6/25/17 recs

I read a lot, really… but there’s a difference between what I’m willing to read and what I’m willing to rec lmao. Sorry for the shortness. 

1.  The Unknown Unknown by opalish || Rated T, 7.4k

Yuuri never meant to become a supervillain. These things just happen to him.

  • ??? It’s so crack and it’s so good??? I died multiple times while reading it, all due to laughter. I think this is hands-down the funniest superhero au I’ve read so far. The interactions are a joy, the interrogation scene after Yuuri is arrested nearly gave me heart arrest and just *prayer hands emoji* it’s so crack that if you stepped on this fic, you’d break your parent’s back.
  • Honestly, 11/10 would read again. 

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2. Tangle and Wind and Beguile by Mythmaker || Rated M, 5.6k (WIP)

Bright blue smoke poured out of the spout, leaking through the top that still somehow remained shut. Yuri, awash in what he recognized as fear as much as panic, covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve. Amazingly, the stuff seemed to move of its own accord, pooling into one area like the kind of fog generated by dry ice and water. It didn’t creep over every available surface, and Yuri didn’t want to displace anything into his lungs, so he merely watched – bravely behind his sofa – as it continued to gather.

After what seemed like ages, the mountainous cloud dissipated, poofing into the ether abruptly. It left behind a disheveled looking young man, who seemed as surprised by this turn of events as Yuri was.

The two of them stared at each other, tension building like an acrid aftertaste.

Yuri broke first.

Lesson of the day: don’t let strange samovars into your apartment or doe-eyed Japanese boys might pop out and grant you wishes.

…No wait.

  • l m a o
  • the opening narration and Yuri’s POV in general is such a fucking delight. He’s a perfect ball of rage and hard work in this, and Yuuri’s character as a djinn interests me. one of the tags is ‘crack treated seriously’, and while the premise is indeed amusing, the execution is really hecking good. There’s a plot, guys, and I’m here for it. 
  • And also for the development at the end of the first chapter lolol
Poor suitemate etiquette may result in arrest.

Warning: drug use

(This will be a long story)

This happened about a year ago, in my senior year of college. I lived in a residential college on campus, which basically is just a dorm with the option of educational programs being held there. My suite in this building was set up as a pair of two-bed rooms, connected by a small bathroom that the four people shared. In our particular suite, there were only three of us, as our suitemate had a private room. A small detail, but it will become important later.

Now this suitemate, who I will call Hannah, could only be described as one of those new-age hippies. Aggressively vegan, tapestries pinned over every open inch of the walls, candles everywhere, lots of imagery taken from India and surrounding countries, the whole works. And she smoked a lot of pot.

Normally, this wouldn’t be any of my business. I don’t care what you do with your free time, as long as you’re being safe and can keep it away from me, as I was job-searching and didn’t want anything in my system. I made that abundantly clear, as my roommate also smoked, and was polite enough to take it off campus and keep her stash in her car.

Hannah…not so much. She had a habit of smoking in the room, and since she lived alone, she had no one to witness her blowing the smoke out the window. Several of us knew she was doing it, but we lived near the top of the building, so it wasn’t going to float up into someone’s window or anything. If she got caught, we could act surprised, and it would be on her head for being reckless.

She wasn’t an ideal suitemate by any means, on top of this. She played her music loud, and wrecked the bathroom on a weekly basis, and I had woken up to her having loud shower sex in that shared bathroom multiple times. I scrubbed down the bathroom every time because I didn’t want to stand in whatever they left behind, but by the time the real incident occurred, my patience was wearing thin.

The final straw came when a weird smell started pouring in under the bathroom door. I pulled my roommate in with me, and she agreed that it was pot, and a lot of it. I went out of the room, and sure enough, the hall was also filling with a thick cloud of skunk and armpit. I knew my RA was doing a program that involved the police, so I went downstairs to find the RA, told her what was going on, and led her and the police officer she took with her up to my room. I let the officer into my bathroom, and the smell when I opened the door hit everyone like a slap to the face.

As it turns out, she was holding a little party, so not only did she get arrested, but so did 4 of her buddies. She was taken to court, put on probation for 2 years, and given community service. The police officer also told me that if she did or said anything to get back at me, she would go to jail.

She later violated her parole with another charge of the same thing, and that was the last time I saw her.

I’m a random 14 years old girl. While other 14-year-old girls (except my friends) are already smooking hookah, drinking alcohol, having a new boyfriend every two weeks, pregnant, and going on night clubs… I’m standing infront of my computer, drinking cola and playing League of Legends with my crush. Also, 99% of the time, we’re playing duo bot. I’m too young for lung cancer.


Zack brings it up cause he overheard it being talked about in detention
Billy has questions.
Jason and kimberly act like theyve participated before yet have no fucking idea how to even pack a bowl.
Trini shows up to their camp site with 5 blunts 1 in each of their colors and a bong shaped like a dinosaur.
Also established trimberly goodbye😁👌


She was a young filly, spirited and splendid. Dany knew just enough about horses to know that this was no ordinary animal. There was something about her that took the breath away. She was grey as the winter sea, with a mane like silver smoke. Hesitantly she reached out and stroked the horse’s neck, ran her fingers through the silver of her mane.

Heartbeat | 1

You meet gang member Jung Hoseok and you’re immediately intrigued. He’s bad news, he’s a bad guy, but you can’t stay away…

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pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: bts gang!au, smut
wordcount: 7.8k

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Sing it for the boys,
Sing it for the girls,
Every time that you loose it sing it for the world,
Sing it from the heart,
Sing it ‘till you’re nuts,
Sing it for the ones that’ll hate your guts

Danger Days Gerard
Sing // My Chemical Romance

Mafia! Taeyong

An AU where Mafia member Taeyong falls in love with his best friend.

  • Taeyong, the beautiful broken boy. A boy that never smiled, that never talked unless he was spoken to. A feisty fighter, an impulsive soul that was quick to react on his feelings
  • He was never the type to sit still, always on the run. If there were no meetings, he was out drinking, smoking, gambling. He never liked being surrounded by people but when he was alone, he was surrounded by his thoughts
  • The clan had Taeyong for his main quality, his beauty. And how quick people were to fall for his face and mess everything up. All the other qualities were just a bonus. His smirks, evil and alluring. That devilish grin whenever he won. His bruised and calloused knuckles from all the fighting and his low deep voice when he threatened people
  • People were afraid of him, because he was so young and so cunning. Not very good with words but excellent at manipulating people’s emotions and using their weaknesses against them. He was intelligent, always guessing the troubles of others and using them as his weapon
  • He was pretty good with the gun too, always keeping one in his pockets, just in case. He had grown used to betrayal, not receiving much love as a child. As someone so quiet, no one was willing to adopt him from the orphanage. They saw him as rude and difficult. Jumping from one foster home to another, he decided nothing was constant in his miserable life. Except these boys and…you
  • A girl he met at a foster home. He only stayed six months but during those six months, he grew fond of you. You both clicked instantly as friends. Your charisma and energy contrasted so well with his patience and tranquillity. He wasn’t much of a talker but with you around, he didn’t need to do any talking. You both played together, went to school together. He smiled for the first time when he was with you on the school swings. And then laughed too, as you fell over. Deliberately of course. He assumed that laughing was taboo, that he couldn’t express himself in that way. He looked at you, and stopped but you told him it was okay. His laugh was beautiful. He had wanted to kiss you then and now that he’s older, he still does
  • He maintained a stealthy contact with you, careful that the boys don’t find out about you. The clan had a strict rule about relationships. They didn’t have time for girls (or boys). They were busy carrying out corrupt activities. But he couldn’t let go of you. Probably the only girl he ever loved
  • He hadn’t seen you in ten years, knowing that you shouldn’t see him now. He was so different. He was sure that his sinister actions would’ve had some effect on his appearance, that he didn’t want to see you
  • But one day he did. You were at the coffee shop, hurrying to get your coffee when you bumped into someone. That someone being entirely dressed in black. Pink hair peaked out from under his hood. When bowed and apologised, you recognised the voice. He looked at you from under the hood. “Taeyong?” You asked, smiling. His eyes widened at you, wanting to hide
  • You couldn’t help but stare at the beauty that sat in front of you. He looked everywhere but at you. His hair were a bright shade of pink and eyes wild. You only smiled at him, realising how much he’s grown up. From a shy, cute kid to a much more shy handsome adult. “How are you?” You asked, remembering that he didn’t talk much. He was awkward, trying to hide himself from you. He saw how much you had changed. You were such a beautiful young woman, hair much longer and face so much more mature. He had expected you to look different but you just sitting there snatched his breath away from him. He could still see the innocent face of the 11 year old and the same sweet smile and radiant eyes
  • You told Taeyong about yourself, your university. Upon asking him, he just gave you a vague answer. You stopped talking then. “I think I should leave,” you said standing up. He didn’t reply but just stared after you. As he saw you leave, he felt bad. He should’ve treated you with the same excitement as you treated him
  • So he called you the next day, asking you to star gaze with him. Typical Taeyong, choosing such a serene place to hang out. You met him on a hill that overlooked the city. He sat down next to you, looking so ethereal in the moonlight and the radiance rendered by the far off city lights
  • “You know, I prefer the city lights compared to the stars,” you said. He looked at you, confused. That night he kissed you. He wanted to so he leaned in and pressed his lips on yours. He had never felt so alive then, holding you in his arms the way he had always wanted to
  • He kept it all hidden from the boys and always sneaked out to meet you. He often came home bruised but you never questioned him. He got annoyed fairly easily ever since he was a kid
  • But one day the curiosity got the best of you when you saw his knuckles. “Taeyong,” you said, sitting close to him. He put a hand on your waist and pulled you closer. He was extra needy today, burying his face in your neck and inhaling your scent. “I always wanted to ask you…what do you do? Why are you always injured? Why do you always cancel plans last minute?” He rested his head on your shoulder. Your heart beat was rapid, ready for him to burst or shout but he just lay on your shoulder, silent
  • “If I tell you, you’ll hate me and you’ll leave.” You held his hand and sighed
  • “I will never leave,” you said. He kissed your neck and pulled away
  • “I’m in a mafia. I do all sorts of bad things. I’m a bad person Y/N. I’ve killed, I smoke, I’ve smuggled stuff. I don’t deserve you Y/N” You leaned in and kissed him. His eyes were wet. “I had a hunch that you were up to no good,” you smiled at him. You couldn’t let him go. He was the only person who really understood you. “I love you,” you said. You laid him down on the couch. Sometimes words aren’t enough to express your love. Your kisses trailed down from his lips to your jawline and down to his neck. You both had had sex before but this was different. This time you were making love to him. You straddled him and caressed him, making him feel all sorts of things for you. The room was dimly lit by the lamp as you rode him, gently. His words, loving words, words of desperation were still fresh in your mind when you woke up the next morning
  • He finally told the clan that you were his girlfriend. They had some objections since love makes people weak. But they knew that all Taeyong needed was love. He was too hard on himself and needed someone to care for him
  • Taeyong smoked, drank, did everything bad. But you kept him sane, you gave him a reason to stay. You were really all he needed