Sleeping With Sirens

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#VoteJack or #VoteAlex

Yes I’m supposed to be on hiatus. Yes I’m supposed to be studying for exams. Yes I put way too much effort into this. Yes Jack’s campaign balloons do have dicks on them. Yes Jack and Kellin look like they just came out of the Helena music video. Yes Kellin is lifting Vic’s dress up. Yes Vic is wearing a dress. Yes Vic hates everything and everyone right now in that picture. Yes I’m voting for Alex. Yes I’m still on hiatus.


And yet I still find myself daydreaming how it could be if everything had worked out. If I was yours and you were mine. We could have been a masterpiece together
May 23, 2016

“And it’s so ironic because you’re my whole world… and in your world I don’t exist.”

I look up towards the stars
And wonder if you realize
That you saved my life
With your sweet smile
And hypnotizing songs

But you saved so many others
For that exact same reason
So instead of looking back at me
You look back at a crowd

And I’m just a blur among a sea of faces.