HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”

The Signs as Iconic Monsters From 1980s Fantasy Films

Aries: the Skeksis

Taurus: the Red Bull

Gemini: the Eborsisk

Cancer: Beetlejuice

Leo: Ludo

Virgo: the Ohmu

Libra: the Luckdragon

Scorpio: the Horrible Will Vinton Claymation Nome King

Sagittarius: the Horned King

Capricorn: That Beholder-Thingy Lo Pan Used

Aquarius: the Darkness/Tim Curry Satan

Pices: the Ray Harryhausen Kraken

Ophiuchus: the Rodents of Unusual Size


Slipping Into Darkness- WAR

“Everything is about balance, the dark and the light.”

Out of every that happened on Sunday, this was my favorite part. Instead of simply putting the camera on the Dragon’s face, they zoomed out to show Swanqueen side by side as the Dragon spoke. Everything is about balancing the dark and the light. Swanqueen is literally that balance. They’re yin and yang. Yes, they have to balance the light and dark within and Regina is still learning that, but as a whole they must balance themselves with their opposite but equal counterpart.

From the beginning, OUAT highlighted the constant struggle between Emma and Regina, or the light and the dark. It was a constant tug of war. Then we saw Regina grow and balance herself through the seasons. Along the way, Emma slipped into the darkness. Both of them had to balance their light and dark side and they’re the reason why the other found balance. Of course Henry played a huge part in Regina’s balance, but he was in her life a whole ten years before Emma showed up. Emma was the one who tipped the scales and forced Regina to balance herself. Then in 4B and 5A, Regina was constantly there to put Emma in check. She talked her out of shooting Lilly, didn’t fall for her Dark One tricks. With Hook, it was different. Emma went to his ship to steal the dagger. It was a manipulation. Emma went to Regina in 5x05 and 5x08 to talk and see their son. Might I add that nothing Hook said during 5A really bothered Emma, but she was triggered whenever Regina called her Miss Swan. Lol. But anyways, Regina was the one who protected her from using black magic as well. She was always trying to keep her balanced.

That’s exactly why the episode was entitled I’ll be your mirror. Sure, EQ posed as Regina, but we all know the Justin Timberlake double meaning to this. There’s no hiding between Emma and Regina. They’re each other’s mirror. When faced with the other they know exactly what they’re missing and where their faults are. In essence, they show each other what they must do to achieve BALANCE. And we see it in canon! Swanqueen magic works on everything because (it’s true love) and it’s balanced, the light and dark.

Seeing an actual representation of Swanqueen’s yin and yang qualities was really beautiful for me.

may i feel (i)

@campaignofmisinformation has shared some prompts and I claimed this one, because my love for ee cummings is <3 and this poem is so msr that I just had to.

Title: may i feel
Author: @chileananderson (anonstarbuck)
Part i of viii

may i feel said he
(i’ll squeal said she
just once said he)
it’s fun said she

The sprain was bad enough for him to have to pick her up and carry her to the car. After five years, it was obvious that at one point she would hurt herself running in her fuck-me-like-I’m-a-goddamn-professional shoes. 

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Scarying Us (Mob AU! Baekhyun)

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Type: Angst Fluff

You bounced your daughter Yeseul lightly as you looked over your eldest daughter’s shoulder “Geonjoo you’re doing it wrong” you say as you looked at her math work. “Dad normally helps” she mumbles as your youngest spits up into your shoulder. “Alright I’ll be right back” you say as you but Yeseul in her baby seat before heading into your room.


The door was thrown open startling your daughters as their father came in cupping his side. His hand was bloody as he held his side. “Dad” Geonjoo said scared. “What are you doing up?” he asked as he sunk to the floor in pain as Jongdae and Junmyeon rushed in helping him up. Baekhyun panicked as he heard Yeseul start crying from the loud noises. “No princess” he whispered as he started losing consciousness. “Baek?” he hears before he slipped into darkness.


Baekhyun awoke to the sounds of baby music and coos from Yeseul. He quickly sat up before cupping his side. He felt a bandage as the door opened to your bedroom. “Geonjoo” he said as she looks up at him. One thing he never liked doing was bringing his work home. “You okay princess?” he asked as she brought over a drink for him along with pills. “Mom is making you soup” she said as Baekhyun grabbed her and sat her on the bed. “Does mom know about all of these?” she asks as she looked over her scarred father as he just smiles “yes honey. Just don’t worry okay” he says ad he kisses her head.

You came into the room as Baekhyun looks down as Geonjoo got up and left the room as you brought Baekhyun his soup. He took the bowl from you headed over to pick up the little infant girl up. “Did they sleep well?” he asked as you patted Yeseul’s bum. “Why did you come home?” you asked him as he sat the bowl down on the table “it was closest to where we were. They knew you knew how to fix people up-” “you didn’t think about your daughters” you cut him off. “Honey I’m sorry” he said as he started standing up “stay in bed” you tell him as he groaned. “I love you” he tells you as you make a sound walking out of the room.


Baekhyun smiled as Yeseul gripped his shirt. “Look how big you’re getting” he cooed as he rubbed her back. He hasn’t been able to have a day off from his work since really Yeseul was born but now after his injury he was allowed to stay home for a week or so to boost his strength. “Sister will be home soon and mommy too then we can have dinner” he coos as the front door open. “Hi mommy hi sissy” Baekhyun says in his baby voice as you give a small smile. “I’m taking 2 weeks off and spending time with you guys” he says as Geonjoo smiles “can I take off school then?” she asks as Baekhyun chuckles “no” he says as he bounces Yeseul.

A kind of Disclaimer...or the opposite..

If you think, because I love and support Severus Snape, I quite logically have to  like or excuse everything bad he did, you are wrong. I dont have to. But I love him together with his faults, flaws and also the good side. 

But you dont know me and my own values….maybe I consider some of his bad sides not as that bad like you do…..

Maybe he is also hated so much by some because they know deep inside, they feel like him, but unlike him dont dare to show it outside…..they feel their own dark side but try to deny it is there. Its quite relieving to find the evil Scapegoat Snape for that instead. I am aware of my dark sides, and I am aware it can very easily happen to slip down to the dark sides if just the circumstances are bad enough. I dont excuse him, I feel with him and can understand his reasons.

Love doesn’t dance as lightly
on the tongues of girls like us
girls who don’t choose
those who catch their eyes
only the type of liquor that
will make it easier to slug
fate or God or genetics
whatever it is that made us like this
put sin in our mothers wombs
raised us from the dead
made us see ourselves die
over and over again
girls like us carry ashes
under our tongue
secretly believing that
rebirth is possible
not letting love take its place
where it belongs
we wash it away until
burns feel more normal
than her lips or her fingers or her
girls like us only let it slip out in the dark
when the moon is the only witness
to bloated hearts:
I love her and that won’t change
maybe one day we will leave this place.
—  Confessions of a Girl Walking Backwards

alright alright, you guys have waited long enough! Im kicking Gabriel over to his son’s house so we can start Bridgette’s vampire training. 

It’s my own personal head canon that while Bee grew her fangs overnight, it still takes her a few weeks to slip into her dark form, so Gabriel comes over to mentor her in the less physical aspects of being a vampire until her powers start to manifest. This mostly just means studying and discussing ancient history so she can level up her vampire lore skill.

Also, Bridgette’s new lifetime wish is to be a Good Vampire <3


War- Slipping Into Darkness

My dad played this song all the sort of annoyed me. But now him being gone and I’m’s a great tune.

I still can’t get behind him liking sardines though..

In the fast-filling night, note
How the last bird drinks darkness with its throat,
How the wild saplings slip

Backward to darkness, go black
With widening amnesia, take the edge
Of nothing to them slowly, merge

Limb, tongue, and sinew into a knot
Like chaos, like the road

Derek Walcott, closing lines to “The Swamp,” Collected Poems, 1948-1984 (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1986)

Diamond Dogs (Pt. 4) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Ugh, I’m a sucker for mob boss Barry rn. Do you reckon you’ll do another part of Diamond Dogs and I’d just like to say how much of an amazing writer you are and how you bring all of them out so frequently; also thank you for bringing them out :)


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Mob boss’ sure love inviting people over to dinner. At least, Barry does. Tonight he has a guest coming over and apparently wants you to eat with them. After slipping on the tight dark red dress on, you shove your feet into the matching heels, adjusting your hair. Were you like…’the boss’ wife’ or something? You aren’t really sure.

Slowly, you make your way down the marble steps, already hearing a new voice. “Alle-Barry, I really appreciate this. After she was killed…” the cheerful voice trails off. Suddenly, your heart aches, hearing the man sigh heavily. Whoever the man is, he must hold a lot of pain and sadness.

You stop at the giant double doors, waiting for Barry’s response. There’s a swallow, like he’s drinking something, and the glass connects with the wood table, creating a clink. “Ray, you know you are always welcome here.” Barry smirks, leaning back on one of the chair’s armrests, body slanted as his arm hangs limply. “Now, while you’re here, I need some of your…” he waves his hand, “specialties.”

Gulping, you knock on the brown oak wood quietly; Cisco slides the doors open. Your heels click against the wood flooring and the man turns in his chair; he’s cute with big brown doe eyes and slender face, black hair swooped to perfection. Barry grins, eyeing you, gesturing to the chair beside him. “She’s a beauty, is she not?” he gloats, leaning forward to pick up his cocktail glass, holding the thin glass in between his index and middle fingers, rings clanging on the cup.

You blush, sitting down while he stands, rolling up his white sleeves to his elbows. Ray nods, grinning kindly, “Yes, you are very pre-”

“Ab-buh-buh…” Barry raises his pointer finger to his lips, cutting the other man off. Your smile fades to confusion. “That was rhetorical. I don’t need you to confirm what I already know.” he grunts, rolling his mossy green orbs, undoing the top button of his dress shirt as he sneaks past his chair. “Zolomon knows this too…” he mumbles, black loafers shuffling on the floor, stopping when he gets to you.

His bare forearms rest on top of the brown wood chair next to you, back bent slightly and hip subtly cocked out. Is this a bad time to stare at his ass? You think it’s a bad time to stare at his ass, be strong; instead, you watch him lift the cone shaped glass to his lips. “So, I need your security. I need to double everything.” he swallows, eyes narrowing at Ray, “He ain’t gonna touch a hair on this pretty little head.” he hisses, grabbing your chin with his thumb and index finger, rings indenting your skin, shaking you gently. “Got it?”

Ray gulps, nodding, “Of course, Barry. It will be done when I arrive home.” he cracks a small grin, showing his sparkling teeth, “I owe you.” he replies, standing up; Cisco grabs his long brown trench coat.

“Damn right.” Barry hums, taking another drink, watching Cisco lead Ray out. Sucking his lower lip in between his teeth, he peers at you, eyes raking you up and down. “Don’t you look delicious, doll? Hmm… I could just eat you…up.” he smirks, upper body leaning close to you, shoulder scrunched to his neck. You gasp a little, feeling yourself heat up. Is he…does he…sex?

A low chuckle escapes him and he stands up, sliding the empty cocktail glass on the table. His long fingers card through his light brown hair, making it messy. “Mmm, let’s get you some food, baby.” he mutters, stalking towards the side door, pressing his palm to the white wood, turning back to you, “Maybe afterwards, daddy could get dessert too?” he winks, exiting the room. You breathe out, slumping in your seat. Oh damn…