Slake Saunders


Whoever said homosexuals can’t be superheroes needs to sit down and shut up. 

I do plan on revisiting this and making something more dramatic~ I’m not 100% sure if Billy was canon gay, but my headcanon is that he was.

Hannibal Drawing a day 3/18/2014 (( Picture 20 ))

He hums quietly as she prances around him, chasing a bug here, a falling leaf there, giggling happily through the field, her laughter as sweet as the perfumed scent of spring that lingers in the air all the time now. In his fingers there’s a little fairy crown, woven from the tall grass and the brightly colored flowers.They have blossomed overnight, lovely in their many hues, though not half as beautiful as she is. “Anniba.” She comes hurtling forward as he adds another color, deep blue like her eyes, a flush of pink for her cheeks. “Anniba.” Her small hands are on him now and he turns his face towards her as she crows in delight, fat fingers wrapping around his cheeks and she leans forward to press a kiss to his cheek. He laughs at her and twines yellow in, golden petals to adorn her. She watches transfixed for a moment, his fingers hypnotizing her with their work, the little craft transforming into something more, something greater. Art, he thinks proudly to himself, he’s made it beautiful and it will make her beautiful. It will only linger for a fleeting moment, this loveliness, he knows, before the blooms wither away, death robbing them of color, but he will make her another and another until there are no flowers left in the meadow. “Mine.” She says impatiently after a few moments more, her childish eyes on the crown, a glow of wonder to them, and with a smile he acquiesces, places it onto her head, her hands reaching up to touch it. “Yours.” He agrees. She’s frozen with the magic of it for a heartbeat, then with a laugh is off again, whirling like a forest sprite from his books. He watches, content.

(( Written by the wonderful Ro~ ))

Hannibal Drawing a day 3/8/2014 (( Picture 12 ))

I had a dream the other night, about how we only get one life….It woke me up right after two, I stayed awake and stared at you so I wouldn’t lose my mind…

And if you only die once, I wanna die with you~ (x)

Hannibal Drawing a day 4/16/2014 (( Picture(s) 42 ))

Here you go, Anon. I thought it would be kind of fun to try sketching up some of my observations on these two today instead of finishing pictures I should. IAMSOSORRY u 3 u

These are all just things I have noticed about them and help me to draw them in my own style. Including some strange little sayings to remember (( double rainbow, hell yeah )) which may, or may not, come in handy later. c:

That does not mean this applies to everyone or that it’s indisputable. However you draw people’s faces is all your own choice, I am just displaying mine. <3

In honor of the film being released on DVD today, here is my finished illustration for the furyroadfanzine ( This is not Max/Furiosa. It’s just them supporting each other as they strive to achieve the same goal: Redemption )

I’ll be posting it again with a kickstarter link once it’s up so stay tuned! :)

Hannibal Drawing a day 2/25/2014 (( Picture 5 ))

I couldn’t help but think that Will Graham would benifit from having a sercive dog during his “seeing” sessions so that when it’s over, he can ground himself by hugging the dog and reminding himself of what keeps him going and exactly who he is in the moment. Plus, if he started having an episode, the dog could provide some kind of aid, rather it was drawing attention to Will’s state or knocking him out of it. And Winston would be perfect for it!!