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Time warp; time loop; who moved my window?; who are these people?

These occurred in different locations and are told in random order. I will respond to my own post with possible explanations and attach a file.Time warp, the Midwest: This has bothered me for some time now. My brother and I needed to travel from Keokuk, IA to St Charles, MO to visit relatives. This was the first time I have made this trip and I set my gps for those directions. Now, Google Maps does a decent job with directions and approximate travel time compared to Garmin or my Made in China gps; we had experimented with all three systems before on a different road trip. So we used Google Maps on my smart phone with audio directions.We chose time over distance and picked an approximate travel time of 2:45 to just over 3 hrs, checked the current time and estimated we would get there in time for dinner at or around 6PM, then we were on our way by 2:30 PM. This being the Midwest in the summer, roads were almost empty and we drove past vast tracts of agricultural land punctuated by small towns. It seemed endless and had a hypnotic effect. We drive at average highway speed. About 2 hours and 30 minutes into the trip I told my bro we were almost there and he checked my phone. He remarked that we were barely halfway to our destination. I frowned and said “You sure?” and he showed me the map. I was perplexed, he said nothing. We drove in silence until the phone rang. It was our relative checking in on us but they seem agitated. I assured them we’d get there in time for dinner. My bro looks at me because he was sure we wouldn’t. Long story short I put pedal to the metal but it seemed like it took an eternity to get there. We finally pull in it at 6:51 PM and everyone was getting very hungry, although the little kids had already been fed. We had driven for over 4 hours and I was embarrassed to have caused them such inconvenience. Was this a time warp or is Google Maps wrong? I respond in the comments.Time loop + who moved my window, Tokyo: Japanese apartments are called ‘mansions’ (quit grinning). I happened to live in one such mansion that was only be as big as a living room in the US. However, the interiors are efficiently laid out so that when you turn one way you’re facing the kitchenette, then turn the other way and you’re one step away from the bathroom and 3 steps from bedroom. You get the picture. It was designed so that I had a sliding door facing the park, full windows facing the next door building, and transoms (small, narrow) windows facing the busy highway. The transoms were in the bathroom, which I kept open all year round except during winter to dry it out after every use and avoid mold growth. I had a place for everything and everything was always in its place.These mansions do not have a leasing office or any management staff in the building. Cleaners would arrive on weekends to mop and clean each floor, trim what little greenery they had, and do maintenance work, etc. Any packages or bills were left in a common area on the ground floor. They do not steal stuff over there! There were only 2 units per floor; you might be familiar with Japanese architecture where they construct narrow but very tall buildings. The country is also famous for its multiple earthquakes.Looking back I believe the glitches happened after one such earthquake in the middle of the night which literally threw me off my bed. And the glitches happened ever so subtly. I would sometimes arrive home from work and find the transoms closed. This annoyed me no end and I wracked my brain trying to remember if I had forgotten to open it: I would NOT have forgotten because it’s the first thing I do before I even wash my face. Also, I would be looking for an item or piece of clothing that was in a particular spot but now wasn’t. I will not find it in that tiny apartment that day, but it would turn up another day in some awkward or unusual place.One day during a bright spring afternoon I arrived home earlier than usual. To get to my 'mansion’ I exit the elevator make two abrupt right turns and I will have been immediately standing in front of my doorway. Efficiency. That day I happened to look down at the floor and am dismayed to find dried up mud shoe prints in front of my abode. Great, I think. This won’t be cleaned up until the weekend so I enter my apartment, grab my swiffer and clean it up myself, murmuring under my breath that whoever did this ought to be ashamed of themselves. But who would it have been? I did not have visitors (we have e-card keys entries to the building), there are no bill collectors coming around because all bills go straight to the office and are auto debited from my account. All mail goes straight to my workplace.Anyway, two days later it rains hard all day. Because of where I work I had to walk across a playground and then a park. You know where this is going, right? I walk over soft, wet soil, get home, stand in front of my apartment dripping wet and leave muddy prints in front of my door. I didn’t even realize the situation until I got out of my apartment to go somewhere else, see the dried up mud shoe prints and–hoo-ah! Time loop? Who knows.Who are these people, Bangalore: Living and working overseas can get lonely at times. One hardly has time to socialize let alone date and do normal things in a strange culture. But I found myself asking a nice lady out one time. She is a cute, young American a bit on the nerdy side, with a nice laugh and attractive hair toss. Seems like an okay person. I point this out because it is pertinent to the story. So, I can tell she’s not that into me but was curious enough to say 'Yes’ to going out. I inquire about a convenient time, she looks over her schedule and tells me “Thursday at 4:30 would be good.” Great, I’m thrilled. I asked her out on a Friday, so I have about a week to plan it all out. She added that she wanted to check out this hibachi grill in the city (remember this is India and they do not eat beef, so hibachi steaks were rare). Just to make sure everything turns out perfect in my plan I seek her out on Tuesday to say I would pick her up on our appointed hour and time as well as confirm her address.She looks at me blinking with her mouth slightly open. She shakes her head and says “I don’t remember that we made plans.” Great, she’s fucking with me, right? I remind her “We talked last Friday, remember? In your office. And you wanted to try the hibachi at (name of huge mall).” She again shook her head and says we never talked about a date.Alright, at this point I am upset with her for making me feel like a fool. I mumble something stupid like “Oh. Alright.” yeah, just like the sad meme, and walked away. I chalked it off as her way of letting me down not-so-easy. But then other glitchy things happened with other people.Sometime back I was talking to a divorced co-worker who then stopped to show me a photo on her desk of someone she was dating. Good looking guy, swarthy, dark haired. A while later, I stopped by her office to say “hi” and asked rather casually, referring to the photo, “How’s you’re boyfriend by the way?” with me ready to leave. She looked surprised, almost offended and says “That’s my son!” What.The.Hell! Another time, I meet with my boss to remind him about an agreement we made about one item on my pay, and he says “We never talked about that.” Yet another person with whom I have had lengthy, deeply personal conversations with previously (they had sought me out, in fact), acted like we have just met. You know the overly polite, obsequious way we are when we first meet someone? What is going on and who are these people?

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