps in the cliff face that looked frightening from where she stood. But it didn’t seem like that while she was walking.

She barked out a laugh. How appropriately similar to her own life.

She was shaking her head in proper mirth when something magical happened. The sun appeared from behind the cloud cover on its way down, casting a magical pink glow on the cliff face. The cliffs were glowing in their rosy golden glory and it was beautiful, so beautiful-

“Makes you want to cry, doesn’t it? It looks so glorious.”

She had no idea how long he had been there, but somehow she wasn’t surprised to see him. She turned to look back at the cliffs, and in good time ‘coz the sun disappeared behind clouds and then it was all normal, boring white cliff face.

Something otherwise majestic had now been reduced to ‘boring’, just because of a glorious moment. Not fair, she muttered.

But the air was still fresh, the breeze still warmish and she still felt fine. In fact, she felt wonderful.

They fell in step as they walked back to the hotel, not feeling the need to use words. The silence was companionable, almost soothing. The path now seemed a bit rough, Molly cursing herself for not realising that she had been walking downslope all this while.

She came at a particular spot that she had just jumped down from, the small climb now looking difficult in the fading light.

Sherlock got up halfway in just two steps, but instead of going ahead he turned around. And offered her his hand.

She looked at it for a moment, suddenly feeling breathless, not able to take her eyes off it. Until he gestured with his fingers for her to come closer and take his hand, which she did. He pulled her up as he made the small climb, easily hauling her up over the edge.

She smiled in relief when she finally made it to the top, she’d never been very agile that way.. Her smile faded as she looked up at his grave face, realising then that he still held her hand. He simply stared back at her.

She waited. He was the first to break their gaze, lowering his eyes to their joint hands. He then slightly tightened his grip and looked up, slowly smiling.

It was the most intimate expression she’d ever seen on him. The smile conveyed a lifetime of apology, a lifetime of gratitude…and a lifetime of promise. So much promise.

It wasn’t the smoothest of paths in the fading light but she made it back with ease. He never did leave her hand during that time.

She’s so badass, you know, Michonne. It was like there was a smorgasbord of the coolest kills she’s ever done. She’s kebabing three on one thing. And then there’s Ricky Dicky Grimes trying to just pull one out of a windshield.
—  Andrew Lincoln interview for Talking Dead 7x12
March Update!

Hello! So some of our team and I went off to the Game Developers Conference to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones! I personally really enjoyed the GDC Play booth and trying out all of the games that were housed in the Independent Games Festival. I especially enjoyed Everything, Event[0], Quadrilateral Cowboy, Old Man’s Journey, Frog Climbers, and Lady Killer in a Bind. It made me want to go back and make sure that Potionomics had a shred of the awesomeness that those games had.

Some team members also met each for the first time! Nobody ended up hating each other! Hooray! Here’s a cringey photo of us!

Two members are missing here…didn’t want to leave their caves…

There were also meetings! A sheer smorgasbord of meetings! A lot of numbers were thrown around, some laughs were had (hopefully not at our expense), and excitement abounded! Hopefully we can announce something soon…hopefully.

So enough about that, what about the game?

Character Number 3 - Quinn:

Quinn, our lovely (but very sassy) ingredient salesman, is coming to life! Quinn’s high poly model has been finalized, low polys have been made, UV’s have been laid out, and we are now working on textures.


Greg Nicolett, of “Shia LaBeouf” Live fame (he’s on the piano and did the orchestral score!), has been hard at work on music for the game! We recently posted a musical tune that plays when you visit Quinn’s shop in the evening. Check it out, it goes especially well on a rainy thundering day with the full moon out!

Different times of Day:

We’ve implemented the Day, Afternoon, and Night times of Sylvia’s shop so it’s now no longer an endless horrific world where time never changes.


Some placeholder (unless we never end up having time to update it, then it’s final!) UI

Gameplay Features / Feature “Lock” (we’re kidding ourselves…):

We’ve finally figured out what features we’re going to have for chapter 1 and beyond!


What are some things that you would like us to talk more about or do more? More frequent dev blogs? Twitch Streams? Tutorials? Let us know!

Are you looking for jobz?

We are also looking to bring a Narrative/Game Designer onto the Voracious team. It turns out that when you’re running the daily operations of a business, doing art things, figuring out schedules, emailing folks, etc. you just don’t have as much time to think about what you actually do in the game. Our lovely producer Tim is heading out (we will miss you!) and we need someone to replace this gaping hole in my heart.

This new person will be in charge of helping us develop everything from writing how toilets work in a magical society all the way to designing how said toilet is going to flush in-game (we have no actual plans to implement toilet mechanics…unless our new narrative/game designer convinces us!)

You can email at your stuff! Please include your resume, link to examples of your work, and a little letter to us if you so choose.

For all those who have newly followed this blog since the last post, welcome aboard! For those who have been here, thank you for following, liking, and reblogging our stuff! It means the world to us!

Also I want Legend of Zelda so bad it killz me…


crocordile  asked:

Either Nienor or Turin!

Apologies for the super-late reply, but as I mentioned, I wanted to finish re-reading CoH again first in order to do them justice, bc I haven’t read it in ages and when I did, I did it super fast and amid a jumble of other shit. SO ANYWAY:


1-3 things I enjoy about them

-His whole smorgasbord of kindness, pity, empathy, fairness, as such strong character traits, which he’s quite open and outspoken and insightful about in words as well as actions, but which constantly get either tangled and tripped or just trampled and drowned by his other more negative traits due to the triangulation of circumstances that is basically the whole book

-His…desperation? The way he’s like, fleeing, fighting, challenging, silencing, struggling, scrambling, with every choice-persona-name-disguise and down every route and in every direction and into the middle of every arena - anything, anything, to not be caught by the doom, though what the doom means, and what being caught by it means, isn’t even a concrete thing or anything that can be properly contrasted against an alternative, but it involves the most human things, the horror of senseless misery, and of the unfathomable forces of the world hunting one’s footsteps, and he eventually winds up doing so many bad things and causing so much collateral damage but never calculated, just incapable of changing the circumstances of the world including the Doom in which he exists, and incapable of changing everything about himself as he exists, and incapable of avoiding the conflagration the combination makes

-The way that the existence of the narrative of his life turns almost everything he says and does into a terrible tasteless pun or something. The number of lines next to which you could write “ba-dum-tish!” like an asshole if you really wanted to

Something interesting about them based on tenuous circumstantial evidence

Like. He and Galadriel probably knew each other in Doriath? It just feels like such a weird combination, but with distinct overlaps as well.

A question I have about them

How did he feel about his unborn child? Was he more afraid about something that dependent and helpless being entrusted to him of all people, or more hopeful that things might work out better now that he wasn’t so unattached, or more in denial, or…?

A random relevant line I like

Just one? Goddddd okay fine how about one that’s kind of off the beaten path:

“Therefore, out of sight in the underwood, Turin made a great noise of stamping and crashing, and then he cried in a loud voice, as if leading many men: ‘Ha! Here we find them! Follow me all! Out now, and slay!’

At that many of the orcs looked back in dismay, and then out came Turin leaping, waving as if to men behind […]

[…] At last they halted on the bank, and Dorlas, leader of the woodmen, said: ‘You are swift in the hunt, lord; but your men are slow to follow.’

‘Nay,’ said Turin, ‘we all run together as one man, and will not be parted.’”

Guhhhhh I can probably count the number of funny moments in this book on like one hand and I love this one so much given that it follows one of the bleakest parts

My preferred version, if there is more than one version of their story (or part of their story)

The full version is better, ofc.

Favorite relationship(s)

Ev…ery…one…? No really, his relationship with basically every character he meets and interacts with meaningfully is pretty much the main point of a lot of the book. I guess I would just say more emphasis on the non-Beleg characters! I mean, I love his relationship with Beleg too, but I think the fandom overemphasis on it in comparison to the other characters is unwarranted. Oh yeah, also I want to know more about his relationship with Thingol and Melian!

How would they react to Tom Bombadil

I think he’d be, kind of disturbed actually, maybe even obscurely offended. Especially with Tom’s, attitude, worldview. Wow. Um. Have we found the most polar-opposite characters in the legendarium?

Optional: Something about them that I think people forget

How smart and reasonable and genuinely insightful a lot of his speech is. It tends to get drowned out by his drama and his….stuff but I think the contrast makes things better, the drama doesn’t diminish the meaningfulness of his other lines.


1-3 things I enjoy about them

-Her boldness and stubbornness and clearness of thought (which makes Glaurung’s wiping of her memory all the worse, I think, for the contrast)

-As Niniel, her delight and curiosity and eagerness in learning about the world all around her - especially given the time and place of this story, and how there is war and desolation and fear and ugliness all around, but the world is still the world, and has so many things!!! Good things!! And ofc, the inwards reference, to the Awakening of Men etc.

-I love her trick to follow Morwen, and I feel like she did this kind of thing more than just the once, especially back in Dor-Lomin where they had to traffic in a lot of sneaking and secrecy for survival

Something interesting about them based on tenuous circumstantial evidence

Even though she never met him, she was probably taller than her dad :)

A question I have about them

What was her life in Dor-lomin like? Given her personality, I don’t think she would have coped by outwardly diminishing herself like probably Aerin, but of course she also probably couldn’t do all the things she felt like doing or she’d have been dead long ago

A random relevant line I like

“Mourning you named me, but I shall not mourn alone, for father, brother, and mother. But of these you only have I known, and above all do I love. And nothing that you fear not do I fear.”

My preferred version, if there is more than one version of their story (or part of their story)

The full version shows her character a LOT better

Favorite relationship(s)

Morwen, Turin, Mablung

How would they react to Tom Bombadil

Ooooh before or after the memory wipe? Before, I think she’d be interested but after a while get impatient. After, she would get along with him really well and try to convince him to tell her everything.

Optional: Something about them that I think people forget

“Tall and strong she seemed; for of great stature were those of Hador’s house, and thus clad in Elvish raiment she matched well with the guards, being smaller only than the greatest among them.”


i smell like fish and cucumbers.

i had an otter feeding presentation and got all fishy then i washed my hands and our office has cucumber soap.

so now i just smell like fishy cucumber which, coincidentally, happens to be our otters two favorite foods. Now if i smelled like crickets id be an otter smorgasbord.

THE FLASH: MAD MEN Alum Anne Dudek Joins Season 3 As A Genius From The Future

The CW has made a very interesting addition to The Flash today in the form of House and Mad Men star Anne Dudek and it sounds like we can expect her to have something to do with the future!

TV Line reports that Anne Dudek has joined the cast of The Flash’s third season as Tracy Brand, a character described as “a smorgasbord of quirky idiosyncrasies.” So, a Felicity Smoak type then, right?

Well, the twist here is that Tracy - who isn’t someone that hails from the comic books based on a quick Google search - is apparently a very important character from the future, something we’ll possibly understand a little better when Barry Allen takes a journey forward in time come episode nineteen.

The site adds that, “Showing nary a hint of the greatness that people will celebrate her for in the future, Tracy will set out to find the genius she’s destined to one day become.” What does this mean? We’ll have to wait and see, but as she won’t be debuting until episode twenty, it’s hard to say for sure how this is all going to end up tying together.