Let’s go places and forget to exist. I’ll grab your hand, not a lesbian thought in the princess flask. Just take me places that aren’t here. and maybe when here melts to there it’ll be something like the stars melting to morning. The way faces melt to black coffee. We are bitterness. “I’m sorry if I smothered you.” just take me to where there turns to here and “I’ve been sitting at the bottom of the swimming pool for a while now, drowning my thoughts out” and there’s a girl who relies on song lyrics to tell her what she’s thinking. I share my music, hoping you’d just understand too. it’s so loud down here.Was kind of hoping that she’d join me. We scream for help. I am loud, please don’t scorn me. I know that I’m obnoxious, I even annoy me. Secretly hoping that you were meant for me. That you would be the bottom of this swimming pool.

types of emos by which bands they like
  • The Used/My Chemical Romance emo:has seen all the classic horror movies. hangs out in cemeteries. gets in a lot of fights. smokes + drinks a lot. would burn down a church (alternatively: would burn a bible). probably runs a gore blog.
  • Emo Trinity (MCR/FOB/P!ATD) emo:genuinely thinks Panic! at the Disco is an emo band. Hot Topic. actually uses the term "Emo Trinity."
  • TOP emo #1:very mentally ill and uses TOP's music as a way to deal with this. knows Tyler and Josh are pretty problematic and calls them out on their behavior, but still listens to their music because they have a deep connection to it.
  • TOP emo #2:lowkey (or highkey) ableist. will defend Tyler and Josh no matter what they do or say.
  • Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship/The Academy is... emo:has seriously called Cobra Starship an emo band. has an emotional attachment to William's long hair. they really only can consider themselves emo because they like Fall Out Boy.
  • The Front Bottoms emo:refuses to say they are emo. probably about ready to run away from their life and go on a year (or more) long road trip.
  • Halsey/Pvris emo:not /really/ emo. probably also likes TOP. runs an aesthetic/WLW blog. smokes a lot. would go on a long drive at night but doesn't own a car.
  • All Time Low/Fall Out Boy emo:not an emo??? actually just a pop punk fucker
  • The Cure/The Smiths/Depeche Mode emo:hates Morrissey. thinks they're cooler than the other emos because they like the "classic" emo bands, but really they're just as big of losers as the rest of us.
  • Sleeping With Sirens/Black Veil Brides emo:stuck in 2008. not relevant anymore even though the bands are still around. literally 12.
  • Paramore/Fall Out Boy emo:has literally liked these bands since they were an infant. will defend Pete Wentz to their grave. Converse.
  • American Football/La Dispute/Brand New emo:smokes a lot of cigarettes. probably in their twenties. tried to run away at least once when they were a teenager. has been depressed their entire life.
  • Underoath/Emery/Anberlin emo:wanted to listen to "secular" emo bands growing up but weren't allowed. thinks cursing is a hardcore rebellious act. Tooth and Nail records.
  • My Chemical Romance/Against Me! emo:the most trans of the emos. has never met a cis. very angry and punk but cries a lot. hasn't showered since 2009. probably owns a "down with cis" shirt.