hello, it’s ally!! and i’m making this little post in celebration of this blog reaching 1k+, astro’s comeback in a few hours and my birthday!! 💕 i’m still in shock that my blog?? has 1k followers?? wow?? i love you so so so much, you’ve all been so lovely to me! thank you for everything, you’ve all made these few months amazing!!

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look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!

I love it when cats sigh. You know those full-bodied sighs, like “WHOOF, damn, boyo, what an intense day of licking my own tumble-dummy and scooping all the litter onto the floor of the bathroom, wow, it is a LIFE this life, I’d better sleep on you for the next 6 hours to recuperate while your ass falls asleep and you become increasingly desperate to pee”

Imagine Loki having to sit and accept or deny a lot of female suitors because of a bet that Thor would be married before him. However, there’s one girl who keeps getting away because of her own abilities as a half demon half vampire. She happens to befriend Frigga, who’s ill and help her get better. One day she’s caught by the guards though because she hasn’t slept or eaten in days and has become weaker, finally meeting Loki when she is brought before Odin. Only then do the guards and Odin figure out that she can shapeshift into anything at will.

i know everyone’s happy about the SG finale BECAUSE HE’S GONE THANK FUCK but now that SG is about to go on hiatus, i know the next thing that we’re all excited for is OITNB, Orphan Black, and/or Wynnona Earp because duh there’s so much gay in these shows. BUT they arent happening for at least a couple more weeks so in the meantime GO WATCH CHANNEL 4’s HUMANS

not only is it gay but the story line is compelling as fuck and women are supporting women while kicking men’s ass. AND no lesbian dies but instead she’s the one doing the bombing and kicking ass and taking names  (ง'̀-‘́)ง