Elsie serves burgers and beer to her friends, who are regular patrons at the Monowi Tavern. She opens the bar at 9am for breakfast and has last call around 10pm, or earlier if business is slow.

She drives around to visit her friends and children with  a “Monowi 1” license plate.

The last event at the town church was the funeral for Elsie’s father over 50 years ago. Monowi’s peak years were in the 1930s, when it had a population of 150.

Elsie also runs the famous town library, where you borrow the key, let yourself in, pick what you like, and write your name down by the door before you leave.



Piecing Things Together: The Fern Art of @helenahpornsiri

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The biggest occupational hazard of working with tiny ferns? “I have to be careful not to sneeze or move too quickly,” illustrator Helen Ahpornsiri (@helenahpornsiri) explains. “The leaves go everywhere.” Many of Helen’s creations consist of anywhere from 50 to 100 individual fern pieces from as many as 20 species collected from her garden in East Sussex, England. Helen transforms her foraged treasures into tiny masterpieces with a wooden flower press she received as a child. “I used to love opening it and finding pieces of summer in the winter,” she recalls. Her advice to other small business owners on Instagram is simple: “Just keep posting pictures,” Helen says. “It’s always great to see progress, so people can see how things are coming along, almost like a story being told.”

I’m so proud to finally share our Little Notes: West Heritage Edition by Paper & Type! For months, Victoria and I have been collaborating on finding the perfect way to share a note and make a connection. This set features five cards and envelopes, and a handmade leather carrying case, and is now available on the shop!

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Travel Around the World in a Single Scoop at Wanderlust Creamery

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It may be #NationalIceCreamDay here in the U.S., but the moment falls in a month where our planet is yearning for sweetness. Enter the small team at Wanderlust Creamery (@eatwanderlust) (@eatwanderlust), an ice cream shop in Los Angeles with travel-inspired scoops like Thai sticky rice and mango and Mexican horchata con cafe. “Adrienne is the brains behind all of the flavors,” JP Lopez says of his girlfriend, Adrienne Borlogan. Before opening their shop in August 2015, Adrienne was bartending and developing cocktail programs for a large nightlife group; JP was practicing law. Ready for a change of pace, the couple took the leap to Wanderlust. “We’re in the business of creating (and re-creating) happy experiences through ice cream,” JP says.


Are you a fat babe? Do you know a fat babe who deserves a pretty rad gift?

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This past Saturday was the opening of the awesome geeky bakery and chocolate shop, Cakes Cove, in Toronto. I was already going to be around that area for a show so I made the time to stop in during the Grand Opening and check the place out.

You can even follow them on tumblr at cakescove. (full review after the read more)

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Treading Thread with Professional Embroiderer @fiance_knowles

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“I get to immerse myself in colors at a gentle rhythm,” says Danielle Clough (@fiance_knowles), who only learned how to embroider three years ago. Now, the artist from Cape Town, South Africa, has her own thriving small business. Danielle’s passion for art and design goes far beyond thread and needle; she moonlights as a VJ, creating visuals for electronic music artists and music festivals. “Experimenting with film and editing images has changed the way I see colors, and through embroidery, the slow process of playing with colors has made me much more sensitive to how I treat my images,” Danielle says. Her advice for other small-business owners on Instagram? “Keep your voice and your message honest and sincere. Audiences need to feel included in your world.”

Finding the Perfect Plant with Botanical Artist Charles Loh

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For botanical artist Charles Loh (@mossingarden), every plant has its own character and preferences. “Plants are strange creatures,” he says. “I always look out for foliage, textures, color and how wild they could be — I love plants with roots and stems all over.” He spends hours at nurseries to find the perfect plants for his projects. But of all those he works with, his favorite is moss. “I’m telling the story of how even common plants, which are always around us, can be beautiful enough to be appreciated,” Charles, who lives in Singapore, says. “I would like to encourage people to slow down and take a second look at what is around us.”

Charles also collaborates with fashion houses such as @gucci, for which he designed this scene (pictured).“It’s been a blessing to be able to see and meet artists around the world connecting with one another through this project.”