Maybe you’ll even see it by the end of the summer. 

Since an anon asked about what weirdmageddon’s going to be like in this au, I decided to give a hint! This is set waaay after Dipper meets Mabel. At this point, they’re already friends and it’s established that Dipper’s “not from her world”. 

Essentially, Dipper has wide misconceptions about the true nature of the nightmare realm. Think of it as misplaced compassion that Dipper, influenced in part by Bill and his liberation spiel, wants to help Bill “show the world how much better the nightmare realm was”.

CHICANO ART MOVEMENT attends: SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS ‘Desert Age Tour’ Orange County performance 2015

(Slipping Into Darkness gig flyer for their ‘Desert Age tour’ Orange County stop)


On Monday August 10th, 2015 we took a trip to the city of Fullerton, California to attend Slipping Into Darkness’ Orange County stop on Their ‘Desert Age Tour.’ The tour took place from August 6-16, 2015 with stops in the United States and Baja California. This nights performance was held at The Continental Room in downtown Fullerton, and was part of Moon BlockMondays’ event at the bar. Along with the Slipping Into Darkness production, Wild Wing and AJ Avila Y Terror Amor bands shared the stage that night.

(Slipping Into Darkness band playing a set on their ‘Desert Age Tour’ 2015)

I enjoy walking into The Continental Room every time I visit, the funky decor makes me feel like I am on the set of a 1970′s style mobster movie. The only thing needed for a full visual effect was to have actors Mr. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci sitting at the bar having drinks waiting for Ray Liotta to arrive (Goodfellas reference). I also like the venues intimate setting, I could have literally handed the band members a drink from where I stood without them missing a chord.

(Slipping Into Darkness ‘Shurpedelic’ CD and limited edition shirt available at show)

We arrived before for the first performance of the night which was appointed to rockers Wild Wing. The band put on an energetic set which prepared the early arrival crowd for the Desert Hot Springs band who was on deck to play next. A few minutes prior to Slipping Into Darkness taking the stage a mini merchandise booth was set up with their ‘Shurpedelic’ album and limited edition shirts. We picked up two shirts for ourselves showing support for one of our favorite bands. That is where is we also met a couple of cohorts from Qvolé Collective. They manage and promote Los Angeles based, popular up and coming bands. Such as Chicano Batman, Buyepongo and Rudy De Anda. Veronica (Qvolé Collective) was there in support of Slipping Into Darkness and helping with merchandise sales. We also ran into Adrian (Guitar) and Michael (Guitar,Vocals) near the merch booth prior to them taking the stage. We chatted with Adrian and he gave us the scoop on a couple tracks they would be playing in the nights set. One of those would be a new untitled track they are working on, the other, a cover of Link Wray’s “Rumble,” which has quickly become one of my favorites to hear them perform live.

(Michael [Guitar,Vocals] and Nigel [Bass] of Slipping Into Darkness in Fullerton, California)

10-15 minutes later the curtain rises on the stage and lures in the crowd closer for the roaring Slipping Into Darkness production. They played such resonating numbers as “There She Goes,” “Tell It Like It is,” “Ahh Doo” and “Mexicali,” to name a few. My favored song of the night was “Some Way.” The band played the song with extra voracity and liveliness. There would have been no protest from me to hear them play it one more time in succession.

(Slipping Into Darkness ‘Shurpedelic’ shirts limited to 50 pieces)

After the amazing Slipping Into Darkness set we hung out and had drinks with the band. While talking to Michael we did learn they would be shortly returning to the recording studio for a follow up to their fantastic ‘Shurpedelic’ album. Good times on a Monday night, having to wake up Tuesday morning, not so much, but well worth it.

More info on Slipping Into Darkness and tour dates visit:

More Images: CHICANO ART MOVEMENT/Facebook page

CHICANO ART MOVEMENT attends: CHICANO BATMAN 7 inch/45 RPM record release party of "Itotiani" and "Stoned Soul Picnic."

On Saturday, December 13th, 2014 we attended Chicano Batman’s final show of the year and their last Southern California date until Summer 2015. The celebration took place at La Cita Bar in Los Angeles, and also included an electrifying performance by the band Slipping Into Darkness.
Chicano Batman 7 inch/45 RPM of “Itotiani” and “Stoned Soul” Picnic. Limited to 600 copies.

The festivities coincided with the Drop Shadow Records/ Breakaway Records (Austin, TX), and El Relleno Records (Los Angeles) collaboration 7 inch/45 RPM release of “Itotiani” and “Stoned Soul Picnic.” The 7 inch/45 RPM would be only Limited to 600 copies, with only 50 copies available at the show. We also learned from Bardo (Chicano Batman) that they were shooting footage at La Cita Bar for their upcoming video to the “Cycles of Existential Rhyme” track.
Chicano Batman performing live at La Cita Bar in Los Angeles, California 2014

I first learned of this production in early November when I attended a Slipping Into Darkness performance in Santa Ana, California. It was one of the stops on their 2014 California/Baja California tour. Nigel D. (Bass guitar) had mentioned it to me when I approached him to purchase an album as we chatted. A couple weeks later I came upon the showcard promoting the event online. That is when I knew we had to attend this spectacular shindig to be. So on the night of December 13th we took a drive into Downtown Los Angeles to partake in a night of carousing at La Cita Bar and watch two sensational bands play.
Slipping Into Darkness - “Shurpedelic” album. Buy this album!

Once at venue we had a drink at the very cool lit bar, then headed towards Chicano Batman’s merchandise booth to purchase the limited 7 inch/45 RPM record, and a shirt for Anna (Blue with black logo). We also participated in the Chicano Batman raffle that took place at the end of the night, but with no avail.
Slipping Into Darkness performing live at La Cita Bar in Los Angeles, California 2014

We started to hear the reverberations of the sound check, so we made our way towards the stage to find a good spot to enjoy the first performance of the night. It would be by the city of Desert Hot Springs’ own, Slipping Into Darkness. The band started the show with an awesome cover of Link Wray’s, “Rumble.” It even got stronger as Slipping Into Darkness played the tracks from their “Shurpedlic” album like “Tell It Like It Is,” “Ahh Doo” and my current favorite, “There She Goes” with precision and gusto, along with two other original compositions I had previously never heard before. Towards the close of the set they also covered The Rolling Stones classic “Satisfaction.” During the “Satisfaction” and “DHS Blues” (dedicated to the Chicanas that night) performances they brought up the soulful sounds of singer Natalie Alyse. This was a great performance by Michael (Guitar,Vocals), Nigel D (Bass), Adrian (Guitar) Nigel C (Drums), known as Slipping Into Darkness.
Chicano Batman interviewing prior to performance

After the Slipping Into Darkness set there was a break where the DJ spun some tunes while Chicano Batman made it the the stage and prepared for their production. At the bar we could see the dance floor was filling up quickly and would be standing room only. Without delay we made our way as close to the stage as possible. The room started to buzz when all the members of the band made it to the stage. You could feel the excitement escalating as Chicano Batman started to play their Chicano Soul/Psychedelic Rock infused goodness. I enjoyed being able to attend their live performance, especially listening to tracks like, “La Tigresa,” “Magma” and “Itotiani” in person. They never disappoint and always have the crowds grooving from beginning to the end of their marvelous sets.
Slipping Into Darkness’ - Michael (Guitar,Vocals) & Nigel D (Bass)

During the course of the night we were able to chat with some of the members of Chicano Batman (Bardo and Eduardo) and Slipping Into Darkness. We even had a drink and talked with Michael and Adrian of Slipping Into Darkness. During our conversations it was mentioned that they would be returning to La Cita Bar for another show in the not too distant future.
I would like to thank Adrian (Guitar) and the band for Anna’s complimentary “Shurpedelic” cd (Which the band graciously signed for her).
A great time enjoying phenomenal music.

More images visit: CHICANO ART MOVEMENT/Facebook page

Critical Role: OH!

I’m sure some people probably figured this out already, or maybe I’m wrong but I just had a moment where all the pieces kind fit together and now I understand.

I thought Percy’s mask was significant to the smoke demon back in the Briarwoods arch.

but no.

Marisha said in a recent QnA at a convention that “Percy is a coward” (she said so lovingly I might add, she was talking about her favorite characters besides Keyleth.)

Percy handed the mask over to Vax when Vax was going to the Raven Queens temple because sometimes pretending to be someone else helps, or something along those lines.

Originally when watching the Briarwood arch I thought Percy pulled on the mask when he felt himself slipping to darkness via the smoke demon, but no. Percy wore the mask because he was scared. He was facing these horrible monsters who had slaughtered his family and he was scared and hid behind the mask. He could take it off and put it back on whenever he wanted, but when shit got crazy and he put it on, he put it on because he was terrified but knew he had to keep going and the only way he could keep going was to hide himself and pretend he was a monster via a creepy mask and minor illusion smoke. 


Slipping Into Darkness- WAR

Upcoming Shows:

3/7 Film Bar, Phoenix, AZ. Doors 7PM. Chicano Batman at 11PM. 21+. More info here

3/8 Dillon Road House, North Palm Springs, CA. w/ Slipping Into Darkness, and Greasetrap. Doors 8:30PM. $5. 21+. More info here.

3/9 Continental Room, Fullerton, CA. w/ Mothers of Gut, and Slipping Into Darkness. Doors 9:30PM. Free. 21+ More info here.

Photo: 35 mm film by Jessica Augustine

Shifted - Part 1, Chapter 1

As mentioned yesterday, every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

And so here we go:

Part 1 - The Beginning

Chapter 1

Lallybroch, October 1746

At first it came in waves – like the tiny laps she’d felt against her ankles when walking sandy shorelines as a child. It seemed completely manageable, and she truly wondered what all the fuss was about.

But as the hours continued to pass, and the long shadows of the afternoon gradually slipped into darkness, the waves subsided – replaced by a constant thudding pull that did not relent, did not yield for even the slightest moment.

Pain sharpened her senses. Claire shivered as a tendril of cold October air licked her bare shoulder. Doubling up against the cold, and overcome with the sudden scent of her own exertions, she opened her mouth, gasping for fresh breath.

Her head turned so that only one ear faced the room, straining to make out the words murmured at the foot of the bed –

“…been eight hours now wi’ barely a change. We need to do something afore she canna help us to do it.”

“Aye, I know, but I’ve seen this go on for up to a day and even more. We need to let this run its course.”

An audible sigh. “Ah weel. I don’t disagree with ye. But we need to get her to eat, or to drink something. She canna go for much longer as it is.”

“Stop,” Claire rasped. “Stop talking about me as if I’m not here.” She opened her eyes and blearily focused on the shorter figure at the foot of the bed. “I’m a physician. I can diagnose my own problems.”

“Oh, aye.” Jenny approached Claire, skeptically surveying her bare, twisted, sweat-soaked limbs. “If ye take nothing else away from this experience, sister, I hope it’s the fact that when it comes to bringing bairns into this world, everything ye thought ye knew about your own body proves to be false.”

“Is this you trying to cheer me up? You know I couldn’t keep anything down a few hours ago. Why should anything have changed by now?” Claire swallowed against the dryness tugging at the back of her throat.

Jenny smirked – but Claire saw concern etched in the creases of her eyes.

“A few hours? May as well be a lifetime ago, Claire. Your body has been working non-stop. Ye need to eat something, or at least try for water. To keep the blood flowing.”

“I won’t. I don’t want it to come back up again. Just the thought of it makes me sick.”

“I swear, you’re as stubborn as my pig-heided brother. God knows how much longer this will last, Claire – you need to be able to see this through to the end.”


“Yes.” This time Jenny braced her hand on the headboard and leaned over Claire, trying her level best to establish eye contact.

Claire shut her eyes, overcome by a fresh wave. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, body tensed. She pushed back against the arm wrapped around her middle, her only anchor as sensation overpowered her.

“For God’s sake, Claire,” Jamie murmured in her ear, face obscured by the riotous mess of curls he normally loved to sink his fingers into. “For once in your life, woman, do as you’re told. Eat something.”

The sheer terror in Jamie’s voice forced her focus away from pure sensation and toward the immediacy of the moment – and the man wedged between her back and the headboard.

“All right.” Sighing, she laid her right hand over Jamie’s at her middle, threading their fingers together and running her thumb over his own. She had meant it as reassurance, but he just gripped her even tighter. “What do you suggest, then?”