Taehyung Scenario: Hot and Cold.

Request: Hi! I would like to request a Taehyung scenario where it’s cold outside and him and OC (they’re dating) stay inside and cuddle and watch movies and be cute.  I love your blog and your writing so much. Thanks in advance.

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

You pouted after receiving the news, all your plans crumbled down in just one second.

-So we won’t be able to go out today? -

Taehyung snickered. –Well, if you want to ride a sleight then we can go anywhere you want-

You rolled your eyes at his comment, your bad reaction only making him laugh.

You had arrived at Taehyung’s apartment two hours ago, at that moment the weather had been nice enough to go out for a winter date without problems, but now it was far from being nice, just looking outside the window you could notice the stormy sky, the snow fell heavily on the streets difficulting even to see any further than the street in front of you.

You had been so excited about this date, contrary to what most people thought, you loved winter. Everything about it brought joy to your spirit, the decorations, the snow, the events in the city, the christmas lights, even the special flavored lattes were a huge thing for you. But the best part of it all was being able to put on your beautiful long coats and high boots, your mother had bought you a gorgeous pair that you couldn’t wait to show off, it went perfectly with the long coat you had put on today. So there you were standing in the middle of Taehyung’s living room all dolled up with your favorite coat on, your brand new boots, perfect makeup, perfect hair but ready to go nowhere, all your plans and efforts going to waste.

-Stupid winter, why is snowing so heavily in early December? This makes no sense-

Taehyung hugged you from behind, his face making contact with your neck. –Don’t be so salty with winter jagi- he kissed your cheek and you pouted again. –We can always do something fun inside-

You turned around and placed your arms behind his neck, still pouting for extra effect. –Like what? I wanted to go out-

-I can spoil my little girl all day long- he offered leaning down to kiss your lips. –It’s that good enough for you? - He said smiling, his face so close to yours that he could see the light pink shade on your cheeks.

-Oh please you guys! - Jimin complained making a gagging gesture from the kitchen. –Keep it together, I’m here! -

-Oh sorry Jiminie- Taehyung said with a not so sorry tone. –If you don’t like it you can always go to your room-

-Tae!- you exclaimed trying to suppress your laugh.

-Yah Kim Taehyung! This is my place too, I can be anywhere I want- Jimin said outraged with his roommate’s behavior.

Taehyung laughed louder. –I can’t do anything for you Jiminie, I want to kiss my girlfriend all day-

Taehyung tried to steal a kiss from you to prove his point, you screamed trying to get out of his reach with no success. Jimin screamed louder. –Oh god! You’re disgusting- he picked up his sandwich and glared at you. –I’m going to my room-

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Tori and Amber performing “Sleight Ride” <3

Sleigh Ride
The Ventures

Christmas Music 2011 

Day 2

“Sleigh Ride” by The Ventures

It’s a very sunny, cloudless day in Southern California. It’s not very Christmas-y weather, but sometimes this is about as Christmas-y as we get. It’s a day like this that makes listening to Christmas music somewhat difficult: I’m not always going to be in the mood for Der Bingle when it’s eighty-five degrees out. However, the Christmas music genre reaches far and wide, encompassing all other musical genres at one point or another. 

Case in point: The Ventures’ 1965 Christmas Album-opener “Sleigh Ride.” The Ventures always know how to put their distinctive stamp on any song they play, whether it’s their own or a cover. How many other bands can you name that always put their own instantly recognizable twist on any cover song they did? (Granted, The Ventures only had one twist. But, like The Ramones and The Softies, it was a great twist and they nailed it every single time.)

If “Sleigh Ride” wasn’t already a Christmas classic, one could easily hear it as another great Ventures tune. In fact, if it wasn’t for the sleigh bells and the glockenspiel throughout, it might not even sound like a Christmas song at all. (Listen to how dangerous that guitar sounds at 1:52!) It is, however, a Christmas song, and a great one at that.  It’s perfect for days like this in a place where, if you wanted to, you could surf all day long on Christmas.