Tarskavaig, Sleat, Scotland. by ANDREW


Dunscaith Castle, Tokavaig by Iain MacDiarmid
Via Flickr:
This is Dunscaith Castle (or what is left of it) on the west side of the Sleat peninsula, Skye with Blavan (928m) looming large in the background across Loch Slapin

Duntulm Castle.

There are a number of ghosts stories and folk lore regarding the Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle with it’s Fairy Flag has ghosts but they seem to be very gentile, another,Knock Castle, also known as Castle Camus, or Caisteal Camius in Gaelic is said to be visitied by spirits known as glaistigs which looks after the estates livestock, the other a green lady, who often appears when major news is due, laughing if the news is good and crying if it is bad. Not really scary are they, so no point in talking about them in a Halloween post, best move on to the rugged rocks that Duntulm Castle sits. This was originally an Iron Age broch or dun, which later became a Pictish fort. Standing on a promontory, in the 15th century the MacLeods founded the stone castle but the Clan MacDonald of Sleat seem to have taken the castle from their foes, The MacLoeds during the 17th century it is then that the skulduggery started that haunts the place to this day. The dungeons are haunted by Hugh MacDonald, who is alleged to have tried to steal his family’s land and was starved to death in the castle dungeons as a result. He was chained and fed just salt beef and no water, and in the end he went raving mad. One story has it that he tried to eat his own hands before he died.His sworn enemy, and the man who captured and starved him, was Donald Gorm Mor, and it is said you can see him brawling with other ghostly figures. Then there is Margaret, who howls in anguish. It is said that she was rejected by her husband after she lost her eye in an accident, and she never recovered from the distress.And finally, on some nights, if you’re brave enough to visit,  you can hear the hysterical screaming of a housemaid who used to hold the son of a clan chief up to the window so he could see the views, but, in a tragic accident, dropped him out of the window and on to the rocks below.  She was punished by being set adrift in a boat, and her restless spirit remains in the ruins to this day.With all this going on in the one place the best advice I would give is to get to the nearest hostelry and get some Talisker, this local whisky is distilled only 40 miles away, down you.