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Name: Y’all can just call me Rae.

Birthday: 20th of July 1995.

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7/5′8. I’m not too certain.

Favorite color(s): Black, purple, red, and royal blue

Time and date at current moment: 18:16 (6:16) p.m. on the 12th of March 2015.

Average hours of sleep: 4-6

Lucky number: 7

Last thing I googled: Japanese Kit Kats

First word that comes to mind: Noodle

One place that makes me happy: I’m usually unhappy so I can’t think of any place that makes me giddy. I mean, besides my bed?

How many blankets I sleep under: One.

Favorite fictional character: Stu-Pot (Gorillaz)

Favorite book(s): Eh rn…The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton and The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson?

Favorite TV show(s): The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Teen Wolf, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist

Favorite beverage: Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck-Chocolate Milk

Favorite food: Anything that has to do with potatoes. FYI I’m a sucker for French Fries.

Dream holiday: Ireland and New Zealand

Dream wedding: I can’t picture myself getting married, so what happens, happens.

Dream Job: Novelist

Zodiac: Cancer~

Myers-Briggs: I-S-T-J. I’m basically an introvert ok

Relationship Status: Yeah right. If I had to time to be dating, I would not be in bed right now writing a shit fictional piece.

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Name: Aleandria

Time and date of current moment: March 25, 2014, 9:52 AM

Average hours of sleep: 5 seems accurate.

Last thing I googled: “stu from hangover” (we were having a debate on what his real name was…)

Nicknames: One that’s been consistent is Alejandra. My brother Isaac has called me that since we were little. 

Birthday: December 14th, 1994

Gender: I am a lady. 

Height: About 5′4″

Favorite color: Red.

One place that makes me happy: Old mechanic shop. 

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 plus a sheet.

Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! 

What I’m wearing right now: T-shirt, pajama bottoms. 

Last book you read: Lord of the Flies. 

First word(s) that come to mind: red rover wtf

What I last said to a family member: “Mañana, mi madre”. 

Favorite fictional character: I may go with Batman. 

Favorite beverage: Lemonade! I fucking love lemonade.

Favorite food: Mexican food in general.

Last movie I watched in the Cinema: Dumb and Dumber To 

Dream vacation: Packbacking through Europe.

Dream wedding: if I get married at all, I want it to be a thing where we quietly elope and then have it be something like “oh yeah, by the way, we’re married now.” I don’t want a real wedding or anything. 

Dream pet: A kitty cat.

Dream job: Some sort of writer.

Which four of these drowned rats would you pick to safely sail from Fremantle to Bali?

The 2015 Fremantle to Bali race starts on May 16 but the countdown started weeks ago. With a set of safety rules bigger than the internet it’s a challenge to get boat and crew ready. Hopefully we’ll do all that and be in a commanding position come the start line on May 16.

The rules state that half the crew do the Safety and Survival at Sea Course BUT with a crew of four what happens if those two are sleeping, meditating, cooking tofu or……overboard? So Martin, Greg, Stu and Bres all signed up along with a bunch of other salties.

And what did we learn? 1. The Swan River is cold after an hour in the water even in summer; 2. You can get warm by having a pee in your wet weather gear; 3. Do the pee well BEFORE you get in a crowded liferaft; 4. A crowded liferaft is not fun (pee present or not) SOOOOO tick off all the safety rules so we don’t have to use liferaft.

Stay tuned for the countdown and the trip……

PS: Martin is 4th from left; Greg is furthest right, Stu is 4th from right; and Bres is 5th from left. You (and we four) will learn more about the crew as the trip unfolds.

My problem with going to sleep is that I have to wake up and do it all over again. Life is so pointless. I’m not saying death is any option, but the way we have warped society into forced standards isn’t something to look forward to. I don’t look forward to waking up and knowing that my entire life will be used to work until I die. Instead of worrying about anger, or hate, or money, why can’t we enjoy life for what it is? A gift. We all know we are going to die one day, it might even been very soon, but are forced to waste it away or else we will die sooner. Why can’t we just enjoy life…

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"Stu!" Duran leaned against his brother's doorway, looking sleepy, but pissed. "The hell are you doing? I was sleeping."

Stu is blasting rock music at three in the morning. How do you get them to stop?

      ;; duplikowane

                the music is loud and he’s drinking the bottle of vodka he stole from downstairs.
                he hears his brother, he just honestly doesn’t care right now. so he just shrugs.
                ❝listening to music, what else?❞ he yells it, he’s almost drunk. excuse him,
                he’s just spiraling down again. 

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◊ -- jxstgoogledit


                  ;; ——
                  i hate this. you need to sleep at a proper
                  time  so  i  can  kiss  you before school.
                  see you later.   
                                                          —  S.