Slow Shutter


Yesterday Puerto Rico had a massive blackout, the strongest since the one that happened 36 years ago. Over 1.5 million people were left without electricity due to a malfunction in one of the most important plants; the Central of Aguirre in Salinas. There was a huge fire, actually. But fortunately no one was hurt and the firemen were able to extinguish it quite fast. As of today there are still parts of the island that haven’t been able to regain the access to electricity. Everyone is going crazy about it because they have no internet, no battery, no air conditioner.. And many other millenial complaints. Because that’s what we are.
But it was perfect to look at the sky yesterday!You could clearly see the milky way just from your balcony because there was little to none luminic contamination. I decided to not just take pictures of it because obviously anyone that had a camera would certainly point to the milky way, but here are some other parts of the same sky you could actually appreciate with the naked eye. 21092016


Woodhead waterfall by Andrew Kearton
Via Flickr: