[On her favorite location while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens] Weirdly enough, probably Abu Dhabi, even though it was so hot, it was like you literally can’t imagine that heat. The feeling of stepping onto a real set for the first time, it genuinely was a baptism of fire. To see creatures walking around and speeders chilling in the sand, that was amazing, and because I was shooting there, it was like everything had built up to that moment. So a few days in, I was like, OK. I’m getting my groove now.

One more set of (kinda spoiler-y) speculative doodles from “Petals to the Metal”, the third arc of The Adventure Zone.  

Sloane and Hurley are still probably my favorite NPCs in the story overall, which is saying something given how great the whole cast of TAZ is.  There’s a lot of subtle character writing in this show that really makes you think a lot about the story after you’ve stopped listening, so I wondered if the “you’re in trouble” line was something that might’ve been a running joke between these two, given how they met.

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