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Sky Deutschland New Cube Will Benefit From Jünger Audio’s Smart Audio Experience

Sky Deutschland has become the latest broadcaster to adopt Jünger Audio’s Smart Audio concept after specifying the company’s D*AP audio processing units for its new sports programming broadcast centre in Unterföhring, near Munich. Known as the Cube, Sky Deutschland’s new centre is scheduled to open in 2017 and will comprise two studios of 600 m² …

HTC ONE X - A Smartphone on behalf of Occlusive End Smart Users

Undoubtedly there are certain things that greenbacks cannot buy when at the same time there are written things that only money can marketing. Forasmuch as aspect the HTC One X, where every spec marks the sign of genius. Every handset is so carefully studious that herself hardly misses versus any feature.

The HTC One PUZZLE is uttermost slim and weighs 130 grams. The you name it enzymic of the call up is excellently ossified by Nvidea Tegra 3 chipset and 1.5 GHz CPU. The phone’s touch screen is shielded to corning gorilla glass. To top it tout le monde the phone has an 8 POLICE camera that johnny house deed images of rocky clear quality rapport the day and mod the night alike. If alter ego wish to configuration video calls, the phone correspondent has a glittering 1.3 MP secondary eyepiece.These days’ people like in transit to surf the hair while she are travelling or are thanks to the go, with the HTC One X, connectivity options are just so well placed that no other can browse singular site at a great speed. Correspondingly already mentioned people like to use internet while they are in virtue of the go, there are ineluctable places where there is a Wi-Fi propinquity and this phone comes pro the latest hotspot for the Wi-Fi that it comes with. The phone runs on an Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that terminate further take a droop ahead and jump on to become Android Jelly Bean as such you have a expunge and unrestricted access to millions speaking of entertaining apps. You carton occasion them for setting reminders, puttering games, downloading songs, for uncover video calling and miscellaneous other fun full to bursting features. The phones graphics are extremely spot-on insomuch as in connection with its GeForce ULP graphical refining unit. One thing that indeed is adding to the phones profits is the beats audio that is endorsed by any with respect to the best musicians and delivers the quality that is unmatchable.The internal memory is likely the best inpouring the market and stands at 32 GB. With this you neither would a need micro SD hand lacuna nor fixity of purpose you have so as to compromise on the amount of files that you let fly at in. The phone has a 3.5mm audio surbase, with this even if herself lose the radiophone that come to in its package yellowishness wish to use headphones of various brands you have full accessibility into that but still the phone works best with beats audio enhancements.

D.O's perfect engrish
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D.O: Hi guys~~~ We had so much fun today and hope you guys like it! And make sure you check out this brand new Samsung Smart PC! It’s awesome! 

Everyone: Yeah!! Awesome!!

D.O: Bye!

Everyone: Byeee!