every episode of smallville
  • random smallville townsperson:my life was normal. THEN i developed special powers that are both a gift and a curse... EVER SINCE THAT STRANGE METEOR FROM SPACE HIT.
  • clark:i’m sorry
  • townsperson:well its not YOUR fault!
  • clark:*looks guiltily into the camera likes hes on the office*

sweet-sammy-kisses replied to your post:It’s honestly bizarre. I have been a part of a LOT…

I saw a little bit of this in the Smallville fandom where some Chloe fans bashed and hated everyone but her (mainly Clark and Lois) saying without them and Chloe the show would have never made it. It made me start to dislike Chloe.

I hated Chloe almost as much as I hated Lana. 

LOL, there were a lot of characters I hated in Smallville. 

Wait a second, without CHLOE the show wouldn’t have been made????
I guess those idiots missed the part about the show being the backstory for SUPERMAN. Ugh, too many stupid people in the world. 


Time moves on.