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Le Bien Qui Fait Mal -Soryu Oh- Caput II

Caput I

Sitting by the window, you slipped your cigarette packet from your pocket, lighting it as you stared at the neatly put together man in front of you, in his suit with his sleeked back hair, looking at you with a blank face, he looked so out of place in the worn down warehouse, unlike you, as you sat in skinny jeans, and a leather jacket, leaning out of the window, admiring the soft, deep blue of the night sky.

“First off, I wanna make it clear that I won’t divery ant of Tian Lang’s drugs or guns to you guys” You stated simply, unwilling to give up one of your dedicated clientel and how you make money for him or at least as far as he needs to know you weren’t,
“I wasn’t expecting you to” Soryu stated simply as you took another drag on your cigarette, flicking the ask away as you tore your gaze away from him and back to the night sky, admiring the silver of the stars against the clear night sky,
“Oh really? I thought for sure that’s what you were after” You whispered softly to yourself, your cigarette hanging out of the side of your mouth,
“So what is it you want me to transport?” You offered him, a small smile gracing your lips as you did so,
“The thing about the dead bodies is totally unture by the way” You announced with a chuckle, still not sure where the tales about you transporting dead bodies had appeared from.
“Too bad that’s just what I was going to ask you” Soryu stated, that same blank look as though nothing would touch him.
“This is why I hate working with you guys” You stated, running a hand through your hair as you stubbed the cigarette out.
“We need to move a few shipments of meth” He began,
“They need to go to our secondary groups in Tokyo, Kobe, and Fukuoka” He continued, and you simply nodded along with his words, lighting up all over again,
“Some cocaine too” He continued onwards, seeming to have remebered the other drugs.
“Coke? I thought that it was too expensive to sell now” You stated, a bit of shock to your words, thinking about the price of coke on the street,
“Not true, our richer clients buy it because meth’s too easy to get”
“No shit” You whispered, allowing a chuckle to break through your words as you took a drag, glacning breifly at the man who was explaining this all to you,
“But the coke routes from South America first, right?” You asked, watching as he nodded,
“There’s no way to get it into our ports” The man responded, but then continued on, ending his explanation,
“The raw cocaine foes to China for processing first” And again, you simply nodded at his words,
“That’s where I come in” This time he nodded in response,

“I gotta tell you the truth that if a job involves crossing borders then I won’t do it alone” You whispered as you ran your hand through your hair, watching him wearily as he did the same thing, just nodding at your words, urging you to continue onwards,
“Ever heard of ‘controlled delivery’?” You asked him, curious,
“No” And curiousity kills the cat, and you’d finally gained Soryu’s interest,
“It’s the Narco’s favourite tactic. They’ll let someone they know is carrying through customs on purpose” You began, watching as he nodded through the explanation, causing you to continue,
“They follow him until he leads them to the client, and then they make the bust” You stated, sticking the cigarette in your mouth, and doing jazz hands, chuckling to yourself at the awestruck look on his face.
“That’s why” You started, gazing out of the window for a moment as you attempted to think through your words,
“I’ll only deliver the goods through a chain of people who don’t know who the client is. On my own, the chances of getting caught are far too high” You whispered, taking a drag, talking more to yourself than to the man in front of you,
“So how do we get the extra hands?” He inquired gazing at you,
“I’ll take care of it”
“How do you know you can trust him?” He offered softly, a smirk lining his features,
“I’ll plug their mouths with money” You stated, raising an eyebrow, it was simple enough, you were going to pay them off, anyone could figure that out.

“It’ll still be hard for you to get the good across the border though, right? If you get nabbed halfway through the job, it’ll be a total loss” Soryu commented, straightening himself out slightly as he stared intensely at you,
“Yeah, well, if I get caught I’m as good as dead anyway” You stated simply, because that was it, you were caught, they’d kill you without a moments notice,
“It’s the drugs I’m worried about not you” The mobster commented coldly,
“Same difference” you scoffed.
“In the end it all comes down to the zeros” You stated, as you stubbed your cigarette out, making a zero with your fingers.
“Are you trying to impress me?” He offered watching you with careful eyes,
“Depends, did that get you hard?” You asked him with a giggle slipping past your lips as you moved across the floor towards him,
“Seriously, lemme see” You whispered to him, allowing the more flirty, playful side of your persona to play games,
“No” He stated, seeming to be reaching inside of his jacket as you pulled away from him slightly,
“Don’t play hard to get” You teased lightly, a grin lining your features.

None the less, Soryu simply stood up, hand still inside of his jacket,
“Here’s your reward” He stated, handing you a magazine, watching as you opened it, counting the money that rested in the middle of the magazine, quickly counting it,
“It’s the first payment for the meth” He stated as you finished counting,
“What about the coke?”
“It’ll depend on how well you work. I haven’t decided to trust you with it yet” He announced looking down on you as he stood,
“So all this talk was just a come on?” You teased as you gaze again landed on your favourite thing, the dark night, ignoring the man who was walking away,
“You were practically begging me before” You continued in your teasing and playful manner, allowing a grin to grace your lips, meanwhile Soryu was headed out,
“Just trying to keep things fair, (Y/N), and if you screw up I’ll tell the Ice Dragons you’re skimming from them”
“WHAT?!” You cried out in pure shock, knowing exactly where you’d end up if they thought that,
“How’s that fair? That’s blackmail”
“I’ll call you later with the details” He stated on his way out of the door,
“Just so you know, I’m not scared of those guys at-” And looking up you noted how his form was almost gone for your sight and let a sigh slip through your lips in frustration,
“He needs to listen when other people talk”