The pain and cruelty that farm animals go through every second around the world is unknown to us. Unknown because we aren’t in their position, we do not know their pain, we do not know what it’s like to be born with fear and die in fear at the hands of man, and unknown because the industries responsible for the killing of innocent animals work so hard to keep the dark reality of slaughterhouses hidden away from public view.

Open your eyes to the truth.
Expand your compassion for all that inhabit the earth.
Choose vegan.


If you had 30 seconds to convince humans to not kill you for food what would you say? Would you cry out loud, beg and plead humanity to eat the other foods that are available? Or would you go willingly towards your killer and accept your death? The animals of this world used for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation have no choice and they go unheard, but we have a choice and we can use our voice. We can choose the vegan alternatives which don’t contribute to the corporations who make billions out of cruelty, who are causing environmental devastation, and who are lying to the public to keep us in a state of ignorance. And we can use our voice to speak out against injustices. If the animals had 30 seconds to speak our language and defend themselves, they’d choose the same as you, life.

Photographed by Hannah Gregus, Sympathy at Slaughter

Photograph: K49814.

The Münchner Stadt Museum’s 41st FORUM contemporary photography exhibition (October 14, 2016 – extended until February 12, 2017) features “Atmen ohne Pause” (Breathing without pause), a sensitive and powerful work that tackles the highly charged theme of industrial animal slaughter.

This collection of images by the photographer and political activist, who works under the pseudonym K49814, documents processes that take place out of the public eye.