the slowpoke line, slakoth n slaking, and snorlax are all sleepy pokemon with names that start with s. the rabbithole goes deep

crimsonandcarbon replied to your post:This lovely young woman with odd clothes looks him…

“Oh yes I always forget that part.” She shakes her head “Here, press this button and give the ball a toss, then your Slakoth will come out and you can get acquainted! I’ll bring along some food in just a moment.”

He took a moment to stare at her dubiously because; lets get real here. A stranger suddenly gave you an odd looking ball, and they told you to press the button on it—-but oh well.

      Shikamaru pressed on the button anyway and toss the ball a little farther away from them. POOF! 

“That—” quick glances at her, “…what the hell is that? A sloth’s cousin?”

Cartmans Pokemon Team

So yeah, more of SouthPark & Pokemon Crossovers because it’s fun to think about what kind of Pokemon would fit best to the SP Kids.

For Cartman, I decided to go for his personality, rather than throwing in dozens of badass pokemons just for the sake of him being obsessed with power and stuff. I think the pictured ‘Mons speak for themselves. I am aware that this team might appear to be “too weak for someone like him”, but think about what you’re about to face if all of these would evolve?

A team of Tanks and mostly mischievous Pokemon (and even the ones that appear less dangerous at least symbolize bad characteristics, such as gluttony (Snorlax) i.e.)

Well that’s my try on Cartman. If you don’t like my choice feel free to draw your own version : >

Also I think I am going to take suggestions for the teams of the other SP-Guys. Just drop me a message with what you think would fit best to them x)

Hope you like it!