We had these hats made for her and John Barrowman (if you don’t know the Felicia reference, IM me or something), and when we gave them to her she gasped and grinned.

John’s auto line was next to hers so she rushed over to him with the hats, saying, “I’m so obsessed with you guys.”

She gave him the hat and pointed me and @blacksiren out to him when he asked who made them, then they took selfies together in the hats!!!

Then she came back and took selfies with us. She was so happy and nice and everything I ever hoped she’d be and more.

Needless to say, we’re pretty happy.

Newsies New Year’s Headcanons
  • They all celebrate it at Katherine and Davey’s apartment
  • Unlike Thanksgiving, they don’t make food. They get a bunch of frozen appetizers and there’s always something in the oven the entire night
  • Katherine refuses to unlock the door to let anyone in until 4pm
  • Because every year, Jack, Specs, Mush, Blink, Elmer, and Albert make it a personal competition to see who gets the “best” New Year’s hat that’s about 6 years old
  • One year Mush snuck in through the window to get it an hour early
  • Katherine locks the windows now
  • They play “Never Have I Ever” as a group except only stuff they did in the past year
  • One year they all tried doing New Years Eve in Times Square but it didn’t turn out to well
  • It was way too cold and it just ended with everyone complaining to Katherine and Crutchie, the squad moms, and everyone crashing at Specs, Romeo, and Smalls’ apartment because it was the closest
  • Everyone is forced to say one thing they enjoyed about the past year by Davey
  • Similar to Thanksgiving, every year Race says “Spot’s ass”
  • They also play charades based off of stuff that happened to them in the past year
  • The year Spot and Race got together, Jack and Crutchie picked that card
  • So naturally they just started making out with each other
  • It was guessed pretty quickly
  • Race was dying of laughter, Spot was not amused
  • They often have a card tournament 
  • Usually it ends with Katherine vs Jack
  • It’s the last showdown between them of the year
  • And it gets very intense 
  • They go up to the rooftop a few minutes before midnight to watch the fireworks
  • Luckily no one else in the apartment building goes up there so they’re the only people up there year after year
  • The night usually ends with everyone passed out all over the floor, most of them drunk except for the entire Jacobs family, Crutchie, Katherine, and Race
Play Ball- Benny  x Reader

Request: Could the sandlot one please be that you are yeah yeahs sister and you were dating Philips and he pressures you into something so yeah yeah and benny try to cheer you up and then benny kisses you

A/N: Ugh majorly sighing guys, I rewrote this piece a couple of times, but I feel like I couldn’t get it just right. I hope it turned out okay, and you enjoy it, I’m sorry if it falls a little short, I really tried. I hope you all also have a great day! 

Originally posted by butlercat

“Come on, come back to my place, we can hang there tonight.” Phillips grinned at you tugging your wrist in the direction he wanted to go. You had been sitting in the dugout for the past hour watching Phillips and his team practice baseball. Not that you had an objection to it, you loved the sport and you and Phillips had been dating for two months, so you were happy to cheer him on, but honestly, you’d rather watch your brothers friends play ball at the Sandlot. Yeah Yeah, Benny, Squints, Ham, and the rest of the guys were a hell of a lot more fun to be around not to mention the fact they actually let you play the game. 

“Not tonight Phillips, I’m just gonna head home.” You told him, trying to pull your wrist away, but he held on tight. 

“Come on, my parents won’t be there, it will be fun.” He laughed. 

“I said no, I’m going home.” You gave your wrist a great tug and finally broke free of his grasp. You began walking over to your bike quickly, your head held low, embarrassed that all of his jerk friends were watching you. 

“Well-well if your not ever gonna do anything with me, don’t expect this to last.” He yelled after you. You heard the sound of high fives around from his teammates and the sound of bikes being picked up as they all left. Then you were alone, on the much to polished ballparks empty field. You preferred the Sandlots beat up persona, it felt like home. You slowly lifted your bike from the dirt and climbed on. It was dusk already but you knew Benny and the guys would still be playing baseball, they played all day everyday, so, you made your way to the Sandlot. It took you a while to get there, but it gave you time to think, about dating Phillips, about hanging out in their part of town. Nobody understood why you were with him, Yeah Yeah constantly pestered you about it saying you were to good for him, but that was just him being too protective of a brother.

The truth was Phillips, when not surrounded by his idiot friends, was actually a pretty good guy, but when he was with them, well, there was no denying it, he was a total jerk. 

You sighed as you rolled past the battered old bench onto the dirt. Ham stood immediately from his position at catcher, noticing your arrival.

“(Y/N)s Here!” He exclaimed. The boys all waved to you and you waved back forcing a smile on your face as you walked your bike around to the dugout. You flopped onto the bench once you got there and leaned against one of the posts. The structure swayed a little, it was pretty old. “Want to hit a few?” Ham motioned to you, but you waved your hand signaling you just wanted to sit today. He nodded and pulled the mask back over his face.

“Hey sis.” Yeah Yeah called jogging over. “What’s up?” He was chewing a wad of gum like always and smiled wide when he saw you.

“Nothing, I’m fine, just tired.” You replied as he sat next to you.

“You don’t seem fine.” Benny was walking over too now as the rest of the boys continued to play. You felt a smile tug at your lips at the sight of Benny, he could always cheer you up. 

“Yeah Yeah,” your brother agreed, “was it Phillips cause I swear I can take that kid if he tried to pull something.” You and Benny both laughed at Yeah Yeah’s determined face. 

“I don’t know Phillips hasn’t been the best lately it’s just…” You sighed trailing off, both boys looked lost nodding as they tried to keep up with what you were saying, but you were pretty sure they were both thinking about baseball. “You can go play, really, I’m okay.” 

“Alright.” Yeah Yeah finally said, you could tell he was itching to get out there, “but if Phillips tries anything again, tell me and I swear I’ll deck him.” Yeah Yeah yelled, jogging back onto the diamond.

“You can go too,” you turned to look at Benny.

“That’s okay, I could use a quick break.” He stretched his arms. You laughed.

“Since when did Benny The Jet ever take a break from playing baseball?” You raised an eyebrow at him while smiling. He shrugged, but was smiling too.

“You know you don’t have to stay with him.” He suddenly said looking more serious.

“I know but,” you sighed again about to defend Phillips even though you really had no reason to, he wasn’t a great guy, when suddenly Benny placed his hand on your cheek, turning your face towards his, and then paused the moment before leaning in and giving you a short, but amazing kiss. You felt blush creep up your neck and onto your cheeks. 

“You don’t have to stay with him.” He repeated smiling wide. Suddenly you heard cheering from Ham.

“Did you guys see that?!” He exclaimed, “our man Benny got some.” The rest of the boys were yelling and cheering too. You felt yourself blush harder as you smiled, staring down at the dirt, unable to look up at the team. You heard Yeah Yeah groan and you laughed a little. Finally Benny spoke.

“Come on guys lets play some ball.” He jumped up off the bench, jogging to home plate, but not without looking back and flashing you a wide grin.

anonymous asked:

Idk if you're taking requests but can I request some trans newsies headcanons? (Can be an oc or movie/musical newsies)

hell fucking yes you can

-sweet, sweet boy
-very supportive family who have supported him throughout his transition
-hes still pretty insecure about a lot of things including his figure, chest, and voice but hes working on it!!!
-jack is also very supportive!!
-whenever jack introduces dave as his boyfriend or his family introduces him as their son/brother he gets this huge swell of joy and thats jacks favorite kind of davey smile
-has started t but hasnt gotten top surgery yet and has to be reminded to take off his binder by literally everyone

-hello you cannot tell me this boy is cis hes quite petite and has “feminine features” according to many many fanfictions
-his mother was originally very phobic and made spot cry a lot but she eventually came around and is now one of the most supportive people in spots life
-spots dad, however, was a total asshole and freaked the fuck out and aggressively deadnamed spot and misgendered him constantly
-they have a restraining order on him now its okay
-race aggressively screams “hey guys just a psa i love my BOYFRIEND spot conlon” all the time and its really obnoxious but it makes spot really happy
-has been on t for a while and has gotten top surgery but hes still a tiny bean

-again yall cant tell me hes cis
-i love him a lot
-okay so this boy thought he was completely alone in the “im a dude wtf” feel until he met davey
-which was perfect timing bc then he met spot and more supportive ftm kids!!!!!
-he figured himself out p fast and spot got him a binder asap
-hes very closeted bc hes terrified of rejection
-blink is very reassuring and constantly asks if hes drinking enough water or tells him to remember to breathe and stretch

-idk anything about her but i firmly believe shes mtf okay bye

in conclusion, none of the newsies are cishet, no, not one of them