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A/N: I’ve been working on this one for like three days cause my creative juices just weren’t flowing. I’m still not happy with it but ho hum i got a shit ton of requests to do so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Are you wearing contacts or are your eyes that mesmerizing”

That was the thought that popped into your head as soon as you saw the cute blonde sitting next to you in biology. You were dragged out of your thoughts when you felt a searing sensation on your left wrist. The words “ Shit! She’s cute and her hair smells nice, think of something funny”. You looked oddly at the text before taking a whiff of your hair, you kne using that new shampoo was a win. At that moment the cute boy next to you spoke up.

“They aren’t contacts by the way” 

You stared at the boy next to you as he awkwardly shuffled. You’d only heard stories of people meeting their soulmates. With the hustle and bustle of university life you had but the prospect of meeting your soulmate to the back of your mind. But here you are sitting right next to your soulmate struggling to find the words to say.

“Oh and sorry for sniffing your hair, I’m Yoosung by the way”


“Oh my god those are the cutest cat socks I’ve ever seen”

You were intently listening to Jumin’s business proposal carefully making notes on what he was saying while occasionally getting distracted by smooth voice (widely known fact: jumin’s voice is like butter). You happened to drop your pen, in the process of picking it up you caught sight of his interesting choice of socks.

“Oh my god those are the cutest cat socks I’ve ever seen” you thought to yourself. Who would have guessed the “cold hearted heir to C&R” was into cats?

You were brought out of your thoughts as you heard a deep cough. 

“If you like the socks so much I’ll be happy to get you a pair of your own”

You froze. Your mind still comprehending what you had just heard. Before you could stop it you blurted out the first thing that came to your mind.



“Who the fuck needs that much Phd.Pepper, boi you gon get diabetes”

You and your friends were on a midnight snack run in your pajamas. You were currently at lodged in the shopping cart grabbing every sugary item you could off the shelves. Mina was pushing the cart while Jisoo was abusing the free refill rule at the slushie machine. As you turned the corner to the drinks aisle you caught a glimpse of a guy shovelling six packs of Phd.Pepper into his cart

“Who the fuck needs that much Phd.Pepper, boi you gon get diabetes” you mused. Mina parked the cart next to the guy and went to grab pizza, making you in charge of the drinks.

“That’s pretty rich coming from the person literally sitting in a cart of junk food” you gaped at his statement. You were 99.9% sure you didn’t say that out loud.

“But since your pajamas are exceptionally cut i’ll let it slide” he laughed observing your pikachu onesie.

“Fuck, typical, the time I meet my soulmate I’m in my onsie about to eat me fucking weight in snacks” you muttered lowering your head in embarrassment.

“Hi..I’m Saeyoung, your future husband”

“Is that how you greet all the girls?” you chuckled at his rather blunt statement.

“Only the ones I’m destined to meet,”

~Admin Petty

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Picture this. It's the apocalypse, you and your crush are the only people left alive, and you believe you have no choice but to tell them how you feel. How would you express your feelings?

“Look, everyone else is dead which is kinda cool because hey I can go find a slushie machine and get free slushies but eventually that’s going to run out and I’m going to have to learn how to make slushies myself also if you want to drop a beat we could free style rap to pass the time I know it sounds dumb but it’s actually really fun if you’re terrible but if we do it too much we might get good at it and then it wouldn’t be fun so we better use that time wisely and also you’re the last other person alive on earth so there’s a 99.999% you’re not into goat people with bad posture and lois griffin noses but even if you are I’m not into the whole re-population deal I can’t say I’ve really thought it through but I’m pretty sure incest is involved and if you’re really not happy with the whole last people on earth thing we can go climb a roof top watch a sunset and off ourselves or something because everyone you know and love is dead so I understand if you want to leave but I’m probably going to stick around for a couple more years and create some more things maybe some more films as that’s a lot of fun also I’d like to draw more and maybe I’ll rob some fancy dress stores until I find a suitable black robe because if you’re not wandering around in the apocalypse with a black robe you’re doing it wrong oh man I’ve been talking all this time without pausing for breath I really should have split this into separate sentences I don’t normally talk very much but y’know everyone else is dead and I’m actually really scared so I just have a lot of inner dialogue I’m spewing out everywhere also you look pretty what’s your favorite ice cream flavour because I personally prefer vanilla to chocolate and I get a lot of shit for that but you don’t seem like a very judgemental person also if you do decide to kill yourself I’m probably going to have a little dance montage to the song Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol because I had a dream when I was 14 where I did that and I thought that’d be a pretty funny thing to do if you’re the last person alive but if you don’t want to die we could go get ice cream or something actually you know what I don’t really even like ice cream very much I’m actually more of a popsicle person”

EXO: late night adventures


-  so he’d text you in the middle of the night bc he can’t sleep, and practically drags you out of your bed to go to the grocery store that’s opened 24/7
-  and he’s like babe…ilysm idk how you can stand me and my randomness but I really couldn’t sleep bc I kept thinking about you and tbh I was coming over anyway and I just needed an excuse
-  so now you’re drinking your third slushy and he’s talking about getting married and traveling the world with you
-  whenever you’d scoff at his wild suggestions, he’d move closer to you on the pavement and put his arm around you
-  "I’m serious. Then I wouldn’t have to take like 3 busses just to come over to your place, and we can finally have our own slushy machine to make them at 1 in the morning, jagi"

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-  he was working late in the studio one night and asked you not to wait up for him, but you thought you’d surprise him (low key you just wanted to watch him dance)
-  so after hugging you for an hour, he leads you to one of their studios since there’s no one there at this late hour, and shows you this new track they’ve been working on
-  and he’s so mesmerized by your expression and smile, and the way you’re nodding your head to the beat
-  and he’s thinking ‘why don’t I invite her to the studio more often??? …oh yeah bc I’ve got those flock of puppies to look after’
-  after spending some hours goofing off and making diss tracks about each other, he saves it onto a flash drive and sleepily heads home with you

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-  Yixing had just come back from a long schedule in China, and he’s so happy to finally be back in your arms and your shared apartment
-  neither of you could sleep, despite the late hour, so he suggests taking you to this place he discovered while out with the boys one day
-  it’s an abandoned building, where you both sat on the roof and stared at the night sky of the city
-  he’d smile in awe as you yawn and lean your head on his shoulder, but you two would keep talking until there’s nothing left to talk about
-  he’d protectively wrap his arms around you when the sun started to rise, and whispers to you that he wants to come here every night from now on (sike, it’s too cold yixing, you’re lucky I love you)

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-  you’d just finished watching a midnight viewing of this new movie, and both of you were now standing outside the theater, with baekhyun’s lips lazily tracing your jaw and neck 

-  "y/n, what do you say we go back inside and watch another movie?“ He asks mischievously. “Didn’t you say you spent your last dollar on those twizzlers???”
-  and he’s like “well, I said nothing about paying for our tickets. Let’s go.” Lmao he’d drag you back inside and tries to act nonchalant
-  you’d pretend to be looking at the schedules for the movies and avoid all the workers until you get close enough to the entrance near the ticket line
-  he’s like an actual puppy and he’s holding your hand while running over to the nearest movie playing. It just so happened to be the same movie you just watched…nice going

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-  he wouldn’t do anything too wild, probably suggest a karaoke match-off when you tell him that you can’t sleep, and this is great bc he can’t focus on his work either 

-  so this is a much needed break. Plus, it’s a chance to show off his vocal skills and have you rolling your eyes
-  pulls you in his arms during duets and stares into your eyes and he’s basically serenading you
-  might take it too seriously and go full *exo chen* mode, with the dance routines and everything
-  and although he’s mostly playing their songs now, you can’t help but to sing badly along with his angelic voice and you finally understand why opposites attract  

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-  he takes you out to an amusement park and you two would spend the whole day together, not realizing that it’s REALLY late now but neither of you wanna go home 

-  so since they’re gonna be open all day and all night, might as well make it a night to remember
-  you’d ride the ferris wheel so many times, to the point of the vendor just going “look, there’s literally no one here but you so idc, yall can go on it as much as you like, just press this button and wake me up when you’re done”
-  he’d be pointing at the random buildings in the city and claim that’s your apartment, that’s where you’re gonna live next, and that’s where you’re gonna have your kids playing in the backyard
-  ofc with his arms wrapped around you, he’d keep whispering cheesy stuff in your ear and kissing you every now and then

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-  not the type to do this often, but he sees you’re really stressing over your work and offers to take a walk with you around the area 

-  he’s loving the fact that no one’s awake at this hour, and it’s just you two walking peacefully, hand in hand
-  would get butterflies in his stomach when you shiver and move even closer next to him, then he’d offer his jacket and wrap it tightly around you, all while scolding you for not bringing one
-  he’d suggest stopping at a local ice cream shop and buys you your favorite flavor
-  when you try and mess with him by placing some on his nose, you better run bc you’re about to be attacked with tickles and kisses

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-  late night adventures are a constant thing in your relationship and you couldn’t live without them, esp when he’s always suggesting random places to visit in the middle of the night, like the park near your place
-  you’d be childishly playing on the swings as he loudly cheers you on from the top of the slide
-  having dance battles in the sandpit, and flicking sand on him to mess him up (nice try, he can’t mess up even if he tries)
-  once you’ve settled down and sat on the benches, you’d cuddle into him as he quietly talks about his childhood and how he always used to come to the park and mess around
-  then ruin the moment by randomly giggling at some random memory he had and now he can’t stop slapping your knee and wheezing

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-  he’d be hella sassy and tell you to bother someone else since you can’t sleep. Then he’d be like aw I took it too far, she just wants to hang out with me
-  so he’d be like alright, let’s go to the beach, jagi, bc what could go wrong this late at night? So you’d happily walk over to the beach near your shared place, and he’d immediately proceed to take off his shirt and dive into the freezing water
-  you’d take out your phone and take hella pictures of his dorky self, and threaten to post them if he doesn’t stop and come sit next to you
-  after trying aegyo and failing, he’d dry off and use your body head to warm him up bc he was too dumb to bring a change of clothes
-  it would be really peaceful, sitting closely to him and listening to the sound of the calming waves and the complaints of your freezing boyfriend

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JD is a known criminal in the 7/11 for trying to take the slushie machine one time so he begs Veronica to go in to buy him a slushie all the time

she sneaks he peeks

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Could I request a crossover between In The Heights and Hamilton where there is some sort of mix up between Usnavi and Hamilton? The situation could be anything, but it would be funny to see how everyone would react to the dopplegangers

I FINALLY WROTE IT. I guess third time really is the charm. I’m now down to one request so if you guys have any please send them in.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

Alexander was unsure of how he had gotten himself into this situation. His specialty was writing debt plans, not fixing slushie machines. Yet here he was, lying on the floor of a bodega he had never seen in his life, trying to figure out the inner workings of its slushie machine.

The boy who had pulled him off the street was standing next to him, dancing anxiously from foot to foot.

“Come on, Navi,” he urged. “If we don’t get it working soon the Piragua Guy’s gonna outsell us, and then I’m gonna owe him twenty bucks.” He slammed a hand down on top of the machine. “Twenty bucks, Usnavi!”

Alexander didn’t respond; he was too busy staring helplessly into the depths of the machine. And besides, the kid hadn’t listened to him twenty minutes ago when he said he wasn’t Usnavi, so why would he listen now?

The boy bent over to study his face. “That’s it? No reaction? No lecture on how I shouldn’t be betting the lotto money?”

“Look, kid,” Alexander grunted, but the boy cut him off as if he hadn’t even spoken.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Usnavi de la Vega became the irresponsible one. Looks like I’m gonna have to take over the bodega now. You leave me no choice. The reign of Sonny de la Vega begins today.”

“I’m not Usnavi!” Alexander yelled, sitting up and banging his head on the machine. “My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

The boy—Sonny—froze and studied Alexander. He slowly became aware of the subtle differences between this man and his cousin. Alexander was skinnier, had longer hair and deeper shadows under his eyes. He was also much better dressed than Usnavi, with skinny jeans and a grey sweater.

“Oh. M-my apologies,” Sonny chuckled nervously. “You look exactly like my cousin.”

Alexander waved him off. “No harm no foul. Although,” he pulled out his phone to check the time, “I was supposed to meet my friends on that corner twenty minutes ago. The fact that none of them have texted me, however, makes me think I should find better friends.”

Sonny held out a hand and helped Alexander to his feet. “I’m sure they’re worried about you. Now, would you like a free sodapop before you go as compensation for accidentally kidnapping you?”


Alexander’s friends were, in fact, not worried about him. Because twenty minutes earlier, an unsuspecting Usnavi de la Vega had wandered onto the very same corner on which Sonny had found Alexander, and he was descended upon by three very energetic people—two men and a woman.

“Alex, my man!” One of the men yelled. He draped his large, muscular arm over Usnavi’s shoulders. “What’s up?”

Usnavi opened his mouth to respond but before he could the other man spoke in a heavy French accent.

“Mon petit lion!” he screeched. “What are you wearing?”

The first man pulled back and studied Usnavi’s large red button down, baggy jeans, and newsboy cap.

“Oh, dude,” he said. “We gotta get you some new clothes before dinner.”

The woman said, “As much as he needs it, there’s no time, Herc. John and Eliza are waiting for us at the restaurant.”

The first man—Herc—sighed. “Fine. Let’s go.”

The Frenchman looped his arm through Usnavi’s and pulled him along, chattering in incomprehensible French. Usnavi tried many times to interject in either English or Spanish, but the man was relentless. Herc and the woman—Usnavi heard Herc calling her “Pegs"—trailed behind them, critiquing his outfit.

Usnavi was led to a restaurant that he was sure he couldn’t afford. He was ushered inside to a booth where he was forced to sit down next to a freckled guy with curly hair. Pegs sat down next to a woman with long black hair, Herc sat next to Pegs, and the Frenchman pulled up a chair to sit at the end of the table.

“Hey, Alex,” the new woman grinned as Usnavi sat down.

The freckled man lit up upon seeing him. “Hey baby!” He leaned over and pecked Usnavi on the cheek.

Usnavi yelped, “Dios mío!” and leaped out of his seat. “Listen, I’m not whoever you think I am. I’m Usnavi de la Vega, I own the bodega in the Heights, and I am most definitely not your boyfriend.”

The group stared at him in shock, and the freckled man looked especially horrified.

“Oh my god,” he whispered, touching his lips lightly. “Oh my god.” He dug frantically into his pocket and called out his phone. “I gotta go call Alex.”

He pushed past Usnavi and ran outside.

“Well, this is sufficiently awkward,” Herc said.

The Frenchman stood up. “Je m'appelle Lafayette. These are my friends, Hercules, Peggy, and Eliza. The other one was John. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for this whole, how you say, debacle.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Usnavi sighed. He took his hat off and ran his hand through his short hair, then replaced his hat. “God, this is gonna be quite the story to tell Vanessa tonight,” he laughed.

John came back in, dragging with him a man who looked almost exactly like Usnavi.

“I found him,” John said, looking relieved beyond comparison.

“You must be my doppelgänger,” the man who Usnavi assumed was Alexander said. He stepped forward and shook Usnavi’s hand. “Alexander Hamilton. I met your cousin earlier. That’s a nice bodega you’ve got, but I should tell you that your slushie machine is broken and Sonny’s been making bets with the Piragua Guy.”

Usnavi’s face paled. “I gotta go. Y'all feel free to stop by the bodega anytime.”

He rushed out the door and Alexander collapsed into the seat Usnavi had previously occupied. John sat next to him, clinging to his arm protectively.

“You guys,” Alexander began, spreading his hands on the table and examining his friends’ faces, “I’ve had one hell of a day.”

A Soul Mate to Remember Chap 2

Here’s Chapter 2! Please enjoy!

Tags: @welcometothecity

Chapter 1

Y/N- your name

L/N- last name

TW: Some name calling/cursing, if I need to add any, please message me!

The party was going splendidly. You hadn’t been forced to talk to anyone, the food was sub-par, and they had a slushy machine filled with a mixed drink that you could probably convince someone to grab one for you at some point. Maybe your cousin, who already seemed to have one to many of them…

 Now paparazzi had been chased off by your uncle and a few police friends, you could tell that the Waynes were somewhat relaxed now. You were standing at a table next to the pool. While your mother was with the Waynes talking, and you could somewhat hear their conversation. What you couldn’t hear, you guessed.

“Oh, I’m Ms. L/N, Greg was my husband’s brother, that’s my daughter, Y/N, over there,” You saw her motion to you and you waved, Mr. Wayne and his wife waved back.

 "She looks so lovely,“ Mrs. Wayne complemented on you to your mother,” I just love her hair.“

 "Thank you, so do you have any children?”

  You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. Your mother knew the answer to that question, and all the rumors too, she read every tabloid available.

“Yes,” Mr. Wayne answered,“ Four boys, ages twenty-six to ten. We adopted most of them at young ages, actually the older three are all here tonight.”

“We should introduce them,” Mrs. Wayne said,“Their names are Richard, Jason and Tim.”

Your mother chuckled,“Oh my! That’s a lot of boys, how do you manage? It must be so hard being outnumbered!”

 Mrs. Wayne laughed, and you checked yourself out of the conversation by checking your lipstick in your phone, before settling on devouring a cupcake.

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Spoiler Alert

 Based on this post/prompt

Darcy/Bucky, Soulmate AU

Word Count: 1855

(I know Darcy is American, but I just can’t bring myself to refer to Philosopher’s Stone as Sorcerer’s Stone so assume her copy of the book came from England or something, if you need an excuse for that).

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Wow wow wow I love the idea of J.d. x Connor,, you should *cough* totally write a fic *cough*

Okay but I wrote it, and I’m so confused on my feelings rn.


As Connor entered 7-Eleven he could feel someone’s eyes follow him. He glanced up from the chocolate bar and noticed someone, a boy sipping on a slushie. He was wearing a trench coat, and seemed to be casually staring at Connor.

Connor didn’t think anything of it. He just wanted some fucking chocolate. He’d gotten high, and in desperate need to eat something. The munchies were getting at him. 

“Chocolate?” The boy questioned. He seemed to slurp on his slushie to get Connor’s attention.

Connor looked up from the selection and nodded. “Cravings, though you probably wouldn’t understand.” Connor told him.

“Drugs are never the answer.” He said. Connor snorted and picked a Reese bar. “Really, try this slushie. It’ll freeze your brain and numb the pain you feel.”

Connor shot the boy a questioning look. Who was the kid and what did he know about Connor’s pain.

“Seriously it’s better than cocaine, less dangerous too.” The boy offered the slushie to Connor, and against his better judgement, he took a sip.

“Nothing special.” Connor sighed as he handed back the cherry flavoured drink. 

“You have to keep drinking and drink it fast to feel the pain of a brain freeze.” He told Connor. “I’m Jason Dean, call me JD” He smiled. 

“Connor Murphy.” Connor introduced himself. JD seemed intoxicating in some ways. Maybe it was the weed talking but Connor found him rather attractive in a way.

“Hope to see you gracing my linoleum isles again soon, Connor Murphy.” JD smirked as he left the store.

Connor stood there alone with a Reese bar in hand. He glanced between the change in his other hand and the slushie machine. He put the Reese bar back and decided to get a cherry flavoured slushies.

Whoever Jason Dean was, he was right about one thing. These slushies did numb the pain.


Look I still don’t know how to feel about this.

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In my stupid small ass town, both corner store close down their slushie machines for the winter (cause its fuckin cold outside so they dont make a profit). Think that happens in sherwood? Do you think you JD would cry?

He would fuckin stand outside 7/11 with a protest sign and shut that shit down.


Cas Appreciation Week | 7/11 - Favorite Variation


“There’s more to humanity than survival. You look for purpose, and you must not be defeated by anger or despair.”

His most interesting variation, in my opinion.  It was literally an entirely new world of experiences that had been open up to him, and sadly he had to learn to navigate it almost entirely on his own.  (Plus, who doesn’t love watching him try to fix that damn slushie machine?)

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I hate when customers get mad if I ask them to speak up/repeat themselves if they want cigs/lottery/scratch tickets. like you do realize I'm standing RIGHT next to a slushie machine? those things operate with a very loud, constant fan that is going to make it impossible to hear you if you mumble. also idgaf if you're 19 you look 16 so show me your ID or gtfo.

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My favorite difference in Heathers between the movie and musical is that in the movie JD is like "Ya I like slushies I think they taste good. You wanna get one?" and in the movie he's like "iM GOING TO FUCK THE SLUSHIE MACHINE IM GOING TO MARRY IT. MY DICK IS STUCK INSIDE THE SLUSHIE MACHINE"

It’s like how the stucky shippers saw Bucky eat one plum and went, “MY SWEET BEB LOVES PLUMS HE DREAMS OF THEM THE PURPLE FRUIT IS HIS AND HIS ONLY SWEET BABY PLUMLOVER”

Flight (Father!Jungkook)

Plot: #29:“I lost our child.” + #53: “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” with father!Jungkook

Word Count: 1290

A/N: so I was watching the whole Bon Voyage thing tonight so that’s where the idea for this came from bc traveling with kook is cute but can you imagine traveling with the tiny kooks too oh boY that’s some cute shit, as always, all of the father related posts are here

It was the twins’ first plane experience, Jungkook and you choosing to take them to Norway for their fourth birthday since Jungkook had enjoyed it so much last time. They had of course traveled by car, mainly making the trip from Busan to Seoul and back but a car ride with stops along the way was a lot different from a plane. Jungkook had picked an earlier flight, at four in the morning, and had kept them up later than usual so they could be tired enough to sleep through the majority of the flight, wanting this to go as smoothly as possible.

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"Our love is God baby... let's go get a slushee."

“Our love is God, baby,” JD said flirtatiously. “Let’s go get a slushie.”
Veronica smiled as he took her hand and led her to his motorcycle, revving the engine and driving to where he heard was the nearest 7-eleven in Seattle, where they were currently staying. They’d been driving around the country ever since they graduated; Veronica thought JD wouldn’t want to travel anymore after a lifetime of inconsistency, but he told her that as long as she was with him, he wouldn’t mind at all, and that she was the only constant he really needed. That, and slushies.
They drove for a few minutes, and came to an abrupt halt when they got to the address.
“What…what the fuck is this?” JD asked, staring wide eyed at the sign. Instead of the usual orange, red and green sign with the number 7 followed by the word eleven, he saw something completely different.
For starters, the sign was grey, and the font of the words was completely different. Worse, the number seven was instead written out, spelling the word instead of just the number. It was nothing like the ones he’d been to all his life, and he was appalled by it.
“Whoa,” Veronica said, only slightly caught off guard. “I guess they changed the sign, or something.”
“No,” JD said slowly. “No, I’m not accepting this. He hastily parked the bike and took his helmet off, rushing inside.
Veronica followed quickly, and JD looked around the inside of the 7-Eleven with wide, horrified eyes. Everything was different. The linoleum had been replaced by tiles, and the shelves were made of grey wood. It was nothing like any 7-eleven he’d been to, and he’d been to countless.
“No way,” he whispered. “They’re supposed to be the same. They’re always the same! What the hell is this?” Veronica had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing. JD was never one to overreact - in fact, unless someone was posing a threat, he was annoyingly under-reactive. To see him so shaken up over a convenience store was understandably comedic.
“Every town I’ve ever been to,” he said in disbelief. “Every single one has been the same. How is this happening? Who did this?” Suddenly, his eyes widened even more as he rushed to the back of the store. The slurpee machine was there, as it always was, and on it was a terrifying paper sign that said “Out of order”.
JD couldn’t believe his eyes. In all his years, he had never once seen a broken slushie machine. This place was the stuff of nightmares. An insult to 7-elevens everywhere.
“It’s okay, JD,” Veronica said, trying to contain her laughter. “We’ll just go to another one.”
“Another one,” JD said angrily. “This one shouldn’t exist in the first place.”
“You’re not gonna blow it up, are you?” She joked. JD looked at her before looking away again, not saying anything.
“Let’s go,” she said, taking his arm. “We’ll go off to a world of perfect, monotonous 7-elevens again, okay?”
JD nodded sadly. “This place is an abomination,” he said.
“I know it is,” Veronica responded, humoring him. She’d have to make sure every town they stayed in had a proper 7-eleven in order to avoid a real emotional breakdown.


Dean Winchester x Reader

Another Anon request from the Drabble Prompt list. Asked for #133: “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.”

HERE is the Drabble prompt list. If you want to request a drabble, go ahead!!

HERE is the list of the drabbles I’ve already complete!!

If there was one thing more annoying than getting bloody and dirty from hunting, it was being in the car so much. Sure, there was singing along to the radio with Dean, and all the beautiful scenery you passed. But day after day, hour after hour, it became monotonous, even tiring.

This trip was the worst. Traveling through nothing bu boring fields, you had quickly grown annoyed with Dean’s loud music. It was warm outside, and the air conditioner didn’t work in the Impala. With the windows down, your hair kept getting in your face, and you were more than ready for it to be time to find a motel and get out of the car. Sam was gassy, and Dean was grumpy. And you were on your period, which made a road trip that much worse. Especially since each time you had to beg Dean to stop at a gas station made him that much more grumpy.

After hour seven in the car, you were coming up to another gas station. “Dean, please? Can we please stop again?”

“Again Y/N? Damn it. If we keep us this way, we’re never making it to the fucking hunt!” Dean cussed, slamming his hand against the steering wheel, waking Sam up.

“Whoa, what?” Sam muttered, almost hitting his head on the window.

“Dean, unless you want your back seat to turn a different shade, I suggest you pull over at the next gas station.” You muttered, watching as Dean’s eyes widened before he nodded. Sam was trying to hide a chuckle.

Within five minutes, Dean was stopped at the gas station, and you stepped out, stretching your back. You were achy, and sore, and wanted nothing more than to be relaxing in a hotel room by now. 

“You have five minutes.” Dean threatened, before heading into the gas station. Quickly taking care of business, you roamed the aisles, looking for something to take away your cravings. Grabbing a chocolate bar, along with a soda, you stopped when you saw Dean messing with the slushy machine. 

“Really? A slushy?” You teased, thinking that sounded good as well.

“Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” Dean grumbled, and you took a step back at the grouchiness of his words.

“Whoa, okay Dean. Are you sure you aren’t the one on your period?” You asked. “Guess I won’t be getting one.”

Heading up to the counter, you paid for your items and went back to the Impala. Plugging in your headphones, you leaned against the window, ready to get this road trip over with. As you sat there, Dean came back, thrusting something in front of your face. It was a slushy, your favorite kind. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry I was grumpy. I’m just ready for this road trip to be over. Then you and I can relax in our own bed.” He apologized as you took the slushy. 

“Thanks Dean.” You told him, taking a welcoming sip of the cool liquid.

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anonymous asked:

,,,lowkey I need JD and Michael (BMC) being 7/11 buddies like. they don't interact outside of nodding to each other at the slushie machine at first but eventually they grow into really good friends who care about each other a lot and also they fight about the best flavour of slushie

Michael likes red slushies and JD likes blue, after a fight they start getting it mixed and all is right in—

Fuck someone give me Michael introducing JD to bob Marley and teaching him how to be more chill

anonymous asked:

Veronica comes home to their microwave replaced with a slushie machine and JD sold his motorcycle to buy it. And he's like, "Merry Christmas." But its July and he just rly wanted a slushie machine

This fucking asshole what a disaster