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                                       OC Questions

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OC: Rostamon
Fandom: CreepyPasta /JokePasta

4.  Which oc is most likely to create a living abomination in the kitchen when asked to cook?

Just wait….right when you reach for it…it’s gonna reach for you….
Rosta likes to bake…while baked.

You might just wanna at least try to eat it…or he’ll cry. He’s sensitive when over intoxicated….smokacated

Poor lonely Slender.
  • Slender:Come, children, I have someth--
  • Toby:Hold on, I have a question
  • Slender:*sighs* Yes, Toby?
  • Toby:If we're your children, that'd make you a sort of father, right?
  • Slender:What are you--
  • Toby:So if you're our dad, who's the mom?
  • All the pastas:*gasp and stare, eyes wide in curiosity, at Slender*
  • Slender:Um well
  • Slender:You see
  • Slender:Um...
  • Slender:She's a very..
  • Slender:She..
  • Slender:..
  • Slender:*face red in slight embarassment and slight sadness* I'M A VERY LONELY BEING. NO MOTHER FOR YOU.

Hey guys sorry for the lack of art recently you can blame finals haha

Bbbbuuut I remembered I never posted the thing I drew for @lissachan504’s art showcase! So I wanted to share it with you here on my blog ~

The idea was basically mark surrounded by things that represent my favorite let’s playes that he did!
Just in case you were wondering :
The pages and flashlight from slender
the glass of wine from a late night drink
The letters from presentable liberty
The glow Sticks from vanish
The pills from fran bow
The fan and the cupcake of course are from fnaf
The red tie from octodad (i honestly had no idea what to draw to represent octodad so this is the best I could do haha)
And last but not least the bunny origami from to the moon
And no picture would be complete with out tim and a warfstache!

I hope you like it and honestly this is one of my favorite pieces that I have ever done~