Smallville 10.04  // Supergirl 2.01


S M A L L V I L L E  6 Gifs Per Episode → 10.09 Patriot

Okay, you know how I hate being all emo-relationship chick? It’s just, I can’t get you on the phone, but Tess can Skype with you?

This isn’t a social call.

And I am? We practically share a desk chair, but now I’m still not the real work wife.

summary of Smallville
  • Clark: dad i want to join the football team
  • Jonathan Kent: Clark, your body is harder than steel and you can send someone flying and break every bone in their body just by shoving them lightly and you could casually toss a truck into the next state, are you really sure you should be playing football with average human teenagers?
  • Clark: *wiping tears from his eyes* I hate this fucking family
  • *Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan plays*

i have always always loved superman, like he was my fave and i lived and breathed smallville for an entire decade. but man. i am so fucking grateful for supergirl??? like the fact that she shoulders krypton’s memory all on her own. the language, the history, she and clark’s entire family. obviously clark didn’t have it easy being an alien on earth or whatever, but goddamn, kara danvers is one of the strongest characters i have ever heard of. girl has lost everything and she’s still so compassionate, so hopeful and loving. i just can’t get over it. i have too many feelings for her. i’ll post about sanvers and lena all damn day but never question the fact that i would fucking die for kara.