I found this website where you can type in a character’s name and there ‘last words’ pop up. So I did this, Homunculus style.

Pride: “You traitor!”

Lust: “Don’t worry, I’m a professional.”

Greed: “What are you holding behind your back…?”

Envy: “yolo”

Gluttony: “No, give me all YOUR money!”

Sloth: “When I die…don’t touch my computer.”

Wrath: “Why didn’t you get more ammo, you idiot!?”

GreedLing: “SON OF A BI-”

kierstensiko asked:

Can you do more sock art?

How about right here?

DIY Pusheen Sock Plush

Our favourite chubby cutie cat.

DIY Sock Maymax

Our favourite chubby cutie personal healthcare companion.

DIY Sock Sloth

Or sew yourself a sock sloth to hang out in your room.

DIY Sock Donuts

Or if characters aren’t your thing and donuts totally are, you can try your hand at some sock donuts. Don’t eat ‘em!

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