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67 with Eponine/Cosette! Pretty pleaaase~

“Stop being so cute.”

Hogwarts AU because, again, I can.

If Eponine was little less proud and competitive, she’d admit that the Hufflepuff common room was way more comfortable than the Slytherin dungeon. It was warmer, for one thing, which, in the middle of winter, could not be overlooked. Situated below the lake, the Slytherin common room fostered a lot of colds and runny noses. Slytherins were known to flood the hospital wing as soon as the temperature dropped in October. 

Another thing the Hufflepuff common room had over the Slytherin’s was Cosette Fauchelevent.

Now, the old “Thou shalt not bring a non-Slytherin into the Dungeon” rule was widely overlooked. Enjolras smugled in countless of his friends almost daily. So did Montparnasse, though his company was more selective, and though he tried to be discreet about it, he really wasn’t fooling anyone.

But why bring Cosette to the Slytherin Dungeon when Eponine could spend a cozy evening drinking hot cocoa wrapped in a warm plaid? The fact that she could also avoid smug looks from Montpanasse and Claquesous also factored in that equation.

Eponine was sitting on a bed opposite Cosette’s, who was currently sticking her tongue to a muggle device. A picture taking device, not unlike those used in the magical world, except the photographs did not move.

“How can muggle know what’s happening on the photo if it doesn’t move?” Eponine asked, as Cosette was fanning the lastest picture for the colours to dry.

“There’s often  a caption under it that explains it all.”

“Don’t muggles get bored? I mean… It’s a little bit weird, no?”

“I like it,” Cosette shrugs. “It’s like a snapshot of someone’s life. One second, and pouf! It’s gone. But the memory of that second remains. You’re a second older, but that’s a second of your life you can carry around with you. It’s a little spark of immortality.”

Eponine chuckled and nudged Cosette’s leg with her shoe.

“Someone’s been hanging out with Jehan,” she teased, though she shouldn’t help herself but smile and look at Cosette.

A bright light flashed before her eyes, and before Eponine understood what had happened, Cosette was fanning yet another small picture.

“Oh no!”

“Oh yes!”

There was one flash, then another. Laughing, Eponine hid her face behind her hands.

“Stop taking pictures.”

“Stop being so cute.”

Truth was, Eponine disliked muggle motionless pictures because she had no control over them. What if she looked bad on it? She couldn’t adjust the angle, the picture was already taken! What if those picuted showed the truth?

Cosette put her device down and looked at the new photographs she had just taken. A bright smile dug little dimples in her cheeks.

“They’re wonderful! Can i keep one? I’ll put it with the others!”

“I-Yeah, sure.”

“Can we take one together?”

“Depends, can I burn it if it looks terrible?” Eponine said wryly.

“Nonsense, you always looks gorgeous.”

Cosette popped on the bed beside Eponine and cast a spell on the device to make it levitate in front of them. Right before the flash, Cosette kissed her cheek, and Eponine could have sworn the outline of her lips had left an invisible, yet burning mark.

She looked at the picture, her heart knocking dangerously in her chest.

“Can I keep it?” Eponine asked, her voice suddenly higher pitched than usual. “I really like it.”

“Of course, of course! I really like it too.”

Les Mis

Javert: Hufflepuff. He’s hardworking, patient, and very loyal to the law. Manager Em originally thought he might be a Gryffindor because of his very strong sense of right and wrong, but we decided that Javert’s decision to commit suicide was a very Hufflepuff decision, valuing equality in the eyes of the law. 

Valjean: Gryffindor. He’s got a very strong moral compass and doesn’t care much for authority. 

Fantine: Hufflepuff. We were a bit stuck on this one, but we eventually decided that Hufflepuff would be the best fit. A Slytherin would probably be more willing to sleep with the foreman in order to provide for Cosette, while a Gryffindor would continue to refuse to “play the game” after getting fired. In Fantine’s case, loyalty to her daughter came before her personal pride and morality.

Cosette: Gryffinclaw hatstall. Due to the varied interpretations of Cosette’s character, this one was tricky. Manager Em thought that she would be a Ravenclaw because she’s intelligent and craves knowledge about her childhood. Manager Fae thought that she would be a Gryffindor, because she’s adventurous and bold, and Gryffindors can also be truth-seekers. 

Marius: Hufflepuff. This one was also tricky. We decided he’d be a Hufflepuff because of his loyal decision to stay with his friends on the barricade instead of going after Cosette to England, despite the loss of his true love and the risk of death. 

Eponine: Slytherin. She’s cunning and manipulative, especially if you go by her characterization in the brick, where she lies to Marius in order to make sure that they die together. 

Thenardier: Slytherin. This one was an easy choice, since Thenardier is ambitious, manipulative, and cunning.

Mme Thenardier: Slytherin. Again, an easy choice.

(side note: most of the Sortings of the barricade boys are based on fandom characterization and headcanons, as neither Managers have read the brick)

Enjolras: Gryffindor. Although a lot of the fandom Sorts him as a Slytherin, we decided to sort him in Gryffindor because of his idealism and strong sense of justice. We agreed that even though his willingness to do just about anything to further his cause could be taken as a Slytherin trait, many Gryffindors are also willing to do morally dubious things to achieve a moral goal. After all, Dumbledore himself was a strong believer in acceptable casualties.

Grantaire: Ravenclaw. Manager Em originally thought he might be a Slytherin (possibly only because of the color association and because it would have made a complete House set with him and the Triumvirate). However, Manager Fae pointed out that he’s canonically very talented and creative. His intellectual side might also influence his cynicism, because he knows that the revolution doesn’t stand a chance of working.

Combeferre: Ravenclaw. This one’s fairly obvious, due to Combeferre’s role of the brains of the Triumvirate.

Courfeyrac: Hufflepuff. Again, Courfeyrac is the hearts of the Triumvirate.

Jehan Prouvaire: Ravenclaw. Jehan’s very creative and intellectual, which we thought would put him in Ravenclaw. 

Bossuet: Hufflepuff. This one’s basically just a headcanon, but we thought it fit.

Joly: Ravenclaw. Again, mostly a headcanon, but Joly’s known to be intelligent.

Bahorel: Gryffindor. Bahorel’s known to be bold and brash, which are very Gryffindor traits. He also seems to have a strong moral compass.

Feuilly: Hufflepuff. This one’s another headcanon, based on his fondness for hard work.

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a nicer topic for your consideration: les amis + hogwarts houses? i saw so many different versions around, i'd like to know what you think

Enjolras: Slytherin - Of pureblood, from a long line of Slytherins. His family wasn’t surprised that he was put in Slytherin, because he was ambitious and ‘charming, capable of being terrible’. While his family wasn’t surprised, they did disown him when he started fighting against the racist, classist views some Slytherins hold, as well as the negative view the rest of the school has on Slytherin students. Definitely not a Prefect.

Grantaire: Ravenclaw - Literally begged the hat to be in Hufflepuff because he claimed to not know anything. The hat, of course, knew otherwise. His wit and incredible ability to hold onto knowledge found him in Ravenclaw. Also definitely not a Prefect.

Combeferre: Ravenclaw - Combeferre learns and furthers his personal knowledge to help science. He becomes a Healer for the magic itself, even though he of course wants to help people. A Prefect.

Courfeyrac: Hufflepuff - He’s a warm, human heart. Also probably Head Boy because he’s very popular and well loved, even though he wasn’t a Prefect.

Bahorel: Gryffindor - The most prime example of a stereotypical Gryffindor. All heart and sometimes no head to go with his bravery. Was a Prefect, but after an incident involving an exploding toilet and two first years [One of those first years being Gavroche], he got his badge revoked.

Feuilly: Slytherin - Very hardworking and ambitious. Works hard to eliminate the negative stereotypes behind his house. A Prefect.

Joly: Hufflepuff - ‘He was the gayest of them all’. Very close call for Ravenclaw, because he’s very intelligent. But he uses his intelligence on a human, healing level, as opposed to using his intelligence to further his personal knowledge.

Bossuet: Hufflepuff - Bossuet is a kind soul which is very important to Hufflepuffs. Kind and jolly and always there to help. A Prefect.

Jehan: Gryffindor -  Most people expect Slytherin, but ‘he was intrepid’ and therefore a Gryffindor.

Marius: Gryffindor - Most people expect Marius to be a Hufflepuff, but the hat sees the bravery in him that even Marius doesn’t see. Ala Neville Longbottom, he belongs in Gryffindor.

Cosette: Hufflepuff - Cosette is sweet and accepting of all people, which people forget is a very important Hufflepuff trait. A Prefect.

Eponine: Slytherin - Eponine has a lot of the ambition of a Slytherin, but as we know from the Brick is very self serving and makes for a perfect example of what people expect a Slytherin to be.

Musichetta: Gryffindor - Her family is pureblood and expected Slytherin, but her bravery put her in Gryffindor. A Prefect.

Gavroche: Gryffindor - Hatstall between Gryffindor and Slytherin [he’s very cunning and ambitious, but he ultimately has the very brave heart of a Gryffindor]. He chooses Gryffindor because Bahorel is a Gryffindor and he looks up to Bahorel.