Crazy days… We were off (and offline…) for some days to follow a cool Geocaching trail east of Berlin. You can find 111 (!) geocaches + bonus cache in one long round (~30km).

This trail is located in the nature reserve “Schlaubetal” about 60km east of Berlin - (sorry, only in German).

We had a lot of fun searching for and finding the caches. The landscape is really beautiful, but the weather was a little, well, challenging :-)

And while we were walking through forrests, across valleys and hills and became dripping wet, some crazy things happend here in the tumblr-sphere…

Now we’re back at home drying our clothes and warming our feet :-)

The new iPhone might shut off next time you try to film the police in public

Anyone who has a smartphone is capable of filming injustice in progress. Technology makes that kind of accountability possible, but technology could also undo that progress. Apple was granted a patent Tuesday that would allow certain people and institutions to shut down recording on nearby iPhones — here’s how.

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A fear submitted by Carleigh to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! The Deep Dark Fears book has been nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award, so if you are a comic artist (web, print, etc) or work in a related field, I’d really appreciate your vote! You can vote at - thank you!