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JD is a known criminal in the 7/11 for trying to take the slushie machine one time so he begs Veronica to go in to buy him a slushie all the time

she sneaks he peeks

A friend that worked at a gas station told me that once when the slushie machine broke and they emptied it to fix it there was a mostly decomposed rat stuck in the agitator thing and people had been saying it tasted bitter for weeks.


Group/Member: BTS/ Taehyung

Genre: Drabble, Fluff

Word Count: 207 (hella short bc its late while finishing this)

Summary: #133 “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.”

Requested: Yes! Anonymous said: “For the drabble thing could you do #133 with Taehyung from BTS, maybe make it really fluffy? <3″

Author’s Note: Ah! I haven’t written any Tae fics so this is a refresher for me! Thank you for requesting! Much love to you and everyone!

-Admin Pastel

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gillevo replied to your post “luke skywalker really loving blue snow cones is such an odd and…”

but the real question is does he like icee machine slushies? they have 0 crunch but 100 blue. i bet bodhi likes them and luke is like “no you dont understand that is not a snowcone. it’s not right.” poor bodhi just doesnt understand that luke needs that cronch. it’s all about the cronch

what are we doing here can you imagine trying to explain any of this to george lucas and him just sighing in disappointment and saying “star wars was a mistake”

no he lives for the cronch. Bodhi definitely loves slurpees and icees and doesn’t understand why Luke can’t just appreciate the cold sweet goodness of a gas station slush, and Luke is so frustrating because he’ll drive for miles out of his way just to get a snow cone.

Bodhi: luke why are you like this


today is going to be the best day of my life because not only did my slushie machine arrive, but so did the five gallons of slushie flavors even though they were supposed to arrive more than a week apart. i wonder if my starfish likes grape slushies. 

Why Donald Trump probably isn't going to die soon like we all hope
  • Satan: If I get heaven a new slushie machine and some ping pong tables, will you take him
  • God: We talked about this already, you're taking him
  • Satan: I don't want to take him
  • God: You're taking him
  • Satan: What about that "God forgives all" mumbo jumbo
  • God: I'm not taking him
  • Satan: Please take him
  • God: I'm not taking him