HI so I’ve been cleaning out my storage and I have a bunch of stuff that is fairly cool/DLCs/Gracie items that I don’t particularly need??? And I’m trying to get more people to come in through my gates for badge purposes, ssssso. 

THESE ARE THE ITEMS YOU COULD WIN: pirate’s hat, sea-anemone bed, carp banner, slushie machine, beach table, cherry-blossom clock, ice wall, aurora screen, pisces lamp, capricorn ornament, funky wig, notebook bed, cabana vanity, leaf bed, aquarius urn, beach chair, ice table, sweets lamp, puffer-fish TV, mermaid vanity, football-fish lamp, ice chair, sagittarius arrow, aries rocking chair, ice dresser, ice floor, ice closet, tiara hair, ice shelf, tortoise specs, sushi platter, hibiscus clock, creepy coffin, hair-bow wig, creepy bat stone, squid chair, red-snapper chair, pisces lamp, hinaningyo, cat tower.

1st PLACE:
- 1 million bells!
- 5 items of their choice

- 500k bells!
- 5 items of their choice (after 1st place picks)

- 500k bells!
- 5 items of their choice (after the other 2 pick)

I’ll also be picking other winners from users that reblog it and they will win 3 items of their choice from the remaining items until all items are gone!! 

reblogs & likes both count, and if you’re following me you can reply for an extra entry!! DON’T NEED TO BE FOLLOWING ME TO WIN THO u3u ends sunday april 20th at around noon!!

today is going to be the best day of my life because not only did my slushie machine arrive, but so did the five gallons of slushie flavors even though they were supposed to arrive more than a week apart. i wonder if my starfish likes grape slushies. 

infinite in american public high school
  • sunggyu:voted class president bc he promised to put a slushie machine in the cafeteria. keeps trying to get you to watch doctor who.
  • woohyun:that drama kid in your english class who thinks he knows everything about shakespeare and won't shut up. wears scarves every day.
  • sungjong:the guy who is friends with a lot of girls and is invited to slumber parties. got suspended for pulling some girl's hair in a fight.
  • dongwoo:that one kid who is super sweet to everyone and always asks the teacher interesting questions in class because he is actually interested in the subject, but still gets bad grades because he turns in all his assignments late
  • hoya:goes hard as hell in gym class
  • myungsoo:does shots of tequila at lunch and falls asleep during last period. you're pretty sure he's in your homeroom but he never bothers to show up.
  • sungyeol:president of the anime club
Deadpool has fame and fortune eight months later. Sure, he’s bought a few slushy machines and other frivolous gear, but he’s also diverting most of his fortune to helping fund the Avengers. Quicksilver is in an interesting spot. [He] isn’t just trying to adjust to life as an Avenger, but life not as the son of Magneto. That’s several tons of emotional baggage that falls off his shoulders. He’s loving life and living it to the fullest.

Travel to a Nintendo Zone location to get a pumpkin pie until 1/9, an afternoon-tea set from 1/10 to 1/23, and a slushie machine from 1/24 to 2/6! 

(via a letter from Nintendo in game)


Liam Hummel is turning the big 2-1 on Saturday, so tomorrow night we’re going all out. Balls out to be exact. We rented a mansion with a two story pool and only those on the VIP list are allowed upstairs to the craziest section of all.

You gotta wear tan, white or black for the party. No exceptions. If you don’t know if you’re on the VIP list, hit me up. Chances are, I’ll tell you if you are or Liam will. There’ll be a special necklace you get when you arrive and give your name at the door to get upstairs and top shelf treatment.

We got ice sculptures for shots, liquor slushie machines and bartenders plus food vendors and sexy girls booked to walk around and serve you while the DJ blasts the hottest tracks all night. There’s all kinds of shots, tables to do them at, games to play and shit going down that you can’t even imagine’s possible. The party won’t stop til 6 AM at the earliest.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of bedrooms to boom boom into if you wanna get your sexy time on.

Here’s just a taste of the VIP area; shits gonna be insane in the membrane..


Golden wall

2 ancient tiles
Forest floor
2 Autumn floors

Sandwich tank

Villager pics:
Tangy’s pic
Boomer’s pic
2 Broffina’s pics
Zucker’s pic
Naomi’s pic
Kevin’s pic
Walt’s pic

2 24-hour-shop models
Pop-up book
HHA pennant
Gold HHA plaque
Sliver HHA plague
Kinderdijk windmill
Tower of pisa
Slushie machine
Manneken pis
Mermaid statue
Boxed figurine (doll)
Boxed figurine (robot)
2 miniature cars
Golden clock
Shopping cart
Ship cannon
Aluminum briefcase
Piggy bank
Skeleton figurine
Leaf bed

Peking man

You can buy as much as you want! Just send me an ask(no anons) if you want to buy something! And remember 1k for every item!

So everything was good at work until I turned around from the counter and saw that our Slushie machine was giving us a bloody show.

Now… anyone who’s worked with a Slush Puppie machine knows that the color isn’t inside the machine…. but when we removed the front, this was coming from the pull lever. It tasted like cherry. But the cherry is hanging on the far left of the machine next to Mango. The fuck.

While I was stickin’ my nightly route at 7/11 and scoring some free, hard booze with the help of that homeless dude under the bridge, I noticed something real interesting. Looks like they got a new supersized cup selection over by the slushy machine. My summer spent half fully loaded and half hungover kinda got me thinking ‘bout givin’ back to others and shit like that, and y'know how many pennies Adams put into all those slushies… Think it’s time I return the gesture; buy ‘em one or two. Or five.