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Kylo Ren & Armitage Hux ~ Kylux

Aaaah I completely forgot to post my card for the amazing project @kyluxtarot! <3 It is such a great idea and I can’t wait to see the final print, because there are seriously talented artist contributing their works! *____*

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Question Time - you've probably been asked abt this but I'm curious either way so - how did you even get to like mShakarian? What do you like about that ship? c:

Ah, I wrote about this in a reply to an ask before, and I think I can’t say it better, so:

I observed during my playthrough with both FShep and MShep that Garrus was one of those rare friends who is able to see how vulnerable Shepard is because Shepard lets him see and not just because he could observe it. Like the scene in ME3 where Shepard talks about the kid dying on Earth, and how they felt? I found that very striking and touching, that they could have this conversation like this. I thought it was also rare with men, because we usually believe, perhaps wrongly, that men don’t share their feelings with their male best friends. We think they’re always trying to avoid talking about it. So that was refreshing. Someone about it was very appealing to me.

And of course, I enjoy things in both versions of the pairing. In a way, I can point at this aspect of the pairing and say it’s one of the big reasons why I love it. MShep/Garrus is as intense as FShep/Garrus. The love and devotation, it doesn’t change, no matter what gender or gender identity Shepard has, and it’s just wonderful. I really believe MShep is very important to Garrus, the way FShep is. They’re not just bffs, or Garrus wouldn’t have gone to Omega to be Archangel if it was like that. Their relationship is a big deal, which is why I enjoy “There is no Shepard without Vakarian” because ME2 is all about “There is no Vakarian without Shepard” but past ME3 you see that it’s an equal and balanced relationship. 

And the vulnerability thing is a big thing for me. I find it very very difficult to open up to someone and say “okay, so this has been on my mind.” But MShep opens up to Garrus, and I just… I am floored by this. I would expect him to just, I don’t know, keep everything to himself. In a way, this is what Shepard does for most of ME3, but at some point, he just crosses his arms, and he’s telling Garrus about the kid on Earth. And he’s obviously suffering, and he’s obviously in pain, but he allows Garrus to see. 
I love this scene so so so much. It’s just so short, but it’s the most wonderful thing. My Lou Shepard is romancing Garrus and I didn’t get this scene, and that bothered me a lot. In a way, telling Garrus about what is on his mind and trusting him with that information, it’s as good and as deep as a reunion between lovers. 

So there you go :D
I think I also enjoy rare and unexpected pairings.
If I ever do a Shepard Ships Week (remember when I did Non Shepard Ship Weeks?) I think I’ll do a sort of ship manifesto for those two :)

Thanks for asking, I really enjoy thinking and talking about those two :)


Slash and Stevie appeared in Sam Kinison’s “Wild Thing” music video along with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Billy Idol, Tommy Lee, among others. 

Watch out for Slash at the end of the video.


So it’s official, my TMNT Heroclix team is more or less complete as I wanted the Mirage Turtles to be my main TMNT team– and Splinter is definitely one of the few characters who I wanted to have as far as having a Mirage team is concerned. And while not photographed, I do have Mirage Casey Jones as part of my TMNT Heroclix set. All I need is April O’Neil, Renet and Fugitoid.

Slash… is a VERY awesome addition to my TMNT Heroclix set and team. And to make it even more awesome, this is the Archie comics version of Slash. So I figure that it would be awesome to have a “Fifth Turtle” on the Mirage TMNT team. An ALL Turtle team would be some cool to have, even if Slash isn’t considered a true brother but demented cousin.

Now, I gotta learn to play the Heroclix game… Cause I REALLY wanna kick Marvel and DC’s asses with these awesome characters.