Smart Girls

I'm here for my smart girls.

I’m here for the smart girls that society finds annoying.

I’m here for the smart girls who heard groans from the boys when they got a certificate in assembly.

I’m here for the smart girls that poured their souls into school and academics because it’s the only thing they felt capable of doing.

I’m here for the smart girls who use their studies to hide their insecurities, those who focus on school to try and blot out the problems in their lives.

I’m here for the smart girls that are treated as annoying for doing well, whilst the smart boys are encouraged to be proud of their achievements.

I’m here for the smart girls who didn’t want to tell their lab partner what they got on the test, because they knew the boys would scoff and make remarks.

I’m here for the smart girls who cried themselves to sleep because nothing they did would ever be good enough for society.

I’m here for the smart girls that told society to go fuck themselves and fought their way out of their struggles and went on to do something amazing.

I’m here for all the smart girls that didn’t make it into the history books or science journals.

I’m here for the smart girls. We’re not going to take your shit any longer.

“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.” Jane Smiley

Me too! I love books. I come from a long line of biblioholics. I see people making “stacks of shame” and putting all their unread books together for a photo. I ain’t doing that. It’d take too much time away from reading to gather them all from different shelves and stacks around the house.

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Smart girls are the overthinkers, the insecure ones, the different ones. They know what the real world is like. They analyze every little thing in life. Why? To avoid getting hurt. To find happiness. They stay up at night trying to think about every possible situation to get through all the problems. They think too much. They trust fewer people. Their insecurity proves their respect toward themselves. Of course they try to live away from a drama-filled life. Smart girls know their worth. Now those are the ones worth keeping by your side.
—  IDK

No matter what it is that you do, aim for a goal so that you’re giving yourself a direction. You don’t have to go to that goal. Most of the time, I don’t think people end up where they thought they would. But if you’re moving towards something, then everything you do feels like it has purpose.” - Ilana Glazer

I love when women in comedy are taken seriously. I also love dance parties.

Here’s another one with Grace Helbig.