Popular Hoenn Bread Brand: Slakoth Bakery

The slogan: We’re always loafing around!

The bread features stripes similar to Slakoth’s back stripes, and the packaging is transparent with a Slakoth’s head and legs on it.

One can buy bread with Oran berries in it, like cinnamon raisin bread.
There’s also the special “Vigoroth Bread” which is spicy!


Generation III Pokemon pin designs!!!
Part 4

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$1 per pin. $1.50 for an evolutionary set of 2. $2.50 for an evolutionary set of 3, and so on.
Deals count for evolution sets from prior generations

Message me for order details


Over the summer i finished Alpha Sapphire finally (by that i mean go fight the elite four n delta episode).And it made me really want to make a rival/friend for Stacy similar to the game’s– o wo;;; it was so cute i was a mess– i couldn’t resist!!

His name is Bernard– since i keep misreading Brandon as that, heh.