Smoke stick

Has anyone ever used Kudzu for anything?

 And, by “anything”, I do mean anything haha

Where I’m from- which is the South, Kudzu is in abundance and is literally everywhere! I’ve read some things about it and some say it’s actually really really good for you, like it can be used to treat colds and I guess help overall health!

 I was just curious is anyone had ever used any or any spells, herbal remedies, salves, smoke sticks, etc., etc., etc.?

anonymous asked:

When you bundle a smoke stick with yarn, doesn't the burning yarn leave a burnt-paper smell and overpower the actually herb used?

Honestly, that depends on the yarn. You want to stay away from anything to heavily fibered, as yes, that’ll burn a lot smokier. Some people love smoke, though! 

Honestly, in my personal experience, the best would be embroidery thread or embroidery floss. Nice and thin. Yarn is a little too fibrous. 


Red Gym Shorts

jigyu; ‘I found you stuck in the toilet because you ripped your pants ok so I had to lend you my gym shorts and it looks so funny on you I can’t breathe’ AU

Jihoon is very particular about which toilet he goes to, which stall and at what time he should go. The boy’s toilets in Kirin High are anything but clean, with the exception of the toilet by the gym in the old building because not a lot of people go to it. Something about it being haunted. Jihoon snorts. 

The only thing Jihoon’s afraid of is missing his chance to smoke a stick from the pack he’d wedged behind a loose tile. He’s running late today because he had to tune the piano for Mr. Kim’s class, Jihoon swears he can teach Introduction to Music better than he ever can. But that would just be another responsibility weighing him down, something he doesn’t really need anymore of, lest he’s driven to smoking a whole pack per day. 

He’s about ready to throw himself into the stall when he gets there after smiling and sidestepping the other students vying for his attention. Imagine his surprise when he finds that the last stall to the far right, the large one for the disabled, was taken. 

It’s certainly not part of his routine and he lets out a huff of breathe that the person hears, judging by how they shuffled around. Minutes pass, but it didn’t seem like whoever was inside was going out any time soon. Jihoon bends over to see if they’re just about done, only to see that they’re just standing there. Their legs were nowhere near the toilet. 

What the fuck.

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anonymous asked:

[different anon] iv heard some people use the smoke from a bundle of dried herbs to cleanse and called it a ""smoke stick"", is that ok for non-indigenous people to use? or would it be best to just lay off the whole thing altogether and use something different (like steam from a bowl of hot water and essential oils or something)?

As far as I know, smoke stick isn’t a word that has special significance for indigenous people, so you can use it. Smoke cleansing is ok too.

This is because unlike smudging which refers to a specific indigenous ceremony, smoke cleansing is a general word and the practice of burning herbs for spiritual purpose has been historically common worldwide (the ancient Greeks used it, for example).

You can totally use other methods though! Just find what works best for you. You can look at our cleansing (x) masterpost for ideas.

~~Mod Allie


These are actually my stress reliever. Lol. Hahaha. My transformer lighter and arcade.

After my shift today, I smoke 2 sticks and went down to quantum to kick some assholes in marvel vs capcom. Lol.

Every time I wanted to spend my spare time I will just go to arcade and will kick some asses. Hahaha. Makapag yabang ako sa quantum e pero may ibubuga naman ako pag dating sa marvel vs capcom but not tekken. Malamang ako ang masipa. Haha.