SCANDAL; LINE MUSIC Start Memorial Campaign! Please Take A Look At Your Smartphone!

SCANDAL Is「The Type That Does Continual Usage」

── Firstly, may each one of you please tell us the applications or original smartphone functions that you use often.

  • HARUNA: I mainly use SNS-type applications. Twitter, Instagram, LINE. I use it all the time every single day. And then, I also have applications that can do guitar tuning installed. As for smartphone functions, I’m not using anything special. I only use (apps) with pretty simple functions. The iPhone case that I’m currently using is one of Moomin, but this was bought when we went to the UK during the world tour. It’s not only cute, but I’m also very into the design.

  • RINA: Since my interest is in photography, I do have plenty of photo editing apps installed. The mirrorless Olympus (camera) that I use comes equipped with Wi-Fi itself, so as long as you download the app, you don’t have to go through to the computer and can send your photos straight to your smartphone. I seem to use that app every single day. And then, for phrases of song lyrics that come to mind, I’ll keep it written down in my memo pad, which I seem to use daily. That is why, smartphones are at the heart of music nowadays. For something more physical, now what is it…the wallpaper right. I’m using something that links the lock page and home page together.

  • TOMOMI: I really use the voice memo often. For melodies or riffs that come to mind, I’ll usually record them right on the spot. And then, when it comes to BGM that I’m interested in at shops, I also have apps that can check them out, so I often do searches. My obsession with smartphones…since I really often drop my smartphone (laughs), I have on a super, super strong, seemingly unbreakable protection sheet stuck on. The previous smartphone I used dropped and my screen cracked, so when the mobile store owner showed his colleague, he / she recommended me this protection sheet. The case is still breakable, but still (laughs).

  • MAMI: I mostly use music applications. Such as GarageBand, or apps that can infer BPM at touch, or those that are able to do searches from tunes that you hum. I also have apps for chord charts, so when I want to make a certain sound but am not sure of the chord, I can once again do a search etc. I’m the only one out of all the members with an iPhone 6, but as compared to the 5 or 5s, it’s a lot thinner and easier to slip out of your hands as the edges are rounded. I dropped it 2 seconds after I bought it (laughs). That’s why I want a case that I can really hold onto. My first was a transparent rubber case, but since it’s unable to protect the display, I then went for a folding type. Same as HARUNA, I bought mine when we went to London. Although the areas around the cover are already gone (laughs).

── Besides for MAMI, everyone’s is the iPhone 5 series and everyone’s cases follow according to your own terms…you’re indeed a group that takes care of your own things.

  • HARUNA: That’s right. We’re the type that likes to continue using things.

  • RINA: I’m not the type that gets into new things instantly (laughs).

Overdoing LINE POP Incident

── Is there an episode that concerns the 4 of you over the same smartphone (app)?

  • MAMI: This is about a game, but「LINE Wind Runner」or「LINE POP」etc….

  • TOMOMI: Ahー, yes yes yes (laughs).「LINE Puzzle」etc. right.

  • MAMI: All of us members including the staff, there was a period where we’ll be competing over the rankings everyday.

  • RINA: Just for that, we’ll get up early (laughs). The moment you play when it resets, then you can screenshot it once you become 1st place.

  • HARUNA: We over did「LINE POP」, and even kept playing it during the rehearsal intervals, so we had to put up「LINE POP Prohibited」signs (laughs).

  • RINA: Not just that, if I were to write about this on the blog, the WEB news would mention it. Like,「Beware, SCANDAL Overdoing LINE Games」(laughs).

  • MAMI: I liked it so much that during the rehearsal interval, I copied the BGM for「LINE POP」(laughs).

── You could prepare an excuse like,「The music’s cool」(laughs).

  • MAMI: Like,「How’s this for a bass line?」(laughs).

  • TOMOMI:「A fraction of a chord」(laughs).

── By the way, who is the strongest?

  • HARUNA: Since MAMI is best at games, the one who is 1st place at the end is always MAMI.

  • TOMOMI: By far.

  • MAMI: I was the best among the members for「LINE Wind Runner」.

  • RINA: But we have a staff that’s always charging (money) (laughs). We really can’t win that person!

  • TOMOMI: He / she’s being called the「Charging popper」(laughs).

Original article by natalie HERE, translated by fyscandalband. There’s still a longer part 2 coming up, which I’ll do later in the night.

Two College Organizational Must-Have Apps

My first post! Woo! 

My two favorite apps on my phone help me stay on track for when I’m packing for school and when I’m trying to juggle a bunch of classes during the school year.  I am a huge fan of having solid copies of lists and scheduling, but I also like to keep electronic copies so I have them with me wherever I go in one location.  Both of these apps come for android and iPhone and are FREE for iPhone, I’m assuming for android as well. They also can be accessed in a web browser. In spirit of going back, I’ll start with the college packing list app.

(the online browser images are my own, the app screenshots I got off google because my phone is dead)

1.  College Packing List by SlugBooks.com 

I love this app because not only is it easily customizable for someone like me who logs pretty much every single item I bring to school, but it also already has a list of essentials to build off of. There are explanations about why you might need certain items so that new students can develop some expectation about how college life is different.

The browser version also has other handy lists for students to access, such as where you can get student discounts, scholarship and textbook advice, and more survivalist tips to be the best student to get good grades and still take care of yourself.

2. My Study Life

in iPhone:

For Android:

The My Study Life app puts all of your academic life in one location - you can schedule exams, put in assignments and their due dates, put in classes and change academic years. You can add days off and school holidays to customize to your university’s academic calendar and use other functions to better customize your planner to what you need.  They also welcome feedback and take suggestions for improving the app.  They’re working on getting it to sync with the calendar app and are gathering feedback to add extracurricular activities and an alarm feature.

I hope you guys find these two apps helpful and I will continue to post as much as possible leading up to move in day!  Good luck to everyone heading back or starting college! Please message me if you have any questions on this or how else I organize myself. :)

“ The Turing Phone certainly boasts one of the more unique smartphone designs we’ve seen in a while. As all of the major phone manufacturers increasingly favor minimalism over bold aesthetics, Turing Robotics Industries have created a device that is as much of a fashion statement as it is a smartphone, and opinions regarding the device are certainly divided.”

The Turing Phone is a Retrofuturistic Smartphone Ripped Straight From a Sci-Fi Movie

Your smartphone does not need a Screen Protector!

Gone are those days when merely placing your phone and your car keys would induce scratches on the screen and having a mobile phone without a screen protector was unimaginable. But Hey! We are now in the “Glass Age”. Over the years, Significant advancements in Glass and coating technology has made the screen protectors redundant! 


All of modern day mobile phones are made out of Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is a specialized toughened glass developed and manufactured by Corning. It is designed to be thin, light and damage( including scratch ) resistant.

Your smartphone per se is scratch resistant! You don’t need to invest extra money on buying Screen protectors and other accessories anymore! Take a knife or a key and if you attempt to scratch your smartphone, you shouldn’t see scratches at all!

A note of caution.

Some materials CAN scratch Gorilla Glass. The most common being Sand and Diamond. So if you happen to spend a lot of time at the beach, having a screen protector is essential. You have been Warned ;P

EDIT: Any product if you set out to break it, it will eventually succumb!

HTC Desire 626 has 512Gigabyte Internal Memory Space? WTF!: ♥ HTC has announced its new Desire 626 handset, a new mid-range phone set to replace the Desire 620 in your pocket. Under the hood is a Snapdragon 410 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM 16GB of internal storage and microSD support up to an impressive 512GB. The Desire 626 is 4G enabled and rocks a …

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Meet the Young Entrepreneurs changing the plumbing industry

One technology student of Harrow College IT has started that snowball effect, and created a mobile app for plumbing professionals that will hopefully inspire other industries to jump on board.

Thushanthy Thilllainathan won a UK competition for entrepreneurs in the technological field, and created a simple app for Pimlico Plumbing that allows users to easily get all the necessary information they need, and contact a local plumber in case of an emergency.