Alien-a Luthor

“This might be harder to write, but what if Lena found out she was part alien?” @rubylipz

           It didn’t really come as a huge surprise to Lena, really. Her past wasn’t fully divulged to her. All she knew was that she was the result of one of Lionel’s less…discreet dalliances. Besides, knowing where she came from wasn’t very high on the list of priorities for Lena Luthor; she’d spent the past couple of years trying to distance herself from her past as much as possible, especially her family. Since Lena and Kara had begun their relationship, Alex had been much more of an ally and a friend to Lena, and working with the DEO mean that all of the degrees she had accumulated in the bioengineering, physics and math were finally useful. It was a relief to finally have a place she could be herself and have people appreciate that; the other day the president herself had written to Lena to thank her for her incredible contributions. Often Kara would drop by the office or come home to find Lena still working on things for the DEO, because most of the projects she was assigned were very cutting edge and mostly alien tech, and Lena Luthor did not back down from a challenge. The first couple of times, Lena had apologized profusely to Kara, saving her work and getting ready to go home right away. But Kara would have none of that.

           “Lena, I don’t want you to just get up and leave with me. If there are things you want to spend time doing, then I’m totally okay with that and I 100% support it.” Kara murmured, pushing the CEO gently back down into her desk chair. “I understand, darling.” The superhero peered over the brunette’s shoulder at the plans on the CEO’s screen, before motioning for her to cast it onto the bigger screen in the room, sitting on the floor to survey the CEO’s plans. The brunette crossed over to stand behind the blonde, before leaning down, confused.

           “Kara, are you…talking to yourself?” Lena had heard mumbling and leaned down. Kara nodded distractedly, pointing to the screen.

           “The…uhh…crap. How do I say this in English…?” Kara frowned, scrunching her face up in concentration. Lena kicked off her heels and took a seat beside the blonde, surprised.

           “I can’t figure out how to power this.” They were looking at advanced plans that J’onn had given to Lena.

           “Can you pull up the original scripts that had gone with the plans?” Kara mumbled, leaning back on her palms. “I think this is Korugaran.” The blonde nodded and grabbed the smart pen, writing out missing equations on the plans on the screen. “I don’t know how to say this stuff in English.” Kara mumbled, squinting at the equations and the outline of the containment device. The brunette frowned, before grabbing the pen from Kara and filling in the missing numbers.

           “My god, you’re a genius.” Lena breathed, turning to wrap her arms around Kara. The blonde grinned proudly, hugging her girlfriend back.

           “Anything for you, deragevmaya.” Kara murmured, brushing her lips against the CEO’s cheek. Lena stiffened, before pulling away.

           “What…did you…” Lena blanched, and Kara tilted her head, concerned.

           “Lena?” Kara placed her hands on the brunette’s shoulder. “Lena, it’s just a Korugaran endearment.” The word had triggered something in Lena’s mind, and the brunette frowned.

           “I think…” Lena covered her mouth with her hand. “I think I recognize that word. From before the orphanage.” Kara held out her arms, and Lena walked into them, burying her face into the blonde’s neck.

           “Home?” Kara asked, murmuring gently. Lena nodded, and the hero flew them back to the apartment, before shooting Alex a quick text to let her know what was going on. “It’s late. Let’s figure this out tomorrow and sleep on it, okay, babe?” Lena nodded, before crawling into Kara’s arms.

           The DEO had many more resources than Lena had thought or wanted to go through. When Alex sent an encrypted report over to Kara the next morning, Kara knew Lena had to be the one to open it.

           “You know this doesn’t change the way I feel about you, right, baby?” Kara sat on the couch next to Lena, pressing her lips gently to the brunette’s temple. Lena nodded silently and took a deep breath, opening the report to read it.

           “It says my birth mother was from Korugar, and that my father was…Lionel Luthor.” Lena exhaled and let her body fall back into the couch. “Kara…I never wanted to know. It just seemed like…it would root me more into the past and I didn’t want that.” Lena stated, staring at the ceiling. “But now I guess I know partly why my m – why Lillian hates aliens so much.” Kara leaned over to kiss her gently.

           “Hey. The girl I fell in love with is smart, kind, and makes me want to be a better person.” Lena looked up and frowned. “Yeah, Lena.” Kara grinned, leaning down to kiss her again. “You make Supergirl want to be a better person and more like you.” The blonde tugged Lena gently into her lap and nuzzled her nose into the crook of her neck. “Nothing’s changed except that now you know where your mom came from.” Lena smiled and blushed light pink. “And besides, the planet of Korugar was known for their hospitality and community, as well as their willingness to form alliances and trade with other planets. I know that Krypton, in the past, owed them a great deal for trades of resources from their planet that helped boost our Science Council’s efficiency.” Kara flushed. “I’m rambling.”

           “No, I like it.” Lena murmured, a small smile sneaking onto her face. “All characteristics I want so badly to have, actually.” Kara grinned and leaned in to kiss her.

           “I’ve never actually met a half alien.” Kara smiled as she leaned her forehead against Lena. “I will have you know that this makes you way more attractive than you were before and you were already really attractive before.” Lena chuckled and kissed Kara’s nose gently.

           “Was I now?” Kara nodded emphatically.

           “I can’t believe you like me.” Kara giggled, flushing bright pink. Suddenly, Lena’s smile grew tenfold and she buried her face into Kara’s shoulder.

           “Oh my god, this means that Lillian isn’t my mother anymore.” Lena said excitedly, clutching Kara’s hands. Her smile was infectious and Kara found an identical one spreading across her own face.

           “Well if it makes you feel any better Eliza’s maternal instinct has already made her believe that you’re part of our family.” Kara giggled, sliding her arms around Lena’s waist.

           “She sent me a text the other day asking me if I was eating properly.” Lena looked at Kara solemnly. Kara’s smile grew and she snickered. “Are you okay with all of this, though?” Lena bit her lip, suddenly looking a little nervous.

           “Babe, of course. This doesn’t change how I feel about you or why I love you in the first place.” Kara murmured, pressing her lips gently to Lena’s cheek. “Just like you didn’t hate me when I hid being Supergirl from you.” Lena hummed and rolled her eyes.

           “I always knew you were Supergirl, babe.”

           “You didn’t. Come on, Lena. No way.”

           “It’s adorable that you think that, darling.”

||All my supplies finally arrived so I thought I’d share what I got. have a new organization system I wanna try out this year so hopefully that works out.||

-totoro pencil case from Amazon. (And should I do what’s in my pencil case?)
-5 pack muji B5 6mm lined notebooks
-sticky notes
-18 month bando agenda (print: lady of leisure)
-Clear B5 campus kokuyo smart ring binder (jet pens)
-kokuyo lined paper(jet pens)
-Five star folder

hi, everyone! this was anonymously requested, and i’m so excited to share this with you. (header by me)

the pen case ++

» i use a lihit lab smart fit double pen case. pros? lots of pockets. cons? it’s not big enough to fit full-size pencils, so i’ve been using smaller, mechanical pencils lately.

the pens ++

» muji 0.38 gel ink pens are my absolute favorites!! they last for a long time, don’t bleed through the paper, and they dry quickly.  

» i always carry some pilot G2 07 pens or pentel rsvp pens for note-taking in class! the pentels aren’t gel pens, so you can jot things down quickly without worrying about smudging your notes.

» i also have some staedtler triplus fineliners in different colors. i use these to add a bit of color to notes or flashcards. 

other supplies ++

» a muji ruler

» one or two fluorescent zebra mildliners for going over my notes

» a staedtler eraser

i hope you find this helpful, and feel free to request any posts you’d like me to make!!


CSJJ Bonus Day: New Tales from the New Year

First, I wanna wish you all a magical and marvelous 2017 in which dreams come true left and right - lets start it all with a joyful January! Second, gotta thank @katie-dub for this wonderful idea and the superb organization at @csjanuaryjoy! And last, the fic for my day :D

A sequel to what seemed to be most people’s favourite OS from my ‘Tis The Season series - New Tales from the Old Forest. I bring you New Tales from the New Year.

New Tales from the New Year; ~ 2, 300 words; FF.NET || AO3

She programs his number into her phone the second Henry’s door slams behind him. He got an idea on the ride back. He needed to write it down right away. So in the wake of her son’s excited babbling (wasn’t Killian the best? wasn’t he so nice? wasn’t he so funny? wasn’t he so inspiring? wasn’t he so down to earth?) Emma is free to lean against their front door, let out a breath and bang her head against the solid surface behind her.

Yes, as a matter fact, he is so nice, and funny, and inspiring, and down to earth, and gorgeous as all hell. And, yes, Emma is absolutely screwed. She knows it as she takes out the book – the one with those dangerous, tempting numbers inside. She knows it as she drops down on the couch with a disgruntled huff. She knows it as she copies every digit, checking three times that she got it right.

She knows it as she deletes the first of many texts lost into the void of the unsent.


His mom has her addictions (hello, bear claws, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cocoa with cinnamon and Quentin Tarantino) but her phone is not one of them. Unless she is working a case, she never has the device glued to her hand, certainly not when they are spending some ‘quality mother-son time’.

So Henry has trouble connecting her announcement of being free from work for the rest of the year with the way she keeps glancing at her phone. It’s nothing short of glaring, really, even if the glare seems to hold little animosity and a fair share of guilt.


Emma doesn’t text Killian Jones after meeting him on the 21st and she doesn’t text him on the 22nd and she blanches at the very thought of calling him. Now the 23rd is slipping from her as well and she is a fucking coward but one with common sense so whatever.

It’s not like this (good lord, this isn’t even a thing, there’s no this or that or anything at all, there’s just her overprotectiveness of her son, resulting in her stalkerish ways, resulting in a ridiculous borderline-creepy crush, resulting in a proper crush fueled by one Killian Jones’s whole… person), it’s not like it could work.

The most it can be, Emma is well-aware despite having been on a strictly fairytales diet for the last week, is a messy and possibly disappointing one night stand that she cannot afford to have around the holidays. She has a son. The whole reason for her predicament, the little shit.

And Killian… Killian will hardly be sticking around, if he is not gone already.

The whole thing is ridiculous and she decides to put it out of her mind, even if she doesn’t have the heart to delete his number just yet.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Carol! So i'm starting university this year for the first time and i'm really curious about what essentials I should bring to keep myself organized. Things like what study tools I should use, which kinds of writing utensils you recommend, and what you tend to keep in your book bag? It can definitely be tips from you and/or tips from other posts as well ^^ I need all the info I can get! Thank you so much!

Hello anon!! Sorry it took me about a day to respond, I wanted to compile as much as I could find for you!  Congratulations on another year of school and certainly another year of success, right? ^^ <3 

Keeping a backpack sounds obvious, but trust me. Remember to consider function over style, especially if you need to carry a lot of stuff (try not to weigh yourself down, though.) 


  • A laptop bag/organizer, or just your laptop and charger.
    • I suggest buying a sleek, comfortable bag roomy enough to store your laptop and your chargers.  I would buy the ones that can store notebooks, pens, and calculators like these  
    • The organizers will make rifling easier but are not necessary by any means. A lot of your work will probably be online btw! 
  • Post its and adhesive markers (for textbook or packet studying) 
  • Food
    • Please keep some kind of (healthy) snack with you everyday, it saves money and your sanity!  Buy cereal bars, prepackaged trail mix, prepare some fruit for throughout the week, etc… 
  • Pens/Highlighters just in case. 
  • Personal Table of Contents (travel and home) 
    • I create personal TOC by scanning what important topics comprise one unit/chapter and listing them on paper. This is so useful if you need to study a specific idea. 
  • USB 
    • If it’s not convenient to save on Google Drive, use your USB. This is essential because you just never know when technology will fail you. in any case, use Google Drive always.
  • Refillable Water bottle. It saves the planet, your time, and money, so I suggest keeping one not just in college but in general… DRINK WATER EVERYDAY! 
  • A Planner or Bullet journal
    • Your schedule will obviously be less systematic than high school and you want to keep track of meetings, application deadlines, classes, etc… 

Citation manuals. Especially as a freshman, you will likely have to write essays and cite your sources in MLA or other formats. Make your citation guide easy to comprehend; include examples and stick them onto your wall, then save a copy on your computer.

Make a friend and GET THE NOTES.  If you ever miss class for any reason, have them record a lecture or give you their notes. However, this would constitute finding someone with notes that work for you, so I suggest just recording the lecture.  Ask a stranger if you need to! You might just make a friend that way. Smart pens are useful if you ever happen to doze off.

A WALL CALENDAR  / Google Calendars. Listen to me! Put important events in your panner as well as at home. Store everything in your computer as well; you need your events to be visible. 

Don’t buy every book they tell you to unless it’s absolutely necessary, This is just life advice, quite frankly. You’ll probably be able to find them online for a cheaper price or for free.

Find an ebook version of your textbook, etc… and print your chapter/unit when necessary for traveling. 

INDEX CARDS. If you take courses where rote memorization is abundant but not excessive (Think history class but not pre-med) then index cards may help you, or Quizlet for a computer-alternative. 

Printer, (Scotch) tape, Hole Puncher etc… These are necessary in my opinion! Some courses don’t really have much anything to prepare for, but you don’t want to constantly traverse to the library to print your stuff, academic or personal, especially if it’s late at night.


(the thickness of the point depends on you, but these are all available in thick and thin varieties.)

Pilot Frixion

Muji Pens 

Uniball Signo 

Uniball Jetstream 

Pilot G-2 

Pilot Hi-Tec C Maica


Quizlet has what you need, especially if you’re in high school! 

Study Tips (especially for students with ADHD) part ONE, TWO, by @studiix 

Textbooks are expensive. Screw that. 

Check my “study help” tag here 

Things I wish I had known my first year of college by @succulentstudy

I hope this helps, my love! If I think of anything else, I’ll definitely update this post so check for updates! And if anyone else has tips to add, please feel free to message me <3 

submitted by Johnny Brown

External image

Kim JungGi Drawing with NEO1 Smart Pen


E.L.E. - Extinction Level Event - frame by frame

Although there are 10–14 million species of life currently on the Earth, it is estimated that more than 99 percent of all species that ever lived on the planet are extinct.

Jan ( donleyjan ), in her Magic City 3 drawing, pointed out how Fill can make a great starry night sky, so I thought it would also be great for creating a space background for a space drawing (frame 1).

I also tried out the new Smart Pen to create planet Earth, but I actually ended up refining the circle, because it didn’t have a smooth outline.

Submitted by George Voniatis

External image

This is the equipment i take to work on a daily basis. The hard drives have all the projects i have completed over the years and an architectural library consisting of everything from rendering materials and stock images to photoshop brushes and tutorials.

Given what I already know about the company that makes the Smart Pen, I would hastily recommend buying one based off of that (I’m borrowing mine from my college Disability Support Center). It seems, according to Google searching, you can’t let the battery drain completely or some parts of it will stop working. Like if you stop using the pen for a few months and go back to it the screen might stop working. Stupid things like that. Mine seemed out of the box new but the screen doesn’t work at all. I have to go by the different bleeps to know I’m doing something.


I think it’s a good idea if it works. But the pen is, first of all, very wide. So it’s annoying to hold. It’s definitely heavier than normal pens. And you’re stuck with whatever pen nib goes with the pen. At least for me and my cubital tunnel, even when I didn’t write down everything I would have if audio weren’t recording, my hand is cramping and hurting after taking notes for ~2 hours with a few short breaks. My summer class by comparison, is 2.5 hours with one 10 minute break in the middle. And after that class my hand does not hurt like this.

For a $200 pen, I would expect a pen nib that is smoother. Sure, it has a fancy computer and camera built into it. But considering the price of my Pentel RSVPs (my default writing pen) per pen… I don’t think it should be hard for them to include a better pen nib in the design.

To me, it seems like this company cuts a lot of corners, both in design and in customer service. So I’m wary.