Another awesome band that I inexplicably havent checked out before.

Realy good crossover / thrashy hardcore metal - reminds me of bands like Inherit, Take Offense, Strange Places, Foreseen, …

However, their latest release is now re-pressed on tape by Slow It Down Records - pre-orders are up and all profits are going to the HHF!

Its a Fine Line Between Faith And Ignorance,
You Cross That Line And Then You Piss All Over It

You Sell Salvation, Infested With Corruption And Lies
Faith-Healer, Just A Madman Sickening Minds

Idealism As An Illness And It Must Be Erased
When All Humanity Is At Stake

Mail Day!

Got my Pre-Order Package (along with some other 7"s) from Take It Back Records today! Awesome label that puts out cool stuff!
They still have Pre-Order Copies (Reality Returns) and a lot of other cool records in stock - better hurry up if you want one! ;-)

And I got my Package from Slow It Down Records - if you remember, he mixed something up with my order, but as he’s a nice and reliable dude, he directly sent this out!
He also has still some stuff in stock as well as a huge sale (Shirts 5£ + Tapes 1.5£) - so get over there and help him out! ;-)

Power Trip - S/T - Slow It Down Records - /150
Foreseen - Structural Oppression - Collision Records - 46/100
Abolition - Language Of Violence - The Essence Records - black/250
Reality Returns - S/T - Take It Back Records - clear/100
Foreseen & Upright - Split EP - Green Menace Records - green/100

Mail Day!
Got another Package from Slow It Down Records!

I just saw that he was selling some tapes from his personal collection again, to help funding his label - and so I decided to buy another repentance tape ^^
I already have 3 of them now.
One from each Atonement pressing and the LLR pressing - now they can start pressing vinyl! ;-)
And, as you can see, he added the New World Demo tape for me (cause he’s a really cool dude)!

Repentance - In Violation Of Aša Demo - Life Lair Regret Records - /50
New World - Demo 2013 - Slow It Down Records - /25