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Keeping you alive, keeping you addicted.....

Philip Morris purchased rights to an aerosol nicotine system that is supposed to be used to help cigarette smokers quit without inhaling all of the nasty shit that they pack into smokes. 

How backwards is this? They’re purchasing smokeless technologies that they intend to bring to market in an effort to help their customers ween off of their own products.  They recognize the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, but can’t just stop selling them because then there would be no monies.

It’s a 360 deal.  Get them smoking, get them addicted, get them to attempt to quit with smokeless tobacco products, get them addicted to smokeless tobacco products, defuse any concerns about the health risks associated with the use of smokeless tobacco products by stating “It’s a better alternative to inhaling combustion.”   

On a positive note, maybe this means I’ll get to see the Marlboro man riding through the rugged American West again, herding cattle, being all tough and wildery while puffing on his nicotine inhaler.