Bands and Girls They Like by Chuck Klosterman
  • GUNS N' ROSES: Bisexual models; submissive women; girls who would buy them booze.
  • MOTLEY CRUE: Strippers; women who have sex in public (particularly elevators); lesbians.
  • RATT: Hookers with a heart of gold. Or strippers with a heart of gold. Or thirteen-year-olds.
  • WARRANT: Virgins who exhibited the potential to become nymphomaniacs.
  • DEF LEPPARD: Drunk girls; female vampires.
  • THE CULT: Female vampires only.
  • W.A.S.P.: Magician's assistants; women with rape fantasies; lower primates.
  • AEROSMITH: Models, but not waifs; high school snobs; more girls who like having sex in elevators.
  • CINDERELLA: Gypsies.
  • TESLA: Farm girls; whoever they used to date in junior high.
  • SKID ROW: Nameless, faceless, top-heavy sex machines (with hearts of gold).
  • BULLETBOYS: Girls with particularly deep birth canals.
  • L.A. GUNS: Drug-addled hitchhikers who like rough sex.
  • BANG TANGO: Faster Pussycat rejects.
  • VAN HALEN: Party girls; bikini models; the homecoming queen; cast members of "One Day at a Time."
  • DAVID LEE ROTH (solo): The same as Van Halen, except with bigger boobs.
  • BON JOVI: The girl next door.
  • VINNIE VINCENT INVASION: The dominatrix next door.
  • SLAUGHTER: Girls who couldn't make the cut as Bon Jovi groupies.
  • WINGER: Whoever Bon Jovi groupies used to baby-sit.
  • POISON: Girls who liked to tease; girls from small towns; good girls gone bad.
  • KISS: Any girl who wasn't dead.
  • IRON MAIDEN: Dead girls.
  • METALLICA: None of the above.

The Rwandan Genocide

In 1994, over the short span of a few months, approximately 1 million Rwandan Tutsi were murdered by their Hutu neighbours. Losing a war to the expatriate Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). the Hutu dominated government was forced to the negotiating table. Assassinated after having to make concessions, Hutu president Habyarimana was most likely killed by extremist members of his own government. Widespread killing broke out within hours as soldiers, police and militia groups began massacring Tutsi citizens. As opposed to the industrialised killing of the holocaust, the Rwandan genocide involved much more personalised murder with many victims being killed individually with machetes. The killing eventually ceased when the Hutu government fell to the RPF.


So I just learned that the Chechnyan dictator/president Kadyrov has been systematically rounding up and killing gay men. And this has been going on for some time now too! They round them up as young as 15, torture them to get more names and then kill them. So far there have been hundreds of these ‘arrests’ and dozens of killings. They’re being put in LITERAL concentration camps, specifically for gays, he first since Hitler.
And you know how he excuses it? By saying gays don’t excist in Chechnya, so they can’t be discriminated against. And if they would, he says, 'their own families would send them somewhere from where they’ll never return’.
Nobody dares to say anything about it or even speak to human rights organizations because of his terrible revenge. That’s why it took so long for word to get out. He simply murders anyone who gets in his way. That’s not even an exaggeration.
And Putin, that butt-plugged dickstain fucktrumpet, who happens to be the one Kadyrov has to answer to, lets it happen. Because the fucktard keeps that area of russia 'in check’. Even though Kadyrov is putting sharia law above russian law.
Can we please, please spread this? People need to know. I don’t want those poor souls to die quietly, without anyone caring. People need to know what is going on! I can’t stand to think of those poor innocent people, some still just boys, to just die in silence. Forgotten and neglected. Nobody caring. Please don’t let that happen. Please spread this. I beg of you.