As much as I love being a Slytherin, it makes me sad nobody I know is in my house, or wants to be. But everyone wants to be in Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff (I’m not saying I don’t like people in those houses, though!). I feel like Slytherins are portrayed as bad guys, and I know there are good Slytherins, like Merlin, but bad ones are shown way more frequently.

MCU + Slytherins:

Resourceful, determined, ambitious, and shrewd. Although achievement-oriented and often possessed of leadership qualities, Slytherins have a healthy disregard for the rules. They prefer to weigh their options before sticking out their necks, and are known to have a certain talent for deception. As such, Slytherin House counts some of S.H.I.E.L.D’s sharpest agents among its members. 

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Slytherin Girls’ Headcanons

  • Slytherin girls demanding equality from their male counterparts
  • Slytherin girls are really supportive of one another and encourage each other to do the best and follow their dream cause they know it’s a harsh world out there
  • Slytherin girls fighting slut shaming and defending other girls’ sexual lives and sexuality 
  • Slytherin pureblood girls fighting pureblood traditions and the patriarchal system within the pureblood community and making a stand for their rights and independence 
  • Slytherin pureblood girls defending halfblood girls and muggleborn girls
  • Slytherin girls fighting boys who belittle and threaten other girls
  • Slytherin girls protecting the younger Slytherin girls from older boys who aren't nice 
  • Slytherin girls teaching younger Slytherin girls independence and how to stand up for themselves 
  • Slytherin girls refusing to compete with other girls for a man’s attention and instead banding together to take him down
  • Slytherin girls plotting on how to avenge another girl who was hurt by a guy
  • Slytherin girls not taking any shit from any guy
  • Slytherin girls speaking out on inequality and injustices and using their cunning minds on how to fight it
  • Slytherin girls banding together with other girls from other houses to fight and stand up to guys’ bullshit
  • Slytherin girls recognising sexual orientation and gender orientation movements and joining in to support it
  • Slytherin girls encouraging girl friendships and discouraging animosity, catiness and competitiveness  between girls
  • Slytherin girls supporting and helping people with mental illness and taking down all those who make fun and bully people who suffer with such
  • Slytherin girls forming groups to take down those who bully girls for any reason, no matter what house they’re from
  • Slytherin girls using their cunningness, ambition and determination to help those who can’t help themselves due to systems implemented that are their to keep them down
  • Slytherin girls are strong, independent girls who will cut anyone down who threatens them and those they care for
  • Slytherin girls sneaking out at night to get chocolate from the kitchens for their friends and other girls who are on their periods and have cravings
  • Slytherin girls making potions that help with period cramps and pms symptoms 
  • Slytherin girls talking to and helping the younger girls to learn abut their bodily functions
  • Slytherin girls encouraging body positivity and to love themselves and literally attacking anyone who shit talks other girls based on their appearance
  • Slytherin girls against racism and encouraging cultural appreciation   
  • Slytherin girls being Slytherin girls

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Can you sort the characters from the little mermaid? I'm sorry if you've already done this

Ariel: Gryffindor
Flounder: Hufflepuff
Sebastian: Ravenclaw
Scuttle: Ravenclaw
Triton: Gryffindor
Ursula: Slytherin/Gryffindor
Eric: Gryffindor
Flotsam/Jetsam: Slytherin or maybe Hufflepuff
Grimsby: Hufflepuff
Carlotta: Hufflepuff
Louis: Ravenclaw/Gryffindor 

Sorting Mulan

When seeing different characters sorted I see Mulan automatically put in Gryffindor a lot (but not always) just because she went to war but that is like saying every solider, police officer, firefighter, etc. is in Gryffindor which is not true. When I think about the scenes that separated Mulan from the other characters though I see a Slytherin. 




                 and since leadership is also added at some points

To me these scenes and these actions are what defined the character in Mulan. Yes she was brave but that was not the core of who she was. Her bravery was something she showed in order to follow her ambition. If you consider Mulan II then you see more of her ambition and leadership as major characteristics (not adding due to people not always counting sequels). Some may still say Gryffindor but at the very least it wouldn’t be a clear choice for the Sorting Hat

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Jessie. Give me all you can. I believe you. All the things on Slytherin. Good things. My gran was sorted in slytherin and when she wasnt sorted she said that it would worse than awful to get sorted there. I just need to reassure her, Please Jess. I still believe i can do this. But my own words are not enough.

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