Sleepyheads: So neither Nicole Beharie nor Orlando Jones are doing commentary for S2 of Sleepy Hollow?

What are we to make of that? If I understand correctly the only ones which are giving commentary to that pathetically disasterous S2 are, Mison, Noble, Winters, quick find another Caucasian, as that is the only qualification (outside of Tom Mison being lead male and he should be there) apparently necessary.

I find this trying for them. I would not buy S2 if it was given to me as a gift. I do not support where I am clearly not wanted. My decision is made. FOX has epically fucked up. Not in a forgiving mood. This is either corrected or they can collectively take their clusterfuckery elsewhere and I am done with this ridic group.

Addendum: The Orlando factor pisses me off because of all the actors in question he does the most to engage with the audience socially. Not cricket FOX. Not cricket at all.

Sleepy Hollow is like that one child you have who’s a complete disappointment. They dropped outta high school. Got a girl pregnant. Is 27 and still living in your basement and putting their name on food in the refrigerator. Just a complete and utter loser. You wonder why you even waste your time trying to help them. SMH.

No. Not even a bit. The Internet to me is about rebel culture, and I’ve always loved it. When I think of rebel culture, I think of rock-and-roll, or hip-hop; and for a long time now, it’s been the Internet. Everything belongs to everyone now, and everyone gets to have a say. It doesn’t mean the fans are writing the show, but they definitely are watching it and they get to have a say. I don’t get to sit back and pretend I’m too good to talk to them. That’s bullshit. Digital lets us have this conversation and make it as awesome as we want. Why can’t I share fan-fiction? Those fans are artists too, I’m not more or less of an artist than the people who are writing that, or drawing fan art. I’ve believed that for a while, and I felt like this was the time to go, “No, I don’t want it back and I’m happy [the fourth wall] is gone.” It’s one of the most enjoyable experiences. To me, it’s theater. Immediate reaction, the second it’s done. I get to be in my living room with you, trolling my own show.

Sleepy Hollow star Orlando Jones REALLY wants to read your fanfic.

In case you have any doubts about Orlando Jones’s fandom cred, here are some of the things we learned from his Twitter feed this weekend:

  • He’s visited 4chan.
  • He ships Ichabod and his wife, Katrina…
  • … but mostly seems to read Ichabod/Abbie friendship fic. Such as this, this, and this
  • He just set up a Tumblr, where he’s already reblogging fan commentary, plus references to the “Make John Green find the thing” meme
  • And he wants IchKatrina and IchAbbie fans to stop arguing, and start writing Ichabod/Irving fanfic instead. As in, slash fanfic about his own character. He even has a couple of ship name suggestions: Ichaving and Irvabod.


I like the slash, and I think I like it because I feel there are so many people who are under-represented—or not represented at all—in mainstream Hollywood entertainment. I really enjoy the fan fiction that embraces character and themes that showcase those people—their love, their desires, their passions. I think that’s really cool—and I hope the show as it continues embraces that more, because that’s an opportunity to tell stories that other people might not be familiar with. I mean, there’s slash of me and Ichabod… that’s like, ‘What?!’ and then I read it and it was really well-written. I get it—it’s another way to go but it’s no less valid than what we’re doing and it’s certainly interesting, so I really get a kick out of that. To read fan fiction and to see fan art and to watch other people’s artistry paint different colors on top of what we’re doing… how can you be mad at that? That’s just completely awesome!

A Hunger Games alum is heading to Sleepy Hollow. Amandla Stenberg, who starred as Rue in the 2012 box-office juggernaut, will recur on the breakout Fox drama as Orlando Jones’ daughter, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

I wouldn’t normally commentate on a news piece, but how excited are you for this on a scale of 1 to you broke the actual scale?!?!?!


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